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Best RV Roof Sealant (RV Roof Sealant Review and Description)

Best RV Roof Sealant. Most RV owners will worry about water damage. Besides the issue from the plumbing system, the roof leaks are the most significant problem. An RV needs consistent maintenance, including protecting the roof leaks. Fortunately, roof leaks are moderately simple to fix. Furthermore, if you keep steady over yearly maintenance, breaks can be prevented from occurring

So that you need an RV roof sealant, the RV roof sealant is an easy and long-lasting solution offered. The sealant is additionally adaptable to use on numerous surfaces and for a broad scope of utilization that we’re featuring later. In any case, looking over a broad scope of items available isn’t simple because there are a considerable lot of them accessible. For those reasons, we provide some guidance and a list of products that will help you choose an RV roof sealant.

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Types of RV Roof Sealant

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Like most RV products, RV roof sealants also have different types. Before you buy the RV roof sealant, you must know what types you need. Most RVers use tape or liquid RV roof sealant. Which two that product is the best type of roof sealant for RV. Below will explain to you how many classes and the description of the types of RV roof sealant.

1. Liquid Roof Sealant

Liquid roof sealant is a popular roof sealant for RV. This product offers a long-lasting, watertight seal, and UV protection. With those privileges make our RV have proper protection from damaging issues such as leaks and sticking. Some of the liquid roof sealants are made from EPDM or a similar substance, so you must know how to use it. Then, this material is not suitable for all RV roof material. Last, liquid roof sealant has a little bit tricky on applying it. It will be better if you have a practice before starting to use this liquid sealant. Fortunately, this liquid takes a long time to dry, so if you make a mistake, you can wipe it and do it again.

2. Adhesive Tape Roof Sealant

Another popular roof sealant for RV is adhesive tape. Mostly, using tape is more accessible than liquid, which makes tape become popular this time. This product offers convenient and easy to use RV roof sealant for RVers or newbie RVers. Also, this product provides weatherproof, user friendly, and not easy to crack. Then, this tape sealant ensures your RV roof to get any gaping issues on their formulation. Last, what makes this product so popular is disappearing any mess while you are applying it.

Things to consider before buying RV Roof Sealant

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You must agree that for maintaining RV, it has to start with a roof. When your roof gets damaged, the roof sealant is an option that comes out. Choosing the best roof sealant will be a bit hard. Some factors can narrow you down to a choice. Let’s take a look at the things that you have to consider before buying an RV roof sealant.

The Roof’s material

We think that this is the first step you must do. Knowing your RV roof material can ease you much better to choose the right product. Most roofs are made from rubber that is cheap, lightweight, and strong. So, your roof sealant must work the best with a rubber surface. Further, the rubber also comes with two types, EPDM and TPO. In this case, a consultation is a must before buying the roof sealant.

Other roof materials can be fiberglass, aluminum, and vinyl. The same as before, choosing the one which works with the base material is a must. Picking the wrong roof sealant can make your roof worse than ever. So, be smart, starting with knowing the base roof material.

The Reason in Buying Roof Sealant

Another essential factor before buying it is your reason itself. Of course, you buy the sealant because your RV roof got damaged, but how big it is, is the question. If you have a small leak, you don’t need to buy a large quantity of sealant, you only just need to buy a small amount. For this factor, you must also know whether the sealant can work in another field such as marine, venting system, etc. Most roof sealant can work in another area.

Easy to Use

Everyone wants a product that must be easy to use. It is because it might be in some condition that pushes you to make a quick repair. To avoid a complicated product and not to waste money, you can check it through customer reviews. Then, you must verify whether the product is easy to clean or not. It is essential because in using RV, you also need a clean and enjoyable part.

Tearing resistance

You should consider this factor in comparing one to another product. The ability to twist and to contract with another material without losing the protection is the right product. It means that the durable sealant can be checked if it has contact with water, rock, or even dust. There are two types of RV roof sealants, tapes and liquid, and both sealants have different flexibilities.


On buying the RV roof sealant products are better for you to ensure the limit of your budget. You must be considering the limit of money you want to spend on roof sealant. Knowing the features of the RV roof sealant can be one of the solutions. If you’re going to get the best features of roof sealant like UV protector or weatherproof, you will provide the more budget amount. Considering the little things like that will make you cost-effectively.

Drying time

Trying time for RV roof sealant can be one of the considerations before you buy it. You won’t RV roof sealant will consume the amount of your time. So, before buying that product, you must know the drying time of that sealant. Of course, it is particularly about what kind of products you buy, because not all products consumed the same drying time. You can choose the product which can provide well in drying time and is also good on the sealant. Sometimes it will be hard to find the product like that, but it is still possible for you to find it.


Mostly warranty not became an essential thing for RV roof sealant. But, you can make the warranty as to the plus value for your RV. Sometimes, if we buy a product that provides the warranty, it makes us have insurance and comfort of the product. The product ensures us to didn’t worried about the capability of the product if we buy it.

Best RV Roof Sealant

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There are a lot of RV roof sealant products that you can buy. After knowing the consideration, it’s time for you to choose the right product for your RV roof. Below we will discuss some high-quality products with a bunch of buyers before. This written form will guide your expectation with a high-quality product.

1. Dicor Corporation 95D40-35 Epdm Rubber Roof

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As mentioned, the rubber roof has two types, and this product is suitable for the EPDM rubber roof. You can rely on the durability of the product because it is UV and weather resistance. As a tip, for tight protection, you can apply two times on the roof. It can fully cover and protect your RV roof. You will not worry anymore about the next obstacle that will break it down. Further, with a gallon of this Dicor product, you can cover about 125 square feet. Thus, this product also can reduce the vibration happening on the roof.

2. Proguard F99911 Liquid Roof Sealant

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Another premium roof sealant comes from Proguard. Proguard made this sealant that is suitable with the EPDM rubber roof. So, here you have two choices for EPDM with the same quality. Unlike before, this roof sealant only needs one application and can protect your RV roof for years.

For drying, this roof sealant also needs a quite short time, 14 hours. Then, it also can stand strong even if it faces extreme temperatures. For the high-quality product, a five years warranty will not disappoint you.

3. EternaBond RSW-4-50 RoofSeal Sealant Tape

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Most people agree that this is one of the best products for the RV roof sealant. Firstly, this tape roof sealant is a UV resistance that will work best in the summer. So, if you plan a camping trip in the summer, this won’t let you down. Further, it is also a flexible product. It can adapt to any roof condition. Even it is flexible, but the protection is still at the maximum level.

Then, this RV roof sealant tape is an easy-using product, even for those who the first time still can not feel pressure and will give satisfaction. Furthermore, the sealant can fight against mildews. Besides the price, which is a bit high, the company provides all qualities of an RV roof sealant.

4. Cofair UBE425 Quick Roof Extreme with Steel-Loc Adhesive

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This product from Cofair is an ideal roof sealant that suits any kind of roof materials such as wood, rubber, vinyl, fiberglass, etc. You will not feel pressure when using this easy product. With an effortless, you can cover the roof without a mess. Then, the sealant doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. What a great product, isn’t it?

Another useful feature, this tape has an anti-cracking system. It allows the tape to work perfectly even under the sun. Besides as roof sealant, this tape also can be used for other needs such as sealing air conditioners and RV roof vent sealant. The last interesting fact is this product can work on any surface of the RV roof.

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5. Dicor 501LSW-1 Epdm Self-Leveling Lap Sealant

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For repairing racking on the RV roof, such as holes or gaps, this product from Dicor is the first option. The contains on it can fill the gaps and will make your roof just like new. Further, this sealant can cover the gaps in vinyl, fiberglass, metal, and other material. We don’t suggest you use this product on the vertical crack because it will not work properly.  Then, you can realize how quickly this product works in sunny weather.

6. Geocel 28127V Pro Flex Bright White RV Flexible Sealant

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What a great product that can work in any field such as RV and marines. This product is a UV resistance and will fight against color changing and deterioration. That high-quality feature ensures that it will work in the hottest weather. Further, most reviews said that this is also the best product in the coldest area.

The simple use is another great feature that is offered to the customer. When it gets dry on your RV roof, the sealant will not get cracked. Even you can paint it when it is done and will not allow fungi to grow on the surface. Furthermore, this product is quite cheap and affordable.

7. Dicor – 551LSW-12 White Non-Sag Roof Sealant

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Dicor can dominate this list because most of the product is from them. No wonder it would happen because of the quality it has. This Dicor RV roof sealant

type will ensure that it will not let any drop can enter their protection wherever you applied it. All roof types will then suit this sealant, such as fiberglass, rubber, aluminum, vinyl, etc.

Then, the product has a flexible feature that makes it still gives full protection in any condition. In some situations, the company will offer a buy in a big amount. It’s not a bad idea as long as the product can repair any holes. In the end, most RV owners were satisfied with this product from Dicor.

8. Geocel Corporation GC24200 Pro Flex RV Roof Sealant

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It is a fibered product that is the first great thing from Geocel. It is suitable for strength and strong enough to withstand irregular pedestrian activity. If you want this sealant, make sure that your RV roof material is not rubber. This product will work best with wood, vinyl, steel, and metal. You only need one coat applying that makes it still durable.

With this product, you can ensure that the roof will get no mildew and has UV protection. It rapidly withstands water after application and fixes so quickly that your RV will be prepared for the street only one hour after application. This feature makes it a standout amongst other RV sealants in the market.

9. XFasten Black Butyl Seal Tape

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The sealant from XFasten is one of the top choices because of its long-lasting protection, even just one time applying. Because of the tape form, this sealant is simply used. Besides RV roofs, you also can use this for windows or boats. Of course, the flexibility is on this product that can stand in every situation.

You can store this without having worries if it will not work in the future. The RV rooftop tape additionally has a high-temperature feature that makes it perfect for applying at any temperature, even in the summer. In general, this item is truly outstanding. It is adaptable to deal with numerous applications, such as for a vehicle, home, RV, camper, and pontoon surfaces.

10. Sashco Through The Roof Sealant

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You have to look into this product if you want to make your RV roof water resistance. The product from Sashco will do it as the best. It can make you save money from repairing and maintenance since it can keep dampness out for quite a while. You don’t need to recover it as often as possible.

This RV roof sealant is likewise flexible enough for a wide range of uses, such as concrete, metal, plastic, and many more. You can rely on it for various utilizations and applications, so you don’t need to spend on numerous items for each errand. Furthermore, this product has expanded features and will adapt to every temperature on the road.

Benefits of an RV Roof Sealant

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Leaks Free

Issues of leaks cause you to check this article. RV roof sealant will make you free from any leaks issues while you have a journey. It will be a worse situation if your RV roof leaks while you go with the RV. Meanwhile, repairing your RV roof will consume the amount of budget. So, sealant your RV roof will be crucial things for you to do first.


RV roof sealant has versatility on many variations on installation. Some products of RV roof sealant offered those things. Also, it can be used above and below the waterline. It makes you more comfortable to use and to apply it, especially on your RV roof. Unfortunately, not all products of RV roof sealant offer versatility. So, make sure you read the product description before you buy it.

UV Protection

With RV roof sealant, your RV roof can fight to the UV ray. Also, the roof sealant will protect your roof from discoloration and deterioration. This product will work to reflect the UV rays; moreover, it will make your RV feel cold although on summer days vacation. In line with that, your RV will feel more comfortable and cozy.

Tear Resistance

Having an RV roof sealant will guarantee you about the tear on the roof. Sometimes our Rv roof has a tear because of weather, temperature, environment, or maybe our feet. With this roof sealant, you didn’t need to be afraid of those problems. Then, make sure you choose the best performance of resistance roof tear.

Increasing Roof Life-time

Applying RV roof sealant on will increase the lifespan of your roof. RV roof sealant has many beneficial features; one of them offers long-term protection. That makes you don’t need to use the amount of money to repair your roof.

Frequently Asked Question

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How to apply RV roof sealant?

Applying the roof sealant isn’t easy for some people, especially for new RVers or for someone who doesn’t have the basic knowledge about RV. It will be better for you to learn first how to apply. You can see youtube or the instructions on the product itself. As an expert suggestion, try to use the product, which is easy to apply and doesn’t have many steps to implement the roof sealant.

How much does roof sealant cost?

The cost of the RV roof sealant has variations. It depends on the manufacturer and the quantity you need. It will be possible to spend only a dollar or spend more than 100 dollars. Also, another factor is the quality of the sealant. If you buy an excellent variety of roof sealant, it will cost you more.

What is the best roof sealant for RV?

Not all roof sealants are compatible with the RV roof. The material of the RV roof must be our consideration; mostly RV roofs are made from rubber. So deciding the sealant which is suitable and compatible with our RV roof became the most important thing. Nowadays, rubber-based sealants like EPDM and TPO became the suitable and accessible material of sealant for RV roofs.

How to remove RV roof sealant?

Mostly, the RVers don’t care about how to remove the roof sealant. But these issues will appear after you face it. Removing the RV roof sealant causes much stress on many RVers. Moreover, the experience of removing the roof sealant makes the RVers face that problem. It will be better to buy a roof sealant product, which includes the details, steps, and process of removing it. Otherwise, you can then see on youtube to have more information about RVers’ experience on removing RV roof sealant.

How does RV roof sealant differ from coating?

The coating is how we cover the imperfection of the unfortunate issues on the RV roof. Also, it makes our RV roof improve on aesthetic appeal and view. While RV roof sealant is how we steal and repair the cracks on the roof. It will prevent our RV from any issues of leaks and tears.


From the list above, you can study and compare every product that will suit your needs as well as you can not forget the factors that we have mentioned earlier. With all that information, you can find the product quickly. Whether you have a small break or you have to cover your whole RV roof, your decision could be a tape, a sealant tube, or a multi-gallon bucket. At long last, the choice is yours depends on your spending plan and your recreational vehicle’s needs.

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