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15 Small Camper Van Interior and Design Ideas

Small camper van interior ideas. Today’s trend is about how we go outside and do something for our environment. One of the popular things some people do is, go outside and feel the free space of our natural earth. Having a recreational vehicle makes it possible to go outside with our home peripheral. It will make us feel at home, but we can still enjoy the natural atmosphere outside.

Although, not every single person likes to have a big vehicle. Some people want to have a small and compact vehicle for traveling. That’s why the camper vans pop up to the top. Also, the simple camper van made it more compact and didn’t consume more budget to get it. Moreover, having a compact vehicle makes it easier to carry and easy to find the perfect place to park.

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Campervan Interior Design Ideas

Camper vans have become the most popular vehicle to be a part of a journey. How to make it? Is it possible to do it? Yes, of course. One of the reasons is the interior and exterior of our van. Because to have an enjoyable experience during the journey, you not only view our natural earth. But also the support of tools, appliances, and the design of our camper van.

So, designing the camper van interior and exterior is not easy. It will be a little bit tricky. Especially for your camper van interior. The exterior of the camper van is mostly generic, but you can add some special features there. Moreover, it will be the main focus of our experience and the atmosphere while traveling for the interior.

Small Campervan Ideas

Having a van is the best idea to support your traveling passion. Especially having a small camper van will totally support your passion or hobby of traveling. The small camper van is easy to drive, cheapest, and easy to decorate. The compactness of this van makes it easy to find the perfect place to park. It is easy to put your van in a little spot or area, but it brings the best view of our earth.

Also, it will be worth it, because you don’t need to spend more money on buying a big vehicle. Last, the interior and exterior are possible and easy for you to decorate and design based on your necessity. That’s why having a small camper van is the best way to start your traveling experience.

Camper Van Interior Design Ideas

In this part, we will talk about how to design and decorate your camper van. Designing a camper van interior will make your traveling experience more enjoyable. These are several camper van interior design ideas that you can apply to your van. Also, you can use this design for small camper van interiors and DIY camper vans.

1. Clean small camper van interior design ideas

Picture by IG denniskoburger

This camper design is from Dennis Koburger from Germany. Using the dominant white color makes this interior design look clean. Also, the effect of using white color makes this small camper van look bigger and fresh. Using two main generic colors like white and wood color makes this van look sleek. 

Also, the placing of cabinets, bathroom, bed, and vanity make this van look awesome and well organized. This interior design is really suitable for small van campers. Then, have a lot of storage space to keep your things, making this design perfect. Moreover, the couch is for enjoying the feeling of the journey but still feeling homey.

2. Welcoming small camper van interior design ideas

Picture by IG thetriointransit

Creating an inviting and welcoming design is the best idea. Most of us design our homes to bring those feelings. Although, it will be possible to make your RV like it too. This design is one of the best home designs on camper vans. The small camper van didn’t make it hard to do; optimizing the limited space and perfectly choosing the furniture or appliance you need while traveling is also an important factor.

The design of this van interior is focused on an industrial look, with the choice of color, ceiling, cabinets, bedroom, kitchen, and toilet or bathroom. Make this design suitable and match for all kinds of people. Then, the cost of this makeover didn’t cost too much because the design only focused on supporting the camper van’s feeling and purpose.

3. Van with farmhouse design

Picture by IG wetakethevan

Decorating the interior of our RV van is really enjoyable, moreover, for those of you who like to take an adventure outside. Because the van is easy to move and go to small places, this camper’s design uses a farmhouse design. The dominant look of this interior is wood and natural color. It makes this van look cool and chill. 

We move to the placement of furniture on this camper van. It is a really nice arrangement idea, try to maximize the limited space of the van. The placement of the sink and cabinets next to the sofa, also the sofa using L style, delivers more space to relax on this van. Then, don’t forget about the bed, simple design but it is big enough for a couple or couple with one child.

4. The modern design of the small camper van interior ideas

Picture by IG havenlyescapes

It is another interior design of a camper van with a lot of modern touch on it. One of them is this amazing small camper van makeover idea. The design of this van actually is not big, but they change the view, and the multi-purposes of furniture make this camper van look bigger and awesome. This camper van has a galley cabinet design, a big bed, a beautiful bathroom, and also has a big sofa for relaxing.

How do they do it? These are amazing ideas to makeover your camper van interior. We start from the choice of multiple purposes of bed, and it can be a bed and a sofa. Then, the design of the bedroom is cool. It looks modern and classy. Then, the combination of colors makes this campervan look luxurious but still fresh. This design of camper is suitable for the new camper and RV’ers.

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5. Scandinavian small camper van interior ideas

Picture by IG beechwood_campers

Were you having more budget to spend on a camper van or recreational vehicle? You can buy the minibus to become your traveler vehicle. Like this idea, it was using a minibus as the camper van. Decorating the interior of a minibus will use more money, but you can add more furniture and room there. Also, it can add more feeling about home while traveling on that vehicle. 

The design of this van uses a Scandinavian touch. Simple and natural is blended on the minibus. Choose natural wood as the ceiling material and use white as the main color on all furniture and appliances. Also, the backsplash and bathroom make the feeling of Scandinavian design come out. The kitchen is also stunning to use because it is the same as the standard we use in our home.

6. Rustic interior camper van design

Picture by IG vantastip

We named it rustic interior design because most of the finishing material uses wood. It brings a natural feeling if we come inside this van. The design of this camper van is focused on the kitchen, living space, and bedroom. This design is suitable for you who like to cook very much.

Also, the appliances and tools are the same as a standard kitchen in our home. Then, the perfect placement of furniture and accessories of the camper van makes this van look awesome. Very well organized and also choosing only the useful things to use while traveling. The placing of wall cabinets didn’t make this van look cramped. 

7. Small but roomy design

Picture by IG vantastip

This interior design of a camper van is for small vans. Your budget is limited, but you want to feel the experience of having a camper life. The small van can be the solution, and also, this interior design can be ideal for you to makeover it. Having a limited space on a van will make us think harder to decorate it. But, this idea of design will help you to make it come true.

The design of this camper van uses all the space of the van to become a useful thing. It placed the bed and the storage-like cabinet above the bed and installed the cabinet on the wall. Also, having a kitchen with a sink and stove makes the limited space of the van disappear. Don’t forget about the lighting and the wooden finishing that make this small camper van look roomy. 

8. Coastal camper van design

Picture by IG lindseyanddannyvanlife

Want to have a sweet interior design of a van? You can use this design idea. Using a coastal color as the main focus on the interior and natural wood make this van look amazing. The arrangement of a place is as generic as the main van interior. But, the gallery design of the kitchen and cabinet make this design look tidy. It makes it easier to have more traffic there. 

Then, look for the placement of the kitchen sink and stove. It is stunning, adding more countertops that are flexible to fold up or down. Also, the ceiling cabinet is nice too. The cabinet didn’t make the room look heavy. This design is nice, using plank wood, green coastal, and white color. 

9. Minimalis design of camper van

Picture by IG createmyvan

Not all designs of camper vans will cost more money or can be a lot of money. But, you can choose a low-budget design, like this minimalist interior design of a camper van. This design is cheap, and it will be impossible for travelers who want to have a luxury look. This interior design is nice to try. Start from the van, using a cheap van as the vehicle. 

Then, the interior is not using branded or expensive things. Only using what is important can be built by self, and also you can get it free of charge, for those of you who really want to have an adventure but only do the simple, cheap, easy way. You can use this concept of camper van interior. Most of us will be hard to do like this. But, this design is only focused on a certain person, which is strong enough to travel in that situation.

10. The traditional design of interior

Picture by IG levanfrancais

Want to get a traditional interior design like your grandmother’s home. You can use this design idea, the design using a generic layout of a traditional home. Choosing the patterned floor with the old style pattern will be the first thing you notice. Then, placing some furniture like our grandma does. Also, the old style of cabinets and the material of the cabinets make this camper van look ordinary.

On the other hand, the ordinary style didn’t make the furniture, appliances, and accessories old. It will be modern and safe because traveling with your camper van several times will be risky. That’s why decorating the traditional way is nice, but don’t gamble with the safety and functionality of your tools while traveling. Also, don’t forget about the bedroom space and the bathroom space too.

11. Modern plus traditional design

Picture by IG poochies90

It is possible to combine this kind of design with your camper’s interior. This design idea combined the modern look from the furniture but still traditionally using material and view. The design of this camper will make you enjoy the time on it. Also, some special touches like the wood material, the unique backsplash, and the futuristic furniture shape make this camper look stunning. Don’t forget about the bathroom, and it is nice to have the design of a bath like that.

12. Wood is always great

Picture by IG freedomvans

Like the title, wood is the best way of decorating. This design of the van interior is amazing, using wood as the main focus on decorating it. Almost all the furniture materials are finished from wood. It makes this design look natural; it will make us feel better and the same tune as the natural feeling we get outside while traveling. This design brings the natural feeling from the outside coming inside the van. Don’t be afraid to make an interior design like this, and it will make your traveling experience better.

13. Small is not an obstacle

Picture by IG freedomvans

This design of the camper van makes us feel small is okay. For most people having a small space for a camper makes it hard to develop on decorating the interior. But, with this design, those problems disappear. You can put everything on your small camper, and you can put a bed, kitchen, sink, bath space, and a lot of storage. The main focus of this interior design is how to maximize all space we have but still be roomy.

14. Bohemian style of camper van

Picture by IG smallvansbigworld

Don’t be shy about other small camper interior design ideas if you only have a small van, but you want to have a van life camper. Using this design will make it possible. All things you need are on this van. You have your kitchen and sink with a beautiful backsplash. You get the perfect living space, which can be the perfect bed for sleep at night. Also, the color is awesome. The combination of those colors makes your day cheerful and colorful. 

15. Camper bus interior design

Picture by IG czechvantures

The final interior design of camper van ideas is this awesome rustic design. The rustic design is always perfect for van life because it brings the simplest of life. Enjoy the time with your family in this camper van. With the perfect view and feeling, because it is the reason why most of us want to get out and feel the van life. 


Several ideas come out for you to apply on your camper small, with the low budget or the high price to spend on decorating the camper van. Just realize that you need the feeling and reason why you want to get a van life. Also, what are the main purposes you want to travel or take on an adventure with a van? It can be the idea to decorate and design your camper van interior.

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