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RV Wallpaper Ideas | How to remove the RV wallpaper border?

RV Wallpaper. Many RV’er and even residence indoor designers are welcoming a new style and restoring wallpaper. For years, the wallpaper concept was a tacky means to decorate because the patterns available were not pleasing. Well, that was then! Currently, it’s come to be a terrific method to include appearance, patterns, and personality in any room. Wallpaper has likewise come a long way with availability to patterns. Below are some means you can add wallpaper to your camper to fix your camper’s interior.

How to remove the RV wallpaper border?

For most people removing wallpaper, the border is such trouble. So this time, I will share how to remove wallpaper effectively:

  1. Take your screwdriver; using a flat screwdriver is better.
  2. Pull it gently, and don’t make any mistakes. Because if the wallpaper didn’t take off clearly, it would make you do more work.
  3. I am using some remover to take away the wallpaper residue.

I will suggest some products to remove the wallpaper residue. You can use Go Gone, Essential oil, Citrus magic, sandpaper, or TSP. After all those steps are done, you can prepare to paint your walls or put in new wallpaper.

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RV Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a terrific alternative if you wish to include some shade or an accent wall to a neutral interior. It is a terrific upgrade when including an animated wallpaper to an ordinary interior to refresh it up. It will provide the camper life with a lot of atmosphere, glam, and comfort.

Preparing the walls to apply the peel and stick wallpaper:

  1. Tidy up your RV walls. They must be dust and grease-free; otherwise, the adhesive does not stick well.
  2. Use a sponge and also cozy water with detergent to get the dirt bizarre.
  3. Do not make the walls also damp; clean them down.
  4. If you pick a light wallpaper, prime the walls initially before applying the wallpaper for the best results.

To apply peel and stick wallpaper without a pattern for your RV, and you can follow these steps:

  1. Action the size of your wall and include 2 inches to the measurement.
  2. Unfold the wallpaper and transfer dimensions.
  3. Using the pencil and degree, make a straight line on the wallpaper.
  4. Pre-cut the wallpaper panels.
  5. Utilizing a level, make a straight line on your wall surface to align your first panel from top to bottom of your RV wall. Do not begin at the edge. Begin in the middle of the wall surface if you add greater than two panels. If your wall needs just 1 or 2 panels, begin at the edge and function your escape.
  6. Remove around 10 inches of the backing paper as well as line up on your straight.
  7. You can use the sponge to kick out any bubbles.
  8. Remain to carry out the backing and smooth any wrinkles or bubbles with the plastic item until the entire panel gets on the wall surface.
  9. Smooth out the wallpaper from the facility out, and this is easier than inside out.
  10. Trim the excess wallpaper with the energy blade when done.
  11. Line up the 2nd panel and also repeat the steps until you are done.
  12. You can take a sponge then brush the wallpaper below the top to bottom to make certain the wallpaper sticks well and evenly.
  13. If you have bubbles that you can not get rid of, use a sharp knife to cut into the bubble and it out while pressing on it.

RV Wallpaper Without Pattern Ideas

1. Grass Weave Design

Source: amazon.com

The design of this wallpaper is to create a grasscloth. It will make your wall look stylish. Also, the look of the wallpaper is very simple, making your room look more modern.

2. Grasscloth Wallpaper Textured

Source: amazon.com

Want to look elegant but didn’t have much money? You can change your RV wall with this wallpaper. This grasscloth wallpaper is easy to install. Also, you aren’t too afraid to get bored.

3. Black Wood

Source: amazon.com

Happy with the dark theme and design. Using this wallpaper is really suited to you. This black wood wallpaper will make your RV room look elegant.

4. Blue Moon Moire

Source: amazon.com

Stylish and modern wall designs are always the best. Of course, the same as your RV looks like those will boost our feeling. With this sophisticated, speckled dot peel and stick wallpaper can make it happen.

5. Dramatic Black

Source: amazon.com

The design of this wallpaper is amazing. The dramatic black colorway makes your room look elegant. Also, this wallpaper is suitable for a glamorous recreational vehicle.

6. Linen Wallpaper

Source: amazon.com

Most RVers only want to have a simple design. Try a simple decoration and interior. Also, the wallpaper is simple. Like this wallpaper design, the touch of linen makes the room calm and cozy.

7. Wonderful Pink

Source: amazon.com

Wallpaper for your RV bedroom, you can use this wallpaper. The pink color makes this wallpaper suitable for the bedroom, and it will make your bedroom feel roomy and cozy.

8. Embossed Forest Texture

Source: amazon.com

This wallpaper matches a variety of designs. Contemporary, rustic, and traditional is the design that is nice to combine with this wallpaper.

9. Charcoal Grass

Source: amazon.com

The possibilities of endless decoration by using this wallpaper are very high. You can explore your RV wall if you use this wallpaper because this wallpaper is made for you who want to give more touch to your wall.

10. Gold Leaf

Source: amazon.com

Using this wallpaper only on certain parts of your RV room will be a good idea because this wallpaper will have a big effect on your RV decoration while you install it in the right place.

To apply peel and stick wallpaper with a pattern for your RV, and you can follow these steps:

  1. Action the size of the wall surface.
  2. Add 2 inches to your dimension.
  3. Cut the very first panel.
  4. The second panel: add to the size of the wall fifty percent of the pattern repeat. It will certainly be indicated in the directions on your wallpaper.
  5. Include fifty percent of the pattern repeat of 21 inches= 10.5 inches to the dimension of your wall.
  6. Lay the panels beside each other with the pattern aligned to make sure the pattern fits and also the panels are long enough to cover the wall.
  7. Make use of the specific actions with every one of the various other panels till you are done reducing all the panels you require.
  8. Mark each panel to know how to begin.
  9. Begin with panel 1, take around 10 inches off the support, and apply it to the wall.
  10. Line up the pattern of panel two as well as use it the same way. Relocate the pattern backward and forwards to locate the precise match. Use every one of your panels.

RV Wallpaper With Pattern Ideas

1. Wood Wallpaper

Source: amazon.com

This wood wallpaper is made for rustic or farmhouse design. If you can create RV designs in rustic and farmhouses, this wallpaper is recommended for you.

2. Groovy Garden Wallpaper

Source: amazon.com

You like a forest theme, and this wallpaper will be nice for you. This wallpaper is really suitable for those who want to make a vintage design on your RV.

3. Watercolor Leaves

Source: amazon.com

Make your RV look fresh and airy. This kind of wallpaper design is possible to make those feelings. Green watercolor of tulip leaves can be applied to your RV bathroom or kitchen. Just explore it.

4. Grey Breezy

Source: amazon.com

The wallpaper uses a breezy watercolor design. Also combined with a monochrome botanical silhouette make the ethereal vibe come out. This wallpaper is suitable for you who really want a simple look on the wall.

5. Vinyl Wallpaper

Source: amazon.com

One of the best materials for wallpaper is vinyl. It is easy to clean and strong for a long period. Japanese blossoms inspire this wallpaper. It has timeless elegance.

6. Simple and Easy

Source: amazon.com

Simple design is suitable for a small RV and also has limited space on it. Using this wallpaper can support it, simple and easy to look at.

7. Stars War Wallpaper

Source: amazon.com

If you are a Jedi, you can use this wallpaper to make your dream possible. A blueprint of Stars Wars makes this wallpaper very unique for an RV wall.

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8. Taupe Birch Tree Wallpaper

Source: amazon.com

This wallpaper will be awesome if we put it in the dining or kitchen room. Which has enough natural brightness from the outside, it supports the wallpaper to release the feeling of a tree or forest.

9. Geometric Hexagon Wallpaper

Source: amazon.com

One of the best wallpaper you can use for your RV wall is this wallpaper. It looks like a 3D but is just a simple wallpaper. You can search for another look and color which is matching to your decoration.

10. Modern Wallpaper

Source: amazon.com

Want to look modern, elegant, and expensive. Using this wallpaper will make it happen because the design of this wallpaper is used for modern decoration.

Painting RV Wallpaper

The wallpaper in numerous RVs and also trailers leave a lot to be desired. On top of that, the “paper” that includes your recreational vehicle can not conveniently be eliminated; it’s usually a luan or other sort of plywood with vinyl or wallpaper-like texture in addition to it.

Some individuals might like the patchy patterns or dull blossoms on RV walls. However, many individuals feel the requirement to freshen up their mobile room. If you are a newbie RVers, here’s a simple step method to paint over your RV wallpaper.

Top 5 materials usually use for painting:

  1. Latex Paint with Guide: To conserve the action of keying the walls, acquire a greater end latex paint with a guide like BEHR’s Costs and Ultra Paint and Primer in One. A paint and guide combination is a thicker paint and will certainly coat the wall surfaces much better. However, it is much more pricey. To identify the variety of gallons of paint you need for your size of Recreational Vehicle, you can do a harsh measurement of the wall surfaces you wish to repaint and afterward connect those numbers into Glidden’s Paint Protection Calculator. As soon as you pick your desired color, get a couple of examples in the shades and gloss you like to initially test in an inconspicuous area. A glossier paint will certainly be simpler to clean.
  2. Painter’s Tape: FrogTape is easier to get rid of than blue painter’s tape and has a micro barrier that stops bleeding.
  3. Drop cloths: You can likewise utilize old sheets. Lay these on the floor and also over furniture as well as appliances.
  4. Numerous sized paint rollers and also a paint tray: Repaint rollers will certainly offer your Motor Home walls a cleaner look than brushes. Also, grab some tiny brushes (like the kind musicians use) for small details if needed.
  5. Sandpaper: To allow the wall surfaces to hold onto the paint, gently sand the walls with great grit sandpaper– such as 120 to 150 grit.

Supplies and Tools:

  1. Sandpaper: for scuff sanding
  2. Spackling: to fill in nail openings or make use of in repairs
  3. Degreasers such as TSP or Straightforward Eco-friendly
  4. Gloves/Eye Protection/Safety Equipment if you intend to make use of TSP, TSP replacement, or paint sprayer
  5. Painter’s Tape
  6. Binding Guide: Popular Options include PPG Gripper Guide, Kilz Bonding Primer, Stix Bonding guide, and Glidden Gripper Guide.
  7. Leading Coat Paint in the Shine you want
  8. Foam Paint Rollers, Tray, and also Brushes
  9. Repaint Sprayer: optional, but paint an indoor recreational vehicle with white color will be nice.

Step to paint your RV wallpaper:

  1. Remove any wallpaper boundaries that are on top of the wallpaper. These steps can be finished with a spray bottle loaded with warm water and fabric softener or vinegar. Spray the water onto the border and also allow it to soak into the paper. Gently retreat the border with a sponge or with a plastic scraper. The Hill Modern Life blog has two great messages on eliminating wallpaper boundaries and paints MotorHome wall surfaces.
  2. Use the sandpaper in one instruction (either vertical or straight) to lightly appear the walls to hold the paint. After sanding, rub out any dirt or adhesive residue with warm water. If you feel your Recreational Vehicle walls are oily or unclean (especially around the cooking area), clean them with a degreaser like Zep. Let the wall surfaces dry.
  3. Tape off around windows, doors, closets, and also anything else you do not desire painted. If you can, get rid of any electric faceplates and screens or tape them off.
  4. Repaint around the sides of home windows or cupboards initially with a smaller-sized roller. Take notice of any locations without the initial wallpaper (such as the toe kick under a sink). They can be overlooked if they are hardly ever seen.
  5. Make use of a larger roller to paint the wall surfaces of the Recreational Vehicle. You can choose to paint all your walls or leave some; if you have darker wallpaper and are covering it with lighter paint, you may need to do a 2nd coat. If not, allow the paint to dry completely before removing the painter’s tape.

Wallpaper Ideas for RV

In this section, I will share some ideas for wallpaper for your RV walls. This wallpaper will make your recreational vehicle look stunning. The design of wallpaper and the purposes of the view will make you enjoy your travel time. Moreover, I will suggest wallpaper for all rooms in your RV, like your kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and bedroom. So, let’s start it.

1. Classy Pattern of Wallpaper

Source: IG renovatingrutters

One of the best features of using wallpaper is the look of the wall. A unique view of your wall because the wallpaper pattern will make your RV look high-end. On this wallpaper, the wallpaper looks expensive combined with a limestone countertop and modern sink and faucet. If you want to make your RV look more classy, you can use this design.

2. Clean and Simple

Source: IG trucknorristravels

This wallpaper is suitable for simple people. The pattern of this wallpaper is tiny, and it didn’t make your bathroom look small. Besides making your bathroom look small, this wallpaper makes it clean and fresh. 

3. Succulent Feel

Source: IG lifenomading

Suppose you want a fresh feeling while taking a bath in your motorhome. Using this wallpaper will make it happen. The avocado’s fruit makes the natural sense of being really comfortable and airy. 

4. Pineapple Bedroom

Source: IG msmaytrailer

Don’t forget about your bedroom, that’s the best spot to install wallpaper. This wallpaper is really simple, using pineapple as the main focus then the color is classic. So it will blend perfectly with your classic recreational style.

5. Classic Touch

Source: ourlifeonlaketime

Another example of the classic design of wallpaper is on this. Because the classic color and simple design of leaves make the RV look like the ’90s so, if you want to make a classic style of a motorhome, you can use this wallpaper.

6. Awesome Pattern of Wallpaper

Source: IG chiltonsonthemove

Suppose you want to have the greatest look and 3D look of the wall. This wallpaper is well recommended. The pattern of this wallpaper is awesome. It looks 3D and feels like it has a texture on it. You can install it in your living or maybe your RV kitchen.

7. Cute Wallpaper Bedroom

Source: IG theburnsjourney

Bedroom wallpaper must make the room feel cozy and calm. Because this is the place, we used to take a rest. So, choosing a matching wallpaper to those feelings is a must. This wallpaper maybe can bring those feelings to your RV bedroom.

8. Tropical Bathroom Wallpaper

Source: IG the_ramblr_rv

The theme of the bathroom wallpaper is tropical. This wallpaper will be a perfect match for it; the colorful parrot makes your bathroom stunning. Bring a fun feeling when you see it and also bring a natural look to your adventure. Which means it is perfectly combined with the natural atmosphere of traveling.

9. Floral Wallpaper

Source: IG wandering_kunks

Making an aesthetic look of the bedroom is easy if you use this wallpaper. Floral wallpaper with black and white color really makes your bedroom look aesthetic. It makes your eyes relax and makes it easy to fall asleep.

10. DIY Wallpaper

Source: IG rebeccacrosbyphotography

This wallpaper combines old wallpaper with art. Painting the old wallpaper with a simple creature, like this design, only uses the abstract. Have skill in painting, and this wallpaper can inspire you to make a simple wallpaper.

11. Bringing Space to RV

Source: IG wainwrighthousetohome

Bringing space in your RV bedroom is possible now. This wallpaper pattern uses a space view. It makes the bedroom look marvelous. An amazing idea using this wallpaper, it can be used for your son’s bedroom. Also, it can be for a bunk bed combined with a modern design of a motor home.

12. Abstract Color Wallpaper

Source: IG gills_on_wheels

Try this wallpaper to get a pop-up touch on your RV wall. This wallpaper makes your wall look modern. Then, the combination of the colors is crazy.

13. Spoon Flower Wallpaper

Source: IG wandering.america

Florals are always perfectly matched for an RV bathroom wall. Using this spoonflower wallpaper in the bathroom will make it feel fresh and natural. Also, the color makes the bathroom look more bright.

14. Jungle Wallpaper

Source: IG rvfixerupper

Have an idea to have a pop-up side of your RV room. You can use this wallpaper with a big size of flowers and plants in the jungle. Making this wall side will bring significant exposure to your eyes.

15. Fresh Green

Source: IG rvfixerupper

White is always the perfect color for our small RV. Combined with green and natural concepts can make those feelings arise. A natural and fresh atmosphere also can make our days peaceful.


So, are you ready to install wallpaper on your RV wall? With this design, ideas, tips, and tricks will help you do it easily because wallpaper is one of the best breakthroughs to changing the look of your RV. It’s not easy to put the wallpaper, but it is not impossible. You can follow the tips and ideas which I already told you above. 

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