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RV Remodel Before and After (Remodelling RV Bathroom, Bedroom, and Kitchen)

RV Remodel Before and After. Owning an RV travel trailer in this kind of situation will be a good idea. Most of us need to have a vocational or holiday to refresh our brain. Sometimes work hardly will make us bored with our life. Monotonous situations and activity in our daily life will cause a lousy effect on our body and health. Moreover, in a pandemic situation, it makes it more terrible.

Taking adventure or holiday is the best solution for that worst situation. One of the trending experiences is to go with RV or travel trailers. You can use a standard RV or high design/class of an RV, which is based on your budget and capability. The benefits of having an RV is you will feel like on your home while having adventure or vocation because your RV design is same or similar to your home.

You can remodel your RV or travel trailer to have an atmosphere like your home. Also, you can design your RV interior like your home. RV bathroom, RV kitchen, and RV bedroom can you remodel it like home. Or maybe you want to develop it more than your home because some people like to travel with an RV for a long period. So remodel it on the full package will be lovely ideas to do.

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RV Bathroom Remodel Before and After Ideas

Remodeling your RV bathroom is essential because almost all of us use it regularly. Also, on vacation or adventure, having a proper bathroom on a recreational vehicle is a compulsion. This kind of RV bathroom and shower remodel before and after ideas will give you insight on redesign your RV. It will make your RV look more homey and cosy.

Repaint the RV Bathroom

Source IG: debt.free.rv

You can repaint your RV bathroom. Changing the color will bring a significant effect on the bathroom look. Most of us like to have a clean and proper bathroom; using a white color can be the best option. You can combine it with grey color or other pale colors. Then, to make it more aesthetic, you can use mirrors and ornamental plants to make your bathroom look fresh. Also, using a bright lamp on your RV bathroom is very good; it makes your bathroom look clean.

Add Wallpaper

Source IG: honikine

Try to make simple remodel ideas for your RV bathroom like this design. Only using wallpaper can make a big difference for your bathroom. Wallpaper is always the best option to make your room look new and fresh. You can use a different pattern of wallpaper to make it look unique. Also, you can add a signature towel and rugs for your RV bathroom.

Transform to Other Look

Source IG: jojothecamper

Have a time and budget on remodeling your RV bathroom, and you can use this remodel ideas. Change everything in your RV bathroom, start from RV shower, vanity, shower head, etc. It will make your bathroom feel like new. Also, it will make you enjoy yourself while having a shower. Instead, you will spend a lot of time and even a lot of money to remodel like this. It would help if you considered the time and budget you have on remodel your RV bathroom before making this design.

Change the style

Source IG: lahrs.with.latitude

You can change the style of your RV bathroom to the farmhouse style. Using white color, pallet wall, iron sink, the white basin is typically farmhouse design. Adding a mirror and plugs makes your bathroom useful. For the final touch, you can apply wallpaper to pop up the farmhouse style.

Like our home

Source IG: rv_canadiana

With a tile wall, big windows, and enough storage are the bathroom’s primary purposes. Especially in our home bathroom, because we have ample space. But, it is possible for us to make that bathroom design on our RV. Of course, it is based on the area you have in your RV bathroom. If you have that space, you can try to design like this RV bathroom idea.

Natural look

Source IG: rv.family.reno

This design of the RV bathroom represents the natural look of the world. Mostly we go outside to have an adventure or vacation with our RV is to enjoy the realistic view and fresh atmosphere in the forest. So, using this design with natural material. The material of vanity and accessories are made from natural material. Then, wall paneling and wall color choices make the RV bathroom feel more fresh and clean.

RV Bedroom Remodel Before and After Ideas

Sleeping facilities in our RV is essential, but sometimes not all RVs have those facilities. Mostly we optimized our RV area to make a bedroom; we can use our deck or some hacks to install it. Furthermore, having an RV bedroom is special because it will support our feeling like in our home sweet home. So, remodel the RV bedroom became the comforts, and the cozy area on the RV is essential.

Try Scandinavian design

Source IG: allthingsnew_home

This RV bedroom remodels using the Scandinavian concepts. Which is the Scandinavian ideas focus on simplicity and clean look. Like this RV bedroom, changing the color of the room became full of white. It makes the RV bedroom look more clean, fresh, and bigger. The perfect pillow and blanket choices make the Scandinavian design pop up when we see it. Then, the floor is changed to wood paneling, to make it look fresh and natural.

Simple way

Source IG: debt.free.rv

Remodeling your RV bedroom to become a special area is not about price. You can remodel it with a simple design; instead, you think it is a hard way. Use a convenient blanket, pillow, and matters. Then, using a common white color. To make it aesthetic, you can add a curtain on it, just a simple curtain like this design. For the wall, it is to you. Choose the material you like, maybe a wallpaper, wood paneling, or perhaps a tile.

White always perfect

Source IG: flippingfarrell

White always the perfect color for a bedroom. Although for our home bedroom or in our RV bedroom. White color bringing a fresh and clean feeling to our bedroom. It makes the space of our bedroom look bigger. Also, white color is perfect for reflecting the light, so if your RV bedroom only has little light, it will help. To make it look nice, you can combine with a colorful or a Scandinavian pillow and blanket style.

Modern look

Source IG: flippingfarrell

Sometimes you didn’t change the interior and design of your RV bedroom in a long time. It makes your bedroom look old and grimy. It will affect the quality of your sleep. So, on remodeling, your RV bedroom became essential in that situation. Changing the bedroom mattress, curtain, accessories, and color can be the best option for you. Choose the best combination you want, like this design of the RV bedroom. Only a small bedroom space can be modified using white color, and making the natural light from outside can come easily. Then, the accessories or ornaments can make the room feel homey.

Good choices

Source IG: revampingcamping

This is a simple and familiar design of the bedroom. Mostly we use this design in our home bedroom. Simple but still look elegant with the combination of grey and white color. With this design, the bedroom feels cozy and a proper place to rest. Of course, this design is typically for big RV space. Because the bedroom uses a big bed, then has storage or a cupboard on each side of the bed. Moreover, the bucket at the top makes the RV bedroom have a new look, making the bedroom feel like a lounge.

Lounge RV Bedroom

Source IG: rv_canadiana

Having an immense space amount on RV is epic. Because to have free space on an RV is difficult, moreover for free big space. But, if you have it like this design. You can use two big beds to become the RV master bedroom. Using a simple design of background, but still, look elegant. Also, you can put a smart TV on the space in the back. Or maybe, you want to use it as a storage.

Use Mirror

Source IG: rv_canadiana

Remodeling your RV bedroom and transforming it into a simple and beautiful place on the entire RV is essential. But, besides that, to make those things come true is not easy. It would be best if you learned something about tips and tricks on how to make it. One of the best options is using a mirror. You can transform your cupboard door into the mirror door. Mirror will make your room look bigger, and the reflection makes your bedroom look modern and luxurious.

Back to Nature

Source IG: rv.family.reno

Have an adventure with an RV mostly, and we use it to go to the natural place. Most of us go with RV to the forest, and we want to enjoy the jungle’s song. The voice of birds, wind, water, and fresh air is the best part of having an RV adventure. So, we can bring those feelings to come inside our RV. We can start by remodeling our RV bedroom. Like this design, transforming the RV became the freshest RV bedroom design. Start from the coloring, then the choices of a live plant. It makes that RV bedroom feel pleasant to use. 

Hack of Bedroom Storage

Source IG: rv.family.reno

Storages are the essential part of RV because most of RV only has limited storage space. So, well organized the space to transform it into storage is important. Like in the bedroom, having proper storage for clothes, bags, towels, blanket, etc. is essential. So, on remodeling your RV bedroom, don’t forget about the storage. You can use this design with a proper storage place, which can save a lot of things on there, but still lovely to look at and didn’t make your bedroom look cramped.

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Use Wallpaper

Source IG: walnutsandwineberries

This is a very simple idea of remodeling your Rv bedroom. The design is suitable for you, which is bored with your RV bedroom look, but you don’t want to have a messy and hard remodel. Using these ideas is matched, using wallpaper to change the look of your bedroom wall. Then, you can change the bed sheet to make it look new and fresh.

RV Kitchen Remodel Before and After Ideas

The kitchen is the center of life in our home. It will be the same on our RV too; cooking outside the RV is nice. But, it would be good if we prepared the proper kitchen on our RV. Sometimes in the RV kitchen, we not only use the cook, but we eat our meal there because of the limited space we have. So we remodel our RV kitchen with a table and chair to eat on there too. Otherwise, creating a proper and convenient RV is an essential thing we need in this era of camping or adventure with a recreational vehicle.

Decorate the kitchen

Source IG: ashphoenixcreatives

Changing the look of your kitchen will make you excited to cook. This design transforms the kitchen look from the traditional view into the industrial view. This design changed the curtain, countertops, basin, and the sink. It makes this kitchen look convenient and makes it cleaner. Also, the natural light from outside comes entirely, making it bring a fresh condition on that RV kitchen.

Transform to Scandinavian design

Source IG: debt.free.rv

Scandinavian design is identical with a clean and simple design. Remodel your RV kitchen to this design will be nice if you like the simple remodel design. You can change the color to white color and combine it with a grey or dark grey color. Then you can use paneling wood for the floor and the backsplash. To make it aesthetic, you can use a curtain, giving a different look for the kitchen.

Transform to Transitional

Source IG: jojothecamper

Sometimes we are bored with our RV kitchen design, so remodel it to the newest one is the perfect solution. Changing the look of the kitchen will make it more enjoyable to cook. Transforming the transitional design of the kitchen can be one of the best options. This design still maintains the eat-in kitchen style. But, almost changed all the appliances and accessories on it. It will cost the amount of money, but if you have the budget, do it.

Maximize the space

Source IG: revampingcamping

Remodeling the RV kitchen has an amount of purposes. One of the purposes is to make your room space a little bit roomy. Like this remodel idea, he changes the kitchen table and chair to have more free space. Also, with this remodel idea, you can add more chairs and a long table. So, it will be possible to have more people in there. For the color, backsplash, appliances are not the primary purposes in this remodel.

Change the Backsplash

Source IG: rv_canadiana

Backsplash in our kitchen isn’t an essential thing to change in the kitchen. But, if you can time and money to change it, it will be an excellent option. Mostly we were bored with the look of the backsplash. Also, the backsplash didn’t work effectively. So remodel it or change it became necessary for your RV kitchen.

Farmhouse kitchen is Nice

Source IG: the_happyhideout

The newest trend in this era is farmhouse design. Farmhouse design brings a natural and traditional look by using almost all-natural material. Wood and white is the best combination of farmhouse design. It is possible to make it in your RV kitchen. Also, the farmhouse design is easy to remodel. So it is not based on your creativity and your craftsman skills.

Navy color, why not

Source IG: tinamarie820

Mostly on remodeling an RV kitchen using safe color. Like white combined with grey, or white combined with pale color. But, in this remodel idea, using navy color is an excellent idea. The perfect match of white and navy make this RV kitchen look fresh and charmed. Also, the curtain is a vital thing in this design. The perfect choice of pattern curtain with the primary color is navy too. It makes the RV kitchen have harmonious coloring.

RV Room Remodel Before and After Ideas

Big RV, like a travel trailer, motorhome, caravan, 3, or 5 wheels, has more space. It makes the RV-ers have not only a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom on their RV. But, they also have other rooms on their recreational vehicle. This section will talk about remodeling other RV room ideas to make your RV look luxurious and modern.

Optimize the the corner

Source IG: flippingfarrell

Remodeling the corner on RV into the functional area is an excellent idea. Sometimes we forget to remodel our corner; we just put some things we didn’t need on there. But, with this design idea, you can maximize the corner and become a functional area. This corner is transformed into a place you can put clothes, a blanket, or something else. Also, placing a chair can be two purposes, as the chair or became the storage. You can explore more about remodeling the RV corner.

Aesthetic look

Source IG: flippingfarrell

The family room in RV is a massive idea. Need a free space for your RV to have it. But, if you already have a family room on your RV, the design must be excellent. If the design is not good, it will waste your free space. So, this design of family room RV can be an option for you. This design is transforming the old design into a beautiful one. Remake the sofa and floor is the main point of this design. Also, don’t be afraid to change the color and set a new appliance or accessories on it.

Limit the spend

Source IG: honikine

In remodeling, an RV room will make you spend an amount of money. It makes you hard and won’t do it. However, this design uses limited money to remodel the RV. You can use this design; this design only transforms a few things. Which can support the new look and fresh atmosphere of RV. Transforming the sofa and curtain is the main focus, then adding a shabby-chic style rug. It makes this design have a variation in structure and view.

Shabby-Chic style

Source IG: honikine

The remodel of this RV room wants to want to pop out the shabby-chic style. Transforming all the colors into white. Then adding a thematic rug in that room makes the design show up. Moreover, the door look is changed too, with a unique pattern. Make this RV look nice and cool.

Transform to new area

Source IG: jojothecamper

Transform it into the new room, which makes the room look different from before. Then, this design goal is transforming the old room into the cozy room to read. Also, this room can be the proper place for you to do your work. Or maybe, this design can be the best place to talk with your family.

Make a separator

Source IG: revampingcamping

Remodeling your RV room to have private space is a good idea. This design tries a concept of separate each room into an RV. It makes you have more privacy, although it will make your RV look smaller. But, the space of privacy makes you have a special area on RV.

Scandinavian concept

Source IG: rv.family.reno

Have time and money to remodel your RV, and you can transform your RV to this Scandinavian design. This design makes your RV look fresh and clean. The combination of white and pale color are perfect choices. Dark green, pale green, and grey always be perfect colors on Scandinavian except for the white color. Also, in this era, using natural wood material for floor, cabinet, wall, table, etc. will make your RV look up-to-date.

Change the style

Source IG: rv.family.reno

Boring about your RV situation and look, try to rearrange or change the style. Except you only change the color, you can change the position also your chair and table choices. This design modifies the position of the gathering room on RV. Use a natural or transitional style of furniture for your RV.

Simple but cozy

Source IG: walnutsandwineberries

Sometimes, remodeling an RV has many purposes. One of the goals is to make your RV look cozy for the family. This design tries to transform the old style of RV became one of the most comfortable areas on RV. This design is simple, change the sofa and the color. It didn’t consume a lot of money to do it. Also, this design allows you to discover or combined with another style of the room.

Other side

Source IG: walnutsandwineberries

This is the other side that transforms your RV room into a cozy place. Using the immense size of the table and chair, it makes you can have more guest on your RV. This design is suitable for who have a lot friend. And you enjoyed gathering with them.


Remodeling your RV is essential in this era. Because RV is not only used for traveling, but we can spend more time on it. Or, maybe you want to live on your RV. This RV remodel before and after ideas will give you some illustration on remodeling your RV. Also, in remodeling an RV, you must consider the budget and time you have. So, don’t be afraid to start to remodel your RV, do it right now. Good luck.

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