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RV Remodel Ideas (Cozy and Homey Remodel for RV)

RV Remodel Ideas. Back to nature is the best way to recharge our mind, body, etc. Nature brings fresh and great views for us. Also, nature can refresh our energy to face the world. Most of us work a lot, that’s why we need refreshments or holidays. Recreational vehicle adventure became the popular thing we can do in this era. RVs are one of the best ways to bring the home feeling to nature.

Nowadays, RVs become the best value for you to invest in. Some people buy the larger RV for their trip with their family. On the other hand, most people only buy a small one to have a trip or adventure with a couple. Moreover, RV can be a long period adventure or weekend journey. It is based on what you want; because of that, designing and customizing your RV became a good thing for you to do. It will be a joyful and happy journey if you go with an RV, which is designed by yourself and based on your need while driving.

What is remodel RV ideas?

Transform your recreational vehicle into homes on wheels. Most people start their recreational vehicle with a sprinter van, bus, or work vehicle. On the other hand, people who have enough money can buy a motorhome or fifth wheel recreational vehicle. It is based on your need, you want full time living in an RV or just want to have a weekend camping. 

So remodeling and designing your RV became essential to do. Absolutely remodeling an RV is a daunting project, but it can be the best thing to do. Decorating your RV like your home, transforming the look, view, and atmosphere like your room will become a lot of fun. Moreover, you can customize your RV identity as your personality. In this section, I will give you some ideas and tips on remodeling, customizing, designing, and decorating your recreational vehicle.

Change the RV Interiors

Interiors are the crucial parts of your RV to decorate or remodel. It will be useless if you go to have a journey in RV, but your RV interiors is dumb. Interiors will bring homey feeling if you change it in a perfect way. Let’s check this interior remodel idea, which is simple and possible for you to make it.

Start to Paint

One of the first things you can do to remodel your RV ideas is painting. Painting is the best way to start remodeling your RV. Most of us know, paint is easier and perfectly gives an excellent effect on the look of our RV interior. Choosing the perfect color of paint will bring a cozy, homey, and spacious feeling to your RV. You can change the color of your RV wall, cabinets, floor, shelves, even the ceiling. Choose the best and essential parts for you to paint first.

White has always been my favorite color for RV. White will make your RV look bigger, fresh, and clean. Also, the white color is easy to apply, and you can paint it by yourself. Don’t forget to plan it first; what parts your need to paint first. Also, cabinets or shelves will use special paint, don’t forget about that. Besides that, white not only the best color. It will be based on your needs and your favorite color. You can use another color, then combine it. Also, you can choose another color to make your RV look modern or farmhouse.

1. Wood and Chalk Color

You can try this way of coloring on remodel your RV ideas. This RV use way of natural color. White always be the perfect color to combine with all intensity. Like this RV, combine white chalk color and natural color like wood will be good ideas.

2. White Color

Photo by @lizfenwickdiy

White color is the best color for everything. Especially for a room, it will make your room look bigger, bright, and fresh. This RV color idea tries to combine white with the grey color. Then install the wallpaper on several corners, and also, he chooses the same tone of color for the furniture.

3. Coastal Color

Photo by @thedekkertrekkers

Bringing a home atmosphere to RV is possible for you to do. Like this RV, applying a coastal color style. By combining the wood color of the floor, white color on several spaces like ceiling became a perfect view of RV. It will make you feel at home.

Change the Furniture

Mostly, furniture became expensive things to have. We only use essential furniture to support our RV. But, for other people who have money to upgrade the RV furniture, it will be better. Furniture will promote the feeling of happiness and enjoyment while we have adventure or journey with an RV. You can upgrade the sofa, chair, table, etc. Absolutely it is based on your needs and budget.

1. Leathered Sofa

Photo by @oureightfourlife

On remodel your RV ideas, you can upgrade your sofa, chair, or table. Using a leather sofa for your RV will be good ideas, it will make your RV look luxuries, then upgrade the chair with lather.

2. Stand Lamp

Photo by @designed_tomove

Add a reading sofa with a standing lamp on your RV; it is possible for you. Like this five wheel RV design, he put a personal reading sofa with a gold stand lamp. Also, he uses compact cabinets to put the books.

3. Boho Style

Photo by @mavistheairstream

Natural design on remodel RV ideas can be the best option, and you can use natural material for it. Use bamboo for the blinds and rattan for the chair. Then, combine with an aesthetic rug and sofa.

Change your Window

Better view while you drive with your RVs is not a compromise you must have. Every single person wants to have a better and good view while on holiday. The road, tree, animals, mountain, etc. is the best part of having an adventure. That’s why changing your window becomes the most important thing you do if you want to remodel your RV.

1. Best View

Photo by @kidsandqualitytime

In your RV you must have the room to gather with your family or your couple. Mostly have a chair or sofa on there. This window design will make your gathering time more comfortable because you can see the best view of the RV campground or forest.

2. Open It

Photo by @shiannerose

This four-wheel RV has excellent window design. Big and open window designs make your RV have good natural lighting. Also, the door is manipulated by using glass as the material. Make the door can be as the windows for your RV.

Change the Valance and Curtain

Standard RV only gives a standard curtain and valances. Moreover, standard curtains or valances don’t bring a homey and cozy feeling on your RV. That’s why remodel your RV floor ideas is important. Trying to replace your valances and curtains can be the perfect way to bring those feelings. You can buy the new one from amazon, IKEA, or Wayfair. Maybe you have a skill in sewing; you can make the unique curtains or blinds for your RV.

1. DIY Slider

Photo by @theoutpostgang

This curtain idea is from The Out Post Gang, and this idea is really cool. Create your curtain for your RV. With DIY curtain makes you can explore more in decorating your RV. One of the steps is to create your own curtain, then combine it with a simple slider design.

2. White Blinds

Photo by @karleemmarsh

Your RV must have some privacy to the same as your house. Otherwise, picking the perfect blinds curtain for RV is a little tricky. You must select the correct design, which is matched to your RV room design. Using white blinds is always a safe way because white can be blended perfectly with all colors and designs. Then, you can combine with a natural curtain like this RV combine with a natural rattan curtain.

3. Roller Blind

Photo by @rebeccacrosbyphotography

Thanks to Rebecca because she brought this simple design of the curtain. Moreover, for you who want to decorate your RV windows with a simple design. You can use this curtain idea; this curtain only focuses on the purposes or curtain or blinds itself. Otherwise, you must think about your RV room design, is it suitable or not with this design.

Install new Flooring

Flooring from standard RV is not good and suitable. Usually, the floors are made from the lowest quality, and it will be easy to wear out quickly. Changing new Flooring for your RV is the best way to remodel. Most RV floor is from carpet; carpets are good for the floor. But, it is not a long-lasting floor, carpet is easy to damage and dirty.

Photo by @kidsandqualitytime

Changing your RV floor is essential. This RV changes the floor to a natural look. Vinyl can be the RV flooring ideas for you. The durability is good, and the price is acceptable. You can search the vinyl RV floor on the marketplace or RV store.

Decorate the RV

Trying to decorate your RV is a simple way and easy to do. Decoration will be the best part for you to explore your ideas. You can add wallpaper or stickers on your wall. Or maybe you want to hang photos or arts on it. Also, it is possible for you to add a beautiful lamp or fan. Besides that, decorating your RV can support your feeling while driving or in campgrounds because it makes you endure more on your recreational vehicle.

1. Farmhouse Design

Photo by @barefootdetour

These decoration ideas are based on your skill and touch about art. The placement of ornaments to support the farmhouse atmosphere is really important. But, try to challenge yourself to release your ability on decoration. You can buy or maybe create the stuff.

2. Frame of you

Photo by @simplecatlady

Other ideas to decorate your RV is with your frame or accessories. Find the best and suitable accessories to decorate your RV, and you can use mini ornamental plans or arts.

Add New Rooms

Most RVs have more than one room. A standard RV mostly has a bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. Is it enough? Is it possible for you to add more rooms? Yes, of course, you can do that on your RVs. In this section, I will tell you to remodel your RV on adding new rooms. Surely the new rooms must be suitable for your needs.

Home Entertainment

Have a space on your recreational vehicle, but you don’t know how to use it. Try to make home entertainment in your RV. It will be spacious for you; also, it will make your RV look modern. Furthermore, it will make you like to travel with your RV again and again. Indeed, it will cost you more. But, it is not a big problem for you who have enough money to spend.

Photo by @freckledfindings

This five wheels RV by Freckled is excellent, and he creates a home entertainment on the RV. The idea of creating home entertainment is perfect. Upgrade the sofa, television, accessories, etc. It is nice to make like this on your RV, but don’t forget to consider the space and budget.

Work Station

Still, work while you go traveling with RV, or you are working remotely. Trying to add a workstation on your RV will be the best solution. Installing workstation space on your RV is possible. You can add a table for your PC or your laptop. You can customize it by yourself, personalize the space, and the size based on what you want.

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1. Use the corner

Photo by @ashley.joyfullygrowing

Your RV corner is only used for storage. Try to convert it to your work station. Like she has done, transform the storage to a corner workspace. That makes you use your RV area for maximal purposes.

2. Be Critical

Photo by @weliveonabus

Another thing you can try to maximize your RV space is critical thinking. Sometimes we forget to transform, or maybe we can use it in a multifunctional way. With this idea of having a workspace on RV, you only need one chair. Then you have a workspace on your RV.

Washing Space

Go traveling with RV for a long period. It makes you spend a lot of clothes. Then you don’t get the perfect time and place to wash your clothes. Or, when you go traveling to the forest, it makes it hard to find a laundry store. Having a washing space with a washing machine can be the best alternative for you. You can wash your clothes wherever you want, and you can save your money for laundry.

Photo by @projecttrek

Thanks to Project Trek for bringing this idea. Mostly adding washing space on your RV isn’t a crucial thing. But, if you have a budget and useless space. You should create a washing space. This washing space uses the bathroom area, and it is a genius trick. He put it in the right way, and the bathroom still looks broad.

RV Bathroom Remodel Ideas

The RV bathroom is the most crucial part we must have. We use the bathroom almost every day for the shower or void. Because of that, the bathroom became a compromise room on our RV. Remodeling your RV bathroom became essential for you, who have an extended period adventure with RV. Because we will use it for a long time, remodeling the RV bathroom will make us adore it.

Add Vanity

Like at home, vanity is part of our bathroom. Mostly we use vanity while in the bathroom. We can put our bath tools on there. Also, vanity will make our bathroom look nice. So, the first thing to remodel in your RV bathroom is to put the vanity in there.

1. DIY Vanity

Photo by @4tinywalls

Have skill on the craftsman, try this DIY vanity idea. Creating your vanity for your RV bathroom is an excellent idea. You can limit the budget you have. For the vessel sink and faucet, you can buy it in the marketplace.

2. Corner Vanity

Photo by @simplecatlady

This bathroom vanity idea is suitable for the limited space of RV. Maximize your bathroom corner to install the vanity. You can create it by yourself, or you can buy it in the marketplace. But, you need to consider your budget and your space if you buy the vanity.


Like a vanity, a mirror is a crucial part of a bathroom. Bathrooms must have vanity, and the vanity must have a mirror. Try to use a decorative mirror in your bathroom. It will add more value to your bathroom.

1. Rattan Mirror

Photo by @jorydesigns

Natural material always is the favorite for decoration, including for your RV bathroom. This rattan mirror can be the perfect accessories for the RV bathroom. Rattan can be placed on whatever the color or design you have.

2. Decorated Mirror

Photo by @olsonhousehome

Want to have a modern or industrial design for your RV bathroom, using this kind of mirror can be the best idea. With this mirror, you can put the accessories or toiletries on it.

Add Storage

Storage became essential for the RV bathroom. It will keep your bath tools, towel, etc. safe while you’re driving. That’s why add more storage for your bathroom must you do. Then with storage, you can save other things which are important for you while you have a journey with RV.

1. Vanity and Hanging Storage

Photo by @thehappyglamperco

Use the vanity cabinet as your storage to put your bathing utensil. Then, for a towel, you can use the wall. Maximize your wall to hang your towel; you can use a nook or use a shelf towel.

2. Shelf Bucket

Photo by @wearedanandsam

This idea is excellent, maximize your bathroom corner to install a shelf. Then, you can put the buckets on there. So, you can keep your toiletries or bathing tools on it.

Upgrade your Water Hose

Water shower pressure will affect your experience, especially while we go with our RV. Mostly we have showers once a day; some people maybe twice a day. Remodel your shower bathroom, especially upgrade the water hose, which will bring a significant-good effect for you.

Photo by @the_free_lees

The water hose is based on your need. Mostly the RV use hose the same as our home water hose. But, it will better if you choose the product which is made exclusive for the RV bathroom.

RV Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Which parts of our recreational vehicle need? Kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. The most crucial part of our RV is the kitchen. Because the experience while camping with RV is how we cook. Also, how we survive with limited food, or maybe we only buy the food we need. Besides that, some people also hunt fresh food from outside, to add more exclusive feeling while having an adventure on recreational vehicles.

Remodel your kitchen cabinet

In our home cabinet is the first visual we see while cooking. Same as in our RV, remodeling our cabinets can boost our creativity in cooking. Remodeling your RV kitchen cabinet will bring fresh and shiny felling to our RV interior. You can change the color, door pulls, wallpaper, etc.

Full Storage

Photo by @314sqft
Photo by @sanmartindream

Having a lot of storage for your RV kitchen is an excellent idea. You can put all your kitchen utensils in there. It will support your cooking skills, so you can make a perfect dinner for your family or couple while going on an adventure or journey. You can use your wall and ceiling to put your storage.

Adding a Backsplash

The backsplash is easy to install in your RV kitchen. Then, it will make you able to express your cooking skill, and you don’t need to worry about stains while cooking. Also, the backsplash will add good visuals to your RV kitchen. Your RV kitchen will look modern, and it will bring your home atmosphere.

1. DIY Backsplash

Photo by @newlookrvrenovation

A DIY backsplash is cheaper for your RV kitchen. This idea is suitable for you who want to save your money. Thanks to New Look Renovation for bringing this spectacular DIY backsplash.

2. Hexagon Backsplash

Photo by @entry.level.nomad

You have enough money to buy a backsplash for the kitchen. Use this idea, buy a gold hexagon backsplash. DIY feeling is in this backsplash too.

Upgrade the Countertops

Changing your kitchen countertops can be the best option to remodel your RV. Sometimes countertops aren’t the first we decorate. Countertops are the things we always see while in the kitchen. Decorating our countertops can be done in a simple way. You can change it, or maybe only paint it. It is based on the time you have and what you want to do with your countertops. You can change it to limestone or granite. Besides that, you can change the color, maybe to chalkboard paint.

Wooden Countertops

Photo by @rv.family.reno
Photo by @utopia_road_life

Upgrading your countertops requires more skill. The essential things in the kitchen are your countertops. It would be best if you chose the countertops that can make you enjoy while cooking and supporting the look of your kitchen RV. Wood, granite, tile, wallpaper are the best material for your RV kitchen countertops. Please choose the best, and it must be based on your necessity.

RV Bedroom Remodel Ideas

All RVers never forget about the bedroom. Because it is the most crucial room in our RV, all RV must have this bedroom space because the bedroom’s utility will affect your journey. You can’t enjoy the trip or adventure with RV if you didn’t get good and enough sleep. Especially for you who get a long time journey with an RV. So, remodel and decorate it to support your experience while driving and have an adventure with RV is completely important to do.

Change the window

Photo by @simplecatlady

Remodeling your bedroom window is simple but has a significant effect on your sleep quality. Change the window based on your need. If you want something fresh and lighted in your bedroom, you can change your window size. Then, use simple curtains that can give enough light from outside to come. Otherwise, if you don’t want to expose too much from outside, you can use blinds or use a small window on your RV bedroom.


Photo by @kidsandqualitytime

The excellent mattress supported our comfy in sleep. The right mattress will make your rest quality at the top. Upgrading your mattress becomes the better one; it’s recommended. Don’t forget about the mattress size; don’t buy a mattress that consumes a lot of space in your RV.

Decor the storage

Photo by @wickandfiber

Placement of storage is a little bit tricky for our RV bedroom. Because RVs only have limited space to save our clothes, also to create our wardrobe. Besides that, we must decorate our bedroom to look cozy. To solve those problems, you can combine those things. Use your storage as a decoration, also combining that with bedroom accessories will be better.


Photo by @the_ramblr_rv

Accessories already I mention above, but I think it would be better if we discussed it more deeply here. Putting some accessories on will make your RV bedroom look beautiful. You can use simple art, natural ornament, or maybe handmade lighting. The most important is how you choose the best accessories then where you must put them. Matching all those things will be a robust part for you. But, try it.


Photo by @wetriedcamping

Most important is our storage, storage became the most important because almost we put everything in there. Indeed for our RV bedroom storage too. Try to remodel your RV bedroom ideas with storage to make your bedroom look well organized. Use the perfect place to create your it, maximizing every single space in your RV bedroom. Don’t forget about the cozy and homey feeling, because it is the value of remodeling.


Remodel your RV became the best place to have a trip as long as it is according to your need is a must. Spend more money to decorate your RV also can best option. But, it would be best if you chose your focus first, not every single remodeling or customizing will give good satisfaction for you. So, with a lot of RV remodel ideas I write above, try to figure out which are the best value and also matching to your identity.

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