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Best RV Cover (RV Covers Review and Rated)

Best RV Cover. If you are a traveling type person, you will realize that an RV is an excellent investment to support your hobby. To keep your RV last longer, a type of protection is a must. The protection here is the cover that is known as the most crucial item that RV owners must-have.

With an RV cover, you will keep your vehicle in good condition even if it is in the garage. Most owners worry about dampness and wind damage from the heat while parking the RV, but the cover will make those troubles away. Currently, the company made the cover of various materials, so you have to pick the right one. In this section, we will discuss the excellent cover available and conclude whether they’re beneficial for you.

What is an RV Cover?

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First time RV owners may be strange with it and might wonder what RV cover is, is it essential or not for recreational vehicles. An RV cover is a blanket to cover your recreational vehicle from external elements, which can cause some damage. With RV cover can ensure your RV from physical damage. Also, an RV cover can quickly mitigate events and prevent unnoticed damage during winter or rainy seasons. Of course, for you, who wants to take a journey or adventure in those seasons. The exposure from outside elements will make your RV look dull and rusty. Moreover, it can make a form of fading on the paint. With those problems above, having an RV cover becomes essential for you.

Choosing the best and high quality of RV cover will protect your vehicle from these following elements:

  1. UV Rays: The harmful UV rays of the sun can cause damage to RV. Exposure of sun for a long period will make your RV paint start fading. Moreover, if left your RV unattended, it could be cracking and peeling. Other UV rays damaged are the seats, dashboard, and other areas exposed to the sun.
  2. Acid Rain: The acid rain can quite damage your RV. If rain then as it dries, it will leave acids. Which can give bad results like stain and streak through your recreational vehicle. It can be tough to remove. Moreover, if the acids are exposed to sunlight, then dry it up, it will cause lasting damage to your vehicle.
  3. Dust: Dust also can be the worst element to damage your recreational vehicle. It will make you wash your vehicle periodically. So, the RV cover will help you with those problems and reduce the tendency of more large particles to damage more.
  4. Wind: Although not all wind can cause damage to your RV. But somehow strong wind can, a strong wind can damage your RV with the particles it carries on. It can bring debris or other elements that can damage and scratch your recreational vehicle.

Types of RV Cover

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RV cover will come in various types and sizes based on your needs. You have to choose the type that suits your RV type. Some of the covers will fit just for a 10 feet long RV, while some can be more than 10 feet to 20 feet. So, you need to determine the size before you buy an RV cover carefully. Further, the type of RV will also determine the type of cover you have to buy. For specific cases, there is only a cover for RV class C, and you buy as yours.

Besides, the cover also comes in particular type for your recreational vehicle. you can find a dashboard cover that will cover the dashboard from getting damaged due to sunlight. There is also a tire cover. The tire cover will shield the tire from the sun’s UV rays that might break tire material. Last but not least, you would see windshield covers for the dashboard and chair. Then, this type also will reduce heat inside your RV.

Things to consider before buying RV Covers

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While choosing the best RV cover, you will find several essential factors to consider. Here, we will show some of them which will cover your recreational vehicle at best. At least you will not feel dizzy while choosing and ensure you have the right product.

1. Material and Protection Level

The thing that made the cover must give a massive effect on the RV. You must feel safe with durable material rather than a slim one for long-lasting use. It usually made from 3 layers of top materials and a layer side material that can shield you from UV rays, wind, and water. However, in choosing the material, you should also consider the journey area you will go to. Different weather and climate will bring you to the different materials you need.

2. Size

Your RV cover size will play another important aspect of making a smart decision. The right size will be best when you don’t see it anymore if it is too tight or loose. With the RV’s size on the hand, it will ease you from eliminating the product that doesn’t match with it. Recently, choosing based on the size will be easier because the company will write down the suit type of RV on the RV cover product.

3. Choose a Practical one

You must look for the RV cover that will not put you in a hard time. This practical feature will help you a lot when you are in a rush. How to know the product is easy to use? You can find and search this on the product review from the customers. Sometimes, you need to look at the comment because people will get annoyed when the product is not what they expected.

4. Additional Features

An RV cover with additional features might be a bit expensive. Yet, the feature will give you an extra shield and worth investment. Some of the additional features are air vents and zippers. An air vent is significantly useful in avoiding moisture. Thus, it also prevents the growth of mold and mildew. The air vent also allows the wind to go through and make your cover long-lasting wear. For zippers, usually, you will have a zipper panel. With this panel, you will quickly get access to the RV without uninstalling the cover.

Best RV Covers

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Right now is the time we choose the best recreational vehicle cover. With the best RV cover, you can protect and keep your vehicle’s quality regardless of whether it stays inside your carport. You might be confused with the list below, but you have the choice that suits your vehicle.

1. Classic Accessories 73163 OverDrive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe Travel Trail Cover

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Firstly, we begin with long-lasting RV covers that suit every season. You will not regret this cover because of its sturdy material. It can shield the RV from the sunlight, rain, or even snow. This product will satisfy those who have 20 feet RV. Further, it gives all-out protection the vehicle from the dust, dirt, and bird droppings. Then, this shield also can give full protection from the ground to the roof until 188 inches. It covers the body to protect the paint.

This RV cover has a vent that can reduce the moisture to leave. You can easily install this cover because it has a rope to ease the work. Then, it has a toss bag that functions to minimize any slithering under the vehicle.

2. KINGBIRD Extra-Thick RV Cover

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Before we go further, this cover only has a weakness; it is a high price. The price comes from the qualifying offer from the Kingbird. This extra-thick cover is made from 4-ply material, which serves the best protection for vehicles from UV rays, snow, and liquid buildup. Furthermore, this product has complete features for protection such as water repellent and reinforced straps that work to shield from tearing and wind.

The product also has an accessibility feature. It has zipper doors on the two sides to access the door and engine. Then, in the night, this cover has an additional security system because of the reflective panels designs. Even though it is a super thick material, it is still a breathable material that guards the vehicle against inside moisture.

3. iiSPORT 4-ply New Travel Trailer Cover

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For the long RV owners, this iiSPORT is the best product you will get to protect your vehicle. The cover will fit a 30 feet long vehicle. It is also a long-lasting travel trailer cover because of the material and has 4-ply material. Then, the base material of this product is polypropylene fabric materials, which is a high-quality water repellent.

Something else good from the product is its twofold sewed creases and flexible edges that add to its sturdiness. Further, it makes us have the option to deal with worry from windstorms, substantial rains, and a day off. This cover will fully cover your vehicle from the ground to the top and make it free of dust, dirt, and mildew.

4. Covercraft CY31045 Wolf Travel Trailer RV Cover

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The cover’s primary material is polypropylene, which is manufactured in many layers and gives the best protection and breathable feature. This Covercraft product would cover the vehicle and reinforce the corner, bottom, and top edges. When you install it, you will not be in a hard time because it is easy to adjust. Then, the company also set rain gutter covers that will protect from having damage caused by gutters.

A useful side feature is you can easily store the cover. You will not worry about the space because you can put it in the storage bag. It will give you more free space for other items. Then, this product is not too expensive with a big size. You can afford this for a short journey.

5. ADCO 64843 Winnebago Travel Trailer RV Cover

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This product is of premium quality with the protection offered. The material makes sure that your vehicle will not get damaged from UV rays that would crack the paint and slow up the aging process. It might look simple but can help in keeping the RV value while reselling. Further, the cover has a slip-seam system that helps to tighten the cover when it faces a hard wind.

An issue that might low this product is about choosing the right size. However, you can solve it by making sure the vehicle’s size before buying this product.  Then, this product offers a two years warranty that will be useful. At the same time, you get unexpected issues that might break the cover.

6. Leader Accessories Travel Trailer RV Cover

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A product from Leader Accessories here is not too expensive but has several great features. The cover has zipper panels that allow you to access the car with the cover installed quickly. Each corner has elastic features that make sure the cover fits into the vehicle. That feature also helps the cover to fight against the weather that might damage it.

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The company produces this RV cover in 7 sizes and three colors choice. You will also have an air vent system that can avoid growth moisture inside the vehicle. The product might not stand longer in summer or winter, but it will be the right choice for short use.

7. Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPRO RV Cover

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This Classic Accessories RV cover is an excellent choice with a complete feature and different material. This cover has woven material that indicates it is undoubtedly durable and having rip-resistant. For high-level protection, the material also will shield your vehicle from UV rays, snow, and even animal debris damage.

You will not get hard when installing this cover. It is also a light product with a bag for storing. Further, the material allows it for quick drying. The venting in the PermaPRO RV cover will keep your vehicle away from mold and mildew.

8. RV Masking Heavy Duty 5 Layers Top Travel Trailer RV Cover

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With five layers top and layers side, it will confidently say that this product has maximum protection to the weather. The material is a heavy-duty and strong-fabric that makes it water-resistant. Further, it is also a lightweight fabric and useful material that can repel water from the surface cover. You will not find any dirt or damage while this cover is installed on the RV.

When it is about the size, you can customize this cover to fit into your vehicle size. This customization helps you in reducing wind stress. Then, this cover is a breathable one and a quick dry that will not keep the water in a long time.

9. Amazon Basics Trailer RV Cover

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It has material developed from the all-inclusive and thick 3-ply roof-top material just as all-around ventilated and light 1-ply sides. Those are guaranteed that your RV will not get any dirt, snow, rain, dust, or even scratch with this installed. You will be happy with the customizable back and front pressure panels incorporated into this cover.

These strain panels alongside the elasticized trim corners guarantee you of a progressively adaptable fit. Further, it has a buckle-attachment system that assists in making sure about the cover’s arrangement into your RV. This product has an integrated vent framework that is supportive of diminishing inward dampness, just as wind lofting.

10. ADCO 34813 Designer Series Motorhome Cover

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The last is another ADCO product; it is a Tyvek Class C RV cover made for special occasions. This ADCO might be ideal for use in areas like Pacific Northwest. ADCO also makes this cover with a unique structure that protects acid rain and repels water much better than polyester. Further, it has a breathable texture, which is excellent at decreasing and in any event, forestalling the development of mold and mildew.

With this over, you will like that it can reflect daylight. Subsequently, you will have the option to appreciate a more refreshing situation while inside the RV. The installation is genuinely simple too.

The Benefits of RV Cover

These following sections will give you some benefits of having an RV cover. As a review of the product below, we already tell you about the benefits of RV cover. Otherwise, it will be better if the benefits are arranged in one section and will be easy to read.

1. Weather Protection

With an RV cover, your vehicle will secure from UV damage, water damage, or snow damage in winter. With an RV cover, you didn’t need to be afraid about it. Also, a good recreational vehicle cover will protect you from mold, deteriorating paint, wind stress and vent inside moisture during the worse weather.

2. Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the crucial things to do for a vehicle. Particularly for an RV vehicle, but to do that is the laziest and almost forgotten thing to do. That’s why RV cover becomes essential, and it makes your RV cover maintenance lower.

3. Storage Cover

Another benefit of having an RV cover is for storage. Not all people will go with their RV all time. Some people go with their RV for a short period. Having an RV cover will make your recreational vehicle have the proper protection while we didn’t use it. It will shield our RV from outdoor elements, which can hurt the next journey.

4. Convenient

Convenient while you are inside your recreational vehicle is one of the best benefits you can get if you have an RV cover. Especially during harsh weather, since the RV covers are made for protecting from repelling water, snow, and dust, it can protect you from another external element also.

5. Exteriors and Interiors

The external element will reduce the age of your recreational vehicle, and somehow it will reduce the paint, then it mostly focuses damage on the roof. It makes us not notice it quickly. Sun and heavy rainfall will make that damage more serious. Then, interiors also can be damaged because of that. The sun will cause your dashboard to deteriorate quickly. Then the temperature will rise and make you uncomfortable. That’s why the RV cover is essential; it will reduce those problems.

6. Durability

The next benefit of having an RV cover is the durability of your recreational vehicle. If you choose the right RV cover, you can use the recreational vehicle for a long time because the good cover will protect harsh weather and harmful elements from outside. That’s why you must invest correctly, it’s ok to buy the cheapest one, but the risk of having damage will be higher. You can choose an RV cover with a water-resistant element, scratch-proof, etc.

7. Resale Value

If you want to change your recreational vehicle to a modern and big one, you must sell your previous RV. It will be very possible for you to get in that situation, with proper maintenance will make your RV have a good resale value. Those things can be turned to the worst situation if you don’t cover your RV well. That’s why having a right RV cover is essential, it will make your RV still look new on exteriors and interiors.

Frequently Asked Question about RV Cover

1. How to install RV cover?

The first thing you must take into consideration before you put your RV cover is, make sure the RV is clean from dust, debris, or dirt. Generally, the installation requires you to climb and walk on your RV roof. Then you can unroll the RV cover from above, then roll down it. Second, you can use the rope to cover all sides of your RV. After that, you can use a broom, ladders, or other tools to cover from protrusions, such as antenna mount and air conditioner. Make sure to secure hems beneath in well, also the sharp edges too. Then, after all, set and covered your RV. You can tie-down the straps, to make your RV cover stable from blowing up by wind.

2. How to choose the right size of RV cover?

Before you buy a new RV cover, you must measure your vehicle correctly. You must know exactly the height, length, and width of your RV. If you have done all those things, you can choose the perfect match size for your RV. Make sure what size you want, whether you want to have a fit size cover, or maybe you want to buy a bigger RV cover.

3. Are RV covers waterproof and UV protection?

In some cases, an RV cover employs waterproof and UV protection because those things are crucial to getting while buying new RV covers. If the RV is exposed by rain and sun consistently, it will make your RV damaged. Before you purchase a new RV cover, make your top consideration is the RV covers must include waterproof and UV protection.

4. When to cover RV?

Somehow, RVers cover their recreational vehicle while they are planning to park for a long time. Also, some people will cover their RV based on the weather conditions. If the weather condition is heavy rainfalls or snow, it might be helpful to cover the RV.  It will be covered from damage and also protect the exteriors and interiors. Last, you can use the cover while you didn’t go on an adventure with RV. You can use an RV cover to store your recreational vehicle.

5. What is the warranty?

The warranty depends on the brands of an RV cover you buy. Some brands offer one (1) to five (5) years warranty. In this case, I suggest you buy an RV cover with a long warranty time. Especially for the RVers who like to take a journey or adventure for a long time with an RV.


As the RV owners, it is a big deal to invest in the RV cover. The cover will protect your vehicle and keep the appearance and quality in the top mode. While choosing the best model and type, you must know the guidelines and things to consider before buying. It will be easier to look for the right cover if you have known it. In the end, you will fall with the broadest application in picking the best.

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