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Best RV Shower Head (RV Shower Head Reviews and Buying Guide)

Best RV Shower Head. When you are camping or traveling, you will consider the RV as your home. Like the home, you can fill it with all the convenience items as well as your house. Further, many RV owners would set their vehicle into a modern hotel filled with easy things. Just like the house, taking a shower must be joyful, and that’s why you have to invest in a great shower head for RV.

You might notice that the RV shower head will be like the ones for the house. However, the difference will come in the sense of saving the water. Because water resources are not significant, the RV shower head will be designed to take out less water. Even if it must conserve water, you still can feel a good pressing spray. So, let’s see some recommended shower heads that will ease you in RV.

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What is an RV Shower Head?

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Actually, RV shower heads are the same as our home shower head. For RV showerheads, it must have a feature of a handheld unit, and it can be connected to a flexible hose, which is the hose linked to our RV plumbing setup. Usually, our home does not need a flexible hose, but it is still possible for you to add it to your bathroom.

RV shower heads are a good thing for you to have; they provide versatility and flexibility while taking a bath and shower in your vehicle. With those advantages, you will feel a convenient experience while showering. Choosing a suitable RV shower head for your recreational vehicle is essential. Knowing the features, types, and values became the most important things for you to consider.

How does an RV Shower Head work?

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The RV shower head’s simple purpose is to provide spray or mist water while we take a shower or bath on our recreational vehicle. Then, the showerhead makes a comfortable water stream, which can avoid messy bathrooms.

Also, the same as showering in our home, RV shower heads have the same function. But, it especially consumes less water than the conventional shower head. With those features, you don’t need to be afraid of excessive amounts of water. Instead, the pressure of the shower is good as your home shower head.

There are many types and models of water pressure, and it can be adjusted based on your need. The most common model is the valve shower head. The valve shower head can effectively on consuming and conserving the water. Some shower heads appear in the form of wands; it makes you more natural to use it.

Types of RV Shower Head

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When it comes to the showerhead for RV, you might find many types of it. The types will suit your needs. But, as a customer, you will have a hard time choosing. Here we come with some common type to help you narrow down the choice.

1. Single Spray

In this current time, you might find that this type is a bit old. You can only adjust this single shower head side to side, up or down. And then, most owners can only install the head shower sticking to the wall and not gain many features. In contrast, this old type offers a practical function in case of simplicity. The single head shower is easy to use. Further, for the price, it is cheaper than other types of head showers. So, for those who look for the simple option, you can install this for your vehicle.

2. Handheld Shower Head

For flexibility, you can stand with this type of showerhead. You will be able to move this one wherever you want, as this is not sticking to the wall. Then, you will not worry about the place that cannot be reached. So, in the end, this type will ease you and can do anything you want.

3. Rain Shower

If you are looking for the fancy one, this rain shower will take place. You will gain a flat spray from the roof of your shower. Then, this head shower also an updated and stylish product. Your RV will look luxurious with this product installed. A high-quality head shower is a worthwhile investment for the RV.

4. Wall Mount

Wall mount type is the most common choice of RV shower head. Because it provides some features which other types can’t offer. The cost of this type is affordable, and it will make you can cost-effectively on the showerhead. Then, the simplicity of using it makes the wall mount types accessible. The maintenance of this type is least and easy. Also, a wall mount type usually offers several spray options. On the other hand, because this type is placed on the wall permanently, it makes you need to fix your RV bathroom walls.

5. Ceiling Mount

Looking for luxurious and expensive shower head type on for your recreational vehicle. Choosing this ceiling mount type can be the best option. This type offers you the pampering feeling while taking a shower. Also, it makes you enjoy and happy while taking a shower. But, the cost of this type is a little bit higher than the other types. Then, you must ensure that the ceiling is fixed. This type also uses a special plumbing installation, which can provide an amount of cost on your wallet.

Things to consider when buying an RV Shower Head

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As common sense, when choosing the product, you must look for the best one. You might consider the customer review before deciding the product. The same goes for showerhead products. But, something more specific will come up as your consideration. Below, we will see some of them. So, you can have the right head shower for your vehicle.

On/Off Switch

This simple feature is an important thing you need. With this switch, you will be able to save the water. You can control how much the water will come out. Further, the feature is also essential when you are showering your kids or even a dog. You can control the water temperature with this switch without having to turn the shower off.

Hose Flexibility

You are lucky that the hose will accompany the showerhead. With this extra tool, you have to make sure that the hose is flexible enough. Further, the hose length usually is about 60 to 70 inches. It is enough to cover your needs.

The Water’s Flow

Before buying the showerhead, you must remember that you have limited water for RV. The water flow will help you in saving the water. Usually, the water flow is measured by using Gallons per minute. If the number of GPM is high, it means the water will come out a lot. Keep the GPM no more than 2.0 GPM for your vehicle.

Anti-clog system

For the water flow, this feature is another essential thing. You can avoid accumulated limescale that will clog the shower in a few months. It is advisable if you choose the one with a rubber surface. It will be easy to clean and will not be sticky.

Water Pressure

Other things you must consider before buying a new shower head for your Rv is the water pressure. Water pressure became crucial because not all camping grounds have the same influence. Also, water pressure brings a satisfying shower experience with the features of stabilizing water pressure on it.


Mostly rugged not became an essential thing to consider. But, we agreed that we purchased the shower from time to time based on consumption. So, priorities on a resilient model can be the perfect option. Instead, you buy a fragile shower head. It will be better for you to choose the rugged one.

Best RV Shower Head

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It’s time for you to see some highly recommended products for showerheads. You might be confused about which one will suit your taste. The most important thing is you already have the option and know the things considered before buying it. Let’s see our recommendation here.

1. Oxygenics 26781 Shower Head

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With this Oxygenics showerhead, your journey will be something joyful. It is because the features make life easier and enjoyable while in the RV. First, the look will make the shower head suitable for any theme and decoration. You will love this shower head because it can increase the oxygen into the water and cause a comfortable showering self-pressure. In contrast, the GPM is still about 2 GPM, and you can adjust the pressure.

When buying this, the company will also give you a complete RV shower parts and accessories such as hose, holder, washer, regulator, and Teflon tape. Further, installing this shower head is not hard because of the completeness. With this shower, your kids also will not have a hard time using it.

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2. PIH High-Pressure RV Handheld Shower Head

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It is an excellent product since it is easy using and enjoyable. You can control the use because it has a pause feature. This feature allows you to save water when you don’t have a big lot of water resources in the camping area. It is believed that the showerhead will suit any recreational vehicle type. Families will love this because of the RV shower hose length of about 59-inch that can ease children from using it.

 The company also completes this product with Teflon tape, hose clock, and a mounting bracket that makes easy installing. Regarding the control, you can adjust the head shower into three settings; it is a pause, pulse massage, and powerful spray. Then, this head shower also provides a comfortable shower with controlled water intensity.

3. Camco 43712 RV Shower Head

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Camco 43712 is a unique product because it can replace an existing showerhead. It has an on/off switch that will be useful for saving water while you get shampooing. This product comes with 4-inch size and 9-inch length that is good and matches in any decor. Then, Camco provides five spray settings, and you can set from normal, pulse massage until a rain experience. Furthermore, it is also easy to clean because it has a rubber spray.

4. HOMELODY High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head with On/Off Switch

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Even this product comes without a hose, but it is a recommended one beside Oxygenics. You will get a high-pressure shower head but still can save water with on/off feature. You can also control the water temperature with this shower head that will help in showering kids. A long-life warranty is another special offer from the product which comes with a ten years warranty. If talking about design, it is a modern and stylish one because of the chrome color. You can place this product in any decor.

5. Delta Chrome 75700 Shower Head

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The company looks serious in making the customer comfortable with the product. It starts from the packaging that has complete items for RV, such as full-body spray, massage spray, drenching spray, and rain spray. Then, Delta showerheads provide touch-clean features in spray holes. It means that you only need to whip it regularly to avoid clogging without relying on chemical things to reduce mineral residues. In the end, Delta also provides a pause feature in this product. It helps when you take time for shaving or shampooing that will not need water.

6. Aqua Elegante Handheld Shower Head

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It is a pleasure that Aqua Elegante made a shower head with corrosion-resistance and physically strong. An off-road RV owner will love this shower head. It is also a lightweight item that eases you to clean any spot. Aqua Elegante also completes this shower head with self-cleaning nozzles, so you will not experience clogging. That feature also makes this a long-lasting product even when exposed to hard water frequently. Further, don’t worry when it comes to installing, it has detailed manual instruction to help you.

7. YOO.MEE High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

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The product might not have an on/off switch, but it doesn’t lower the quality, and this shower head is still worth buying. It has three settings spray that is easily controlled, spray, massage, and powerful spray-massage spray. Then, the showerhead has a long hose, 79-inch, that is made from stainless steel. It also has a bracket that will hang the heads on the wall. Last but not least, YOO.MEE shower head is a flexible one with elegant chrome color.

8. Oxygenics 26481 Brushed Nickel Body Spa RV Shower Head

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It is a worthy product that has updated technology from Oxygenics. Recently, the company is a leading market in water pressure. With this Oxygenics RV shower head

, you can reduce water use and extend the water tank’s life. Interestingly, the showerhead has a SmartPause valve. It can lessen the water flow when applying soap. Further, the spray pattern also has a unique feature that can speed in rinsing and washing. With all technology and quality, you will not worry anymore about clogging and mineral residues.

9. Dura Faucet DF-SA130-BK RV Shower Head

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It is a must to check this product that is manufactured by Dura Faucet. It has a premium material, synthetic resin material, that, of course, a durable thing. Then, this showerhead will be the best for replacement and fit into any type of RV. As the design applied, you will directly notice a valve switch on it. It is useful to help with moderating and sparing water. This showerhead also has quite a long hose; it is 60 inches. Moreover, a mounting bracket is around to ensure ease in mounting and installing. It additionally includes rubber seals and new equipment while also being easy to coordinate in many pieces of your vehicle.

10. Dura Faucet DF-SA400K-CP RV Hand Held Shower Head

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Another product Dura Faucet that is an ideal type for RV shower faucet replacement parts. It helps in making your home out and about considerably progressively advantageous to remain. It has an elegant design and looks that will fit into any type of RV. Besides that, you will think that it’s total with other significant and establishment equipment, including wall brackets and guide rings. Likewise, you can see this item as one of the correct RV shower head alternatives without any difficulty related to fitting it to standard RV fixtures. Another unique element is the stream control steam valve, which you can simply turn on when needed.

Benefits of having an RV Shower Head

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Build and decorate a recreational vehicle bathroom is not easy; you will spend significant effort and amount of money. Include on spending on your shower head, and you already choose the best and good quality of showerhead. Of course, it will spend more money and time. A side that the benefits of having a showerhead are an essential part to consider. Belong to the enjoyable and aesthetic things. Check out the following benefits of having an RV shower head.

Save water and energy

A shower head will conserve your recreational vehicle water and energy. Without a shower head, you will consume 40-50 gallons of water at once. But, with a good quality of shower head, you can save 30-40 percent of water. In line with that, the consumption of energy will conserve too.

Environmental friendly

As a result of conserving water and energy, the environment will be helped. Less consumption of water and energy also affected the less production of CO2 in the air. Then, it will cause nature to be more relaxing.

User friendly

Easy to use is the best part of the showerhead; it makes us didn’t think hard about how to use it. You can easily use it, and the showerhead offers comfort and convenience while we take a shower. Most showerheads are made on simple design, and it prevents us from spending more time figuring out how to use it.

Good performance

With a showerhead, you will easily wash all parts of your body. Even the parts are hard to clean or to reach it. The showerhead will easily solve those problems. So you can rinse your body quickly and complete rather than an old shower.

New technology

The best high-quality shower head will offers plus features on their product. One of the functionality is new technology on filters or extra fitting. With this feature, the water you use for a shower will be filtered from chlorinated and hard water. Also, it will clean the water from harmful bacteria or chemicals. So, it makes your shower experience saver and better.

Frequently Asked Question

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Can I use a regular shower in an RV?

Yes, of course, you can use the regular shower head on your RV. However, it will be better for you to use the showerhead that makes for an RV bathroom. It will give you a better experience while going on an adventure with your recreational vehicle.

What is the best shower head for an RV?

Out there have a lot of brands of shower head for RV that offers good quality, function, durability on it. That makes the competition of an RV shower head tighter today. But, it is my best opinion and suggestion for the best shower head for an RV. There are the Camco, Oxygenics, Dura Faucet, and Aqua, which are focused on quality and have good reviews.

How to replace and install an RV shower head?

Replace and install an RV shower head, not need good skill on crafts. It is not difficult for new RVers to install or replace it. First, you must know step by step on doing it. You must know the faucet’s access point, and then you must know where the water supply of your RV is. After that, you can check the manual of the product you buy. Good products always include the manuals book on how to install the showerhead. Remember, not all products created equal, so you must check the manual guide on those products.

Why do RV shower head leaks?

Most of the causes of leaks are the ages of the showerhead and the cracks. Aging becomes a common issue; using a showerhead on a long period will be a high possibility of a leak. Leaks can indicate that you might need to install or replace the new shower head. 

Other causes are crack, and the crack may be caused by the development or maybe shipping of the showerhead. To detect the crack, you can use water or let light shine through it. 

Another cause of the leak is the poorer installation of your shower head. Maybe you didn’t follow the steps and guidance on how to install it. Also, some shower head installation requires plumbers tape to avoid leaks on the pipe or the unit.

Is an RV faucet the same as a house faucet?

Basically home faucets and RV faucets are the same things. Faucet is used for water pressure and controlling the water on the pipe. The difference is the installation of a home and RV faucet. Mostly an RV only has limited space to install the faucet.


When you decide to camp, an RV shower is a must item that provides self-sufficiency along the time in the journey. That’s why you need to invest in the best one for the showerhead. It will give you a great experience when staying in the vehicle for a long time. You can find the desired shower head on that list, which provides you with full control of water pressure. In the end, you will find out that your RV is a comfortable second home. It is all modern on board and satisfies you.

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