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RV Curtains Ideas (The Benefits of RV Curtain)

RV Curtains Ideas. You’re just purchased a used RV. Everything about it makes you happy–the floorplan, the house fridge, the residential fireplace, and the huge storage spaces. Well, except about the decor. It is just hideous. How can you change the look without going to absurd levels of spending thousands of dollars on renovations?

Maybe you don’t have the time to repaint, but you have sufficient time to modify your curtains. Let’s explore some suggestions to create your RV space more welcoming and cozy. It would be best if you camped in style. Let’s go down these avenues!!

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Benefits of RV Curtain

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The curtains in your RV serve as more than just a means to protect the interior of your home. They can also add a great deal of aesthetic appeal and increase the privacy and comfort of your home. Aside from the cosmetic benefits of RV curtains, there are many additional advantages.

  1. Eliminate all light by hanging blackout curtains in your bedroom. Whether your eyes awaken at sunrise or fluorescent lamps keep you up at night, resting in complete darkness will be much easier for your jaw.
  2. Keeping the curtains drawn on a recreational vehicle enables the cover to block the sun’s rays. These curtains also deflect heat so your RV will not heat up.
  3. Maintain your privacy. Blackout curtains offer maximum privacy. Even if you draw the curtains, your shadow cannot be seen through them.
  4. Developing sound insulation when staying at an RV park, you often notice a crowd around you. Speeches that you unintentionally hold make you stick out like a sore thumb, and the unpleasant noises of the highway nearby are often heard. Allying with blackout curtains, you can diminish outside sounds more efficiently and revel in your RV more effectively.
  5. Great curtains ensure many advantages, including repellency, privacy, and decorative options. They can even enhance the automotive design of your RV.

Choosing the best replacement RV or camper Curtain

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These are several points you need to know for the RV curtains ideas:

1. Shortened RV curtain

For small window partitions in your RV, choosing blackout curtains that are the right size will guarantee you have ample area to move about. Window covering produced on a longer measurement in a cramped space often appears bulky and cluttered. If you choose, you may unite several blackout panels across the window’s borders to create an all-encompassing light barrier.

2. RV tie back

For larger and taller RV windows, floor-length blackout curtains can be a more fitting choice. Still, you want to be certain that they do not get in your manner and take up too much space when they are not in use. For that reason, consider using curtain tie-backs. Curtain tie-backs stylishly display your curtains, keeping your windows open while passing by.

3. Select the curtains rod

It’s important that you select the right rod for your RV curtains. We do not recommend using a tension rod. Since tension rods do not need drilling, they are a much higher fall risk. They may not withstand the rough movement if you hit a bump in the road or are on rough terrain. Instead, choose a straight rod. Driving straight rods to the side of your RV windows will offer significantly more structure, even if you’re driving over rocky roads.

Can you hang RV Curtains?

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Changing up the curtains in your RV is the easiest place to spend money if you have been relaxing out of your home on camping trips. When you’d like your RV to feel like a house away from home, add curtains to keep lighting levels reasonable and the room cozy. It is easy to do, but it can take up to a few hours, depending on the number of windows. The cost will also vary depending on the number of windows and the curtains you hang. But, generally, this is an affordable and less time-consuming redo than other improvements.

Best RV Curtains Ideas and Design

The design of the curtain below will give you some inspiration and ideas to decorate the RV. It will make your RV look fresh and new. Also, the spirit of traveling with your family and RV will boost. Let’s check it.

1. Use Rod for RV Curtain

Picture by living.for.memories

In some cases, using the screw to the wall for RV curtains will make the curtains hard to move. So, changing or using a rod for curtains on your RV will be more efficient and easy to move. You can use this simple design of RV rod curtains.

2. Pillow Case RV Curtains Ideas

Picture by rachael_wandstrat

You have the skill of creating something for other things. This idea will be nice for you, using the pillow case for the RV curtain. This DIY idea is helping you to save money. So, you can use the budget for other things.

3. Linen Look Curtain

Picture by kootenayinteriors

Linen-look fabric curtains are not only suitable for the home. But, on the other hand, it will sweat to use on your RV. The design of linen makes your RV look more cozy and homey. It can make the feeling of traveling more expressive and enjoyable. 

4. The vintage look of the RV Curtains Ideas

Picture by lofoals

Having natural material on a recreational vehicle will make it look amazing. The design of the curtain also can support those feelings. Like this DIY curtain from lofoals

, creating a curtain like this will be awesome if you have a basic skill in sewing.

5. Use magnet Curtain

Picture by skamperventure

An amazing idea from skamperventure, creating a curtain to have some privacy and using a magnet to attach a curtain to the wall. It makes the curtain easy to snap on the wall and pull off. 

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6. Creative way of RV Curtain

Picture by flyingcircusbus

Creating a design that can perfectly fit and be usable for our daily life is important. Like this idea of RV curtain from flyingcircusbus, use the screw/snap from amazon and the leather strap to make the curtain easy to hang on.

7. Custom RV Curtains Ideas

Picture by gypsymothrv

Using a custom curtain for your RV from Etsy or amazon can be a nice solution. The custom size and style will be based on your RV needs. Also, it can be based on the character of the pattern or color you like. 

8. Leather Belt

Picture by travel_write_mail

Having a roman roll curtain on your RV is possible. But, you need to adjust it a little bit. Combining a roll-up curtain with your creativity will create a curtain like this.

9. The floral atmosphere of RV

Picture by rvrevivals

Thanks to rvrevivals because bringing this fresh design of curtain. The curtain’s fresh tropical design will give the recreational vehicle a natural atmosphere. Using this curtain design is worth it to do.

10. Valance RV curtains ideas

Picture by amazon.com

Camping vibe, this curtain measures 54 inches by 17 inches and is available through camping stores. Two zippers are lined with a PVC coating for additional privacy, sound, and insulating materials.

11. Lace Sheer curtain

Picture by amazon.com

These are sheer rod pocket curtain panels, ideal for a bedroom or living room due to their length, and come in two panels. A white curtain panel set with two drapes is 52-inches by 45-inches. You can apply these sheer lace curtains to soften the direct sunlight in a recreational vehicle and increase natural light from the east. These panels are created from quality materials and imported 100 polyesters.

12. Thermal Curtains

Picture by amazon.com

At a reduced thickness, a layer of fabric is sandwiched between a layer of insulating material to make a thermal curtain. Thermal curtains prevent sound, control the amount of light, and reduce the electricity bill in RVs.

13. Half Window Curtains

Picture by amazon.com

While curtains serve a purpose, such as reducing sunlight or providing insulation, they are also attractive. They create the perfect way to upgrade your interior design. Grab some sheer wedding planners for your kitchen window or other areas where privacy doesn’t merit great attention. Enjoy the sunlight streaming through the windows as you cook your favorite dishes.

14. Black and White Curtain

Picture by www.danidesignsco.com

Want to cover your RV, trailer, Airstream, or camper windows with your RV curtain? Dani Designs Co Small RV Curtains are just the thing. Offer the versatility and functionality of a casual look, and these curtains will give you an option for an extremely detailed look. The setup takes seconds and is easily deployed within the unit, using a Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Hook and Loop Fastener Strip (provided). When the blind is down, you’ll have privacy and control over the illumination. When open, you can fold or roll it in seconds.

15. Valance Curtains Idea

Picture by amazon.com

You can find the valance size you ordered will fit in your RV bunk room. If needed, it can be relatively effortless to tailor to arrange the width, so you can still get the valance, if necessary if it’s too wide. I believe you may think valances will not have room for lighting or sound.

RV Curtain and Blinds, which is better?

Picture by Mew wy.

Are you thinking about updating your RV’s windows but aren’t sure whether to go for optimal blinds or curtains? I have three different forms of RV window coverings and have tried replacing them several times. I’ve stitched or made custom-sized curtains as well as cellular blinds. I’ve replaced them with standard blinds, too. So, if you have to choose between blinds versus curtains for your RV windows, which is better? It depends.

Curtains are evidently more convenient than blinds if you have a streamlined and easy-to-clean design and plan to match the ambient style. Blinds are easily functional, but they provide a less refined look. Blinds and curtains occupy the same space, so they are extremely valuable for insulation.

Curtains tend to offer you a wider range of layouts and colors since you have the freedom to pick them to match your style or personality. It’ll just make it seem more like home. As we go along, we’ll discuss why curtains might be better than blinds. Plus, we’ll talk about the other items you need to know about using your recreational vehicle.

How to measure RV window curtains?

Picture by Marie Martin

RV curtains have something in common with those used inside your home. If you invest in RV curtains from Walmart or Amazon, ensure you get the measurements right for specific windows. If you want to make custom curtains yourself, you’ll have to do a bit of measuring, including measuring the width and length of the area to be covered. After that, add 1 to 3 inches on either aspect to create an overhang (if you don’t sew hems or pockets). You won’t need the extra length if you don’t sew a hem or pockets.


To conclude, the curtains became an essential part of decorating recreational vehicles. The curtains bring a new feeling to your RV and a homey atmosphere to your RV. So, don’t be afraid to experiment on your RV curtain until you get the best design and view.

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