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RV Water Hose (Best Drinking Water Hose for RV)

RV Water Hose. If you plan to have a journey or camping, using an RV will help you a lot. The RV provides you a place to sleep and relax along the trip. To make it more comfortable, you need some equipment that is essential for life, such as a water hose.

A water hose is a crucial thing for RV due to its function. Water hose has some types, which is not only the garden water hose that most people know. To help you in choosing the best RV water hose, here is the information you should know.

What is an RV Water Hose


Being an owner of recreational vehicles will be joyful and give you freedom on the open road. Right before you go on a trip, some crucial parts like a water hose is a must to check, and you can invest in it. This simple thing will connect the city water or water source to serve you fresh water for shower, toilet, or even drinking. You must differentiate between the RV water hose and a garden hose because it is different. You can use a garden hose for drinking because it has different dangerous chemicals.

Types of RV Water Hose


Like other products, the RV water hose also has some types. For RV owners, it is a must to carefully choose the best for your need. Below here, I will give you some information about RV water hose types.

1. RV Drinking Water Hose

As the name mentioned, the water hose will serve fresh water to drink. The hose will make the water free from contamination from any element that can pollute the water. Then, the material is usually made from sturdy and high-quality items. Further, it also has BPA-free materials.

2. RV Heated Water Hose

The purpose of this type is to provide you heated water. Along with specialized designs for RV used, the hose material is free from dangerous chemicals and a good quality thing. For making heated water, the hose has a heat strip installed along with it. You just simply plug it into 110-volt electricity to enjoy the feature. So, a heated RV water hose is significantly helpful for your trip.

3. RV Freeze Protection Water Hose

Winter is coming; some of us are familiar with that. It will be possible for us to go with RV while winter, or maybe you are planning to go while winter. Or, maybe you want to go to places such as Alaska or Canada, which have harsh cold climates. So, this freeze protection water hose will help you. It is the same as a standard drinking water hose. But, these hoses are specified with having “freeze protection”, so it will protect your water.

4. RV Kink-free and Tangle-free Water Hose

This type is valuable as you will not face kink and tangle hoses on the road. The material is usually made from reinforced rubber that makes it free tangle and kink. Further, as you are on the road or camping area, this hose will ease you and keep the twisting away.

What is RV drinking Water Hose


You can directly know from the name that the hose is for drinking. You can invest in a water hose for this type because it is safe for your health along the journey. It is made from safe materials, unlike the garden house, which might contain harmful chemicals. That’s why you can use a garden hose for drinking even though it is cheaper than drinking hose. Further, you can generally find water hose lengths from 15 to 50 feet. The drinking water hose is usually found in white color.

Guide to buy best RV drinking Water Hose


As you have decided to buy an RV drinking water hose, it will be easy because your focus is drinking hose. Some factors and key features will show here to help your journey. However, for the best drinking water hose, you might take some more money because it is essential for health.

1. Make sure it is for drinking.

Due to different materials, you cannot choose another type of hose to use as an RV drinking water hose. For an ideal drinking hose, a polyurethane material will be the best for it. Don’t even fall for low prices that make you sacrifice your health.

2. The length of the water hose

Buying specific lengths for the hose is also advisable, along with some reasons. You will not know how far the water source to your vehicle is. The most common water hose length is about 15 to 50 feet. Further, it is better to have enough length for connecting without straining the hose.

3. Choose a flexible one.

Some of us might let this pass until we realize our hose cannot freely maneuver. It is essential, along with the obstacles that appear around the trip. With the flexible one, you can save time and use it directly while in a rush.

4. Type of the drinking water hose

Some people use the best type of drinking water hose for their RV. But the best kind of drinking water hose is not guaranteed it will be drinking water hose you need. Moreover, the function and the purposes of the water hose is more vital for you to consider. Conventionally, some people use types of RV hose, such as potable or drinking water hose, heated water hose, no-tangle or kink-free water hose, and also the freeze protection water hose. It will take such things for you to consider before buying this thing.

5. Storage consume

Buying an RV water hose is the first thing you need to buy to start a journey. In other cases, people didn’t think about the capacity of storage of their RV to put those water hoses. So, considering the capacity of storage for your water hose is very important too. Because of that, you must know well the capacity of the storage you have in your RV. The water hose must fit on it, and also it might not consume much storage. Storage is crucial on RV. To avoid the worst scenario of looking for the best water hose those fit on your storage. You can choose a water hose with a recoil memory.

Best drinking Water Hose for RV


Right now is the time to choose the best RV water hose. It might be a bit hard because you must pick the best in quality that is related to drinking. Don’t worry, we have some lists of the best water hose for your RV.

1. Gilmour 50 Feet Marine RV Drinking Water Hose

Source: amazon.com

The first is a water hose from Gilmour that gives you safe equipment with NSF certified and FDA approved. This hose features a 300 psi burst rating that will cover you in high-pressure water. For the outer, it covers hard material that will keep safe. Further, the outer also stands free from kink and tangle when you store it. Unfortunately, the connecting fitting will make you make an extra effort since it is the standard one, causing issues screwing it on wet. However, the advantage of this hose will be more helpful to the RV owner.

2. Camco Taste PURE RV Drinking Water Hose

Source: amazon.com

With this drinking water hose, you will gain more advantages and ease you in the camping area. It is made from PVC, and UV stabilized that serves you a better experience. Then, the weight is only 4 pounds, which is as light as a garden hose. You will not worry anymore about kink and tangle while using it. The connector has an excellent feature that will ease the owner to unscrew it even in wet conditions. If you want to invest in this one, you must take care of the horse’s color. It is painted white, which makes it easy to get dirty, but we sure that the owner can make good use of it.

3. AquaFresh 50 Feet High-Pressure form Valterra

Source: amazon.com

Having a high-pressure water hose will be fun yet useful, and make your journey more comfortable in the RV. This drinking water hose is easy to install. Everyone can use it, and it is light enough with 4 pounds of weight. Then, it has a 120 psi working pressure that makes it interesting. However, you will face difficulty when using this in another system of pressure. If you use this in a low-flow setting, it may cause a variety of issues. Yet, we can make sure that the Valterra RV drinking water house is effortless to use. Everyone can apply this in several situations.

4. Teknor Apex Neverkink 8612-50 RV Drinking Water Hose

Source: amazon.com

Many owners know this as a satisfying product and very suitable in the drinking water application. You will gain benefit from this product because it has a reflex mesh technology. This feature avoids you tangle, kinking, or even twist as could be expected. Further, the flexibility of the Teknor water hose is highly well designed. For installing, you will not be worried anymore since the ergonomic leak-proof feature makes it easy. In contrast, the hose might be a bit heavy because of thin material. Furthermore, it can protect itself from mildew and mold because of the Microshield antimicrobial shield.

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5. Plastair SpringHose PUW650B9-M3-AMZ Drinking Water Hose

Source: amazon.com

It is an attractive water hose made from pure polyurethane material. This material is sturdy enough to secure your drinking water. Further, it is also a competent material for covering the harmful damage that comes from the sun’s UV rays. Then, this RV drinking water hose guarantees that you will not feel the pain while using it. Besides, the ability to improve the water flow with the help of maximum flow fitting is guaranteed. It also has a salt protection fitting.

6. Camco Premium Drinking Water Hose

Source: amazon.com

You will not feel disappointed when investing in the water hose with this Camco premium. This kind of hose is particularly strong. Everything your RV’s need, the hose can serve it such as washing stocks, car wash, gardening, and of course, for drinking. The strength comes from the 20 percent ticker material rather than standard hose that is made for drinking. Camco also prioritizes the safety for users since it is BPA and lead-free.

7. Swan RV & Marine Camping RV Water Hose

Source: amazon.com

If you are looking for a long water hose, this Element Marine and RV Water Hose will be the first choice. This hose will cover the length of the water source to the RV. You will be impressed with the burst and flexibility features that will suit your camping or RV. An even better feature is the water hose has patented armor technology, which avoids the kink in using it. Then, the most important, this is good for drinking as it is lead and phthalate-free. Besides, it will make a chemical smell for the first use, so don’t directly use it first as a drinking hose.

8. Armadillo Hose RV25 ½-Inch Galvanized Steel

Source: amazon.com

This product will ensure that it will not get damaged because of the galvanized, zinc-coated steel. The hose also features a nickel-plated, a crush-resistant coupling which ensures the hose is sturdy and will not get damaged. It means that Armadillo does best to create the most durable one. Furthermore, with this product, you will get good pressure, which is 150 psi. It is not all the excellent features, this product also works well with kink-free, tangle-free, and even twist-free.

9. Pirit PWL Heated RV Water Hose

Source: amazon.com

The RV owner will surely be satisfied with this product. You will not only get a heated hose but also, this product is safe for drinking purposes. It is an utterly durable product that is made from PVC material. As the name implies, this is a heated hose model that keeps a promise to serve you in cold weather. Furthermore, this hose has an impressive feature that will work if it hits a specific temperature. So, you are better not to pass this product.

10. Teknor Apex Zero-G Drinking Water House

Source: amazon.com

Teknor Apex hose becomes a famous brand that provides high-quality products. The drinking water hose has puncture-resistant material. Additionally, it ensures the abrasion and leak-resistant at the top performance. You will easily store the hose and also a light product that makes it perform well maneuvering to move from one to another place.

RV Water Hose attachment

We all know the importance of water hose for RV adventure. Eventually, it will give an adverse effect if we only have limited clean and safe water. Also, if we go on a long adventure, we must have a constant supply of water. In line with that, some RV water parks or campgrounds do not have the same water pressure. Sometimes it is not safe for your RV. That way, use or choosing the proper water hose attachment became important for your RV.

1. Hose Splitter

This attachment will help you to distribute your water. With a hose splitter, you can use the water effectively. Because it was possible to connect with multiple water hoses simultaneously, you can open and close it based on your need. Sometimes we use water to clean something else without touching our clean water. With this attachment will be very helpful to do those circumstances.

2. Water Regulator

Water regulator function is to prevent damage to the plumbing system of your RV. Almost all of the damage is from high water pressure. With this water regulator, will make your RV plumbing have a lower chance of being damaged. Because not every campground and water park have the same water pressure, so with this attachment you can set the water pressure based on your RV needs. Also, you can take control of the water pressure.

3. Hose Elbow

Hose elbow can surely maximize the power and benefits of your RV water hose. You can change the directions of water based on your need. If you want to change vertical to L-shape connector is possible to do by this tool. Because to make your RV water hose on vertical makes it possible to use it for a more extended time. 

Benefits of an RV Water Hose

Some people think driving with RV just for vacation or maybe just a while. But, in this era, driving an RV has become a positive trend. Other people drive with RV almost all year round, others may live on their RV vehicle. That’s why having an RV water hose becomes a crucial one, having dependable water became the first thing for you to consider. This part will give you some benefits of having an RV water hose.

1. Have a safety water

Water is the most crucial thing in our life. Without water, it is tough for us to keep going and stay alive. The bad condition while driving an RV, maybe we stay in place with no water or maybe the water is no good. With a water hose, you are guaranteed with excellent and safe water for you to survive.

2. Multi-purposes

Besides that, give you supply water, an RV water hose is possible to use for other things. You can use the water hose for washing your vehicle. Or maybe you want to use them as a supply of your hot water. It depends on you, how you encourage it became the multi-purposes things.

3. Stable water taste

With a water hose, you will have stable water taste. The water will remain fresh and healthy for you to drink it. With clean and safe water on your RV will make your journey became more enjoyable. Also, the best water you get makes your life more healthy and increases the quality of time in your RV.

Frequently Asked Questions about RV Drinking Water Hose

1. What is the difference between a drinking water hose and a garden hose?

Of course, it is different, and you can’t use a garden hose as a drinking water hose for your RV. The materials to make both of them are different. For an RV water hose, the materials must include the standard of worldwide drinking water. The water must clean, safe and fresh. Then, an RV water hose is having regulations of materials which are safe for drinking water.

2. Can I use a drinking water hose as a garden hose?

Yes, of course, you can. As mentioned earlier, the RV drinking water hose it multi-purposes. You can use it as your garden hose, or as a pipe to clean your vehicle.

3. When and how often should I replace my RV water hose?

Driving an RV for long roads and safety become the important thing. So, you should periodically check your RV water hose and same as you check the part and component of your RV. Also, hose’s have validity so take care of it. If the time to replace is coming, you must replace it. You don’t want to have a problem while you are on the road and start the adventure.

4. Is the water hose lead or BPA-free?

Yes, of course. An RV water hose must be free from lead, BPA, phthalates, and any other harmful also toxic substances. Before you buy an RV water hose, you must see the standard, and sometimes the government gives the standard of the good water hose.

5. What is the best way to clean and store an RV water hose?

To store it you must keep it away from any sewer hoses, and you may don’t mix them up. When coiling up the water hose, you must consider avoiding kinks and sharp bends. In line with that, to clean an RV water hose is simple, you just need drying it out to prevent mould and mildew from growing and make your water hose dirty and risky for health.


In this section, you already prepare to buy a suitable RV drinking water hose for your needs. Every product has its own characteristic, and you can match it with the journey you will have. Some of them may be expensive, but it doesn’t matter for a high-quality and safe product.

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