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RV Storage Ideas (RV Storage Interior and Exterior)

RV Storage Ideas. RV is a small place to live, but you can bring home a sweet home atmosphere to these exceptionally tiny places to live. Therefore, you may face one of the biggest challenges of living in RV; finding space for your things.

Obviously, managing your items by keeping useful ones and throwing unwanted items is helpful. To keep your belongings neatly and space saver, there are plenty of storage options that you can choose to keep your things. There will be some storage types that come to your mind when you’re storing some items in your RV. They can come in the form of cabinets, shelves, or closets. Finding the one that perfectly stores your stuff isn’t usually easy as we hardly find it enough to keep things organized and out of the way.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure everything in your tiny home does stay neat and organized. Included in this article are some of our favorite rv storage hacks for RV living.

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How do I maximize my RV camper storage?

To maximize your storage is a little bit tricky. Sometimes it looks easy to do, but if you don’t have a plan, it will worsen. Also, some of us think rearranger RV storage is not essential. Until it makes our RV feel messy and cramped. How to solve it: These are some tips and tricks on maximizing your RV camper storage.

1. Using the useless items

Using useless items is the best trick to maximize your RV storage. With using the useless items like drinking cups or plates.

2. Create one place for all

With this place, you can well organize your small RV storage.

3. Use in and out rules

If you buy a new one, the old thing must go out. This rule will make your RV storage easy to organize.

4. Buy foldable or stackable items

Buying new items for your RV will consume your storage. So it will be better to keep on your mind to purchase foldable or stackable items. It will maximize your RV storage because it will consume less storage area.

5. Get the stock

Knowing precisely what item on your RV is one of the better ways to organize and maximize your RV storage.

6. Multi-use items

Using multi-purpose items or appliances on your RV camper storage will make your RV storage available for other things or purposes.

RV Bathroom Storage Ideas

Are you looking for some wonderful RV bathroom storage ideas? Then you have already opened the right page. Let’s dive into RV bathroom storage ideas so that you can make your RV bathroom organized. Check some of these awesome ideas that you will find hard to be missed. 

There are four RV bathroom storage ideas that surely help you organize your RV bathroom.

Functional Towel Rack

Source IG: stairsup_handlein

Before considering installing an RV towel holder, you might think about the hole you are gonna make in your RV wall. The number of towels will also follow the number of RV passengers and how many towels you need based on the camp’s length. Fortunately, here is another way to store your folded towels neatly and space saver. 

If you don’t have enough room in your RV’s bathroom to fit a towel holder, you can utilize the side of your toilet door to make a fancy towel Rack. Another way you can use the towel as the curtain for the shower area. You can hang them after taking a shower in the ‘curtain rod’. It can be a great way to save space and organize towels.

Stick Them On The Door

Source IG: happy_rvers

If you fancy traveling and like to do it a lot, you should know how to keep your toiletries neatly. On the other hand, a bin is handy and easy to store. This bin is very useful to keep items that get used daily. You can stick the chest behind the RV toilet door, so the things inside the crate don’t collide with the cabinets’ items when closed. Nice way to keep your personal items and other toiletries.

Choose Your Favourite Toiletries Rack

Source IG: airstreamcleo

Most people like to have their racks solid enough to hold plenty of toiletries like the one shown above. They come in various sizes and materials: small and easy to bring, such as thick plastic or large and sturdy stainless steel. You can put the racks in the corner of the bathroom or near the tub. 

Set Your Drying Rack Wisely

Source IG: awaywedrove

One of the hardest things is how to install your drying rack wisely, so it can fit well into your small RV bathroom. You can set a folding drying rack instead of the rack consuming your bathroom space for your consideration. You can use rivets to stick the rack on your bathroom walls. Next, seal the holes with caulk; otherwise, the water when we are showering can’t leak from getting behind the wall. Don’t forget to set some spacers under the bottom front edge to avoid the rack from pulling forward and down when we hang our wet clothes on it.

RV Shoe Storage Ideas

RVs obviously don’t have a lot of space, only consist of one or two pairs. By letting them inside your RV, you can avoid your footwear tracking in mud, dirt, and leaves throughout your rig. Living or going on vacation in RV won’t stop you from being stylish with your trendy shoes. You might bring more than two pairs of shoes with you. Instead of eliminating the pile of shoes next to the front door in your RV, you will feel blessed after reading these RV shoe storage ideas. You can find most items at an affordable price at the dollar store or online store.

Stick And Snap Under The Bed

Source IG: bekah_rae_

Don’t want to find any clutter near your door? You can have this shoe organizer. The item can be hung anywhere. Over a door will not be the only place you can set the shoe organizer. The owner of the RV can place the organizer based on the owner’s need. It can be cut into sections and hung around your bed frame or along a wall or cabinet. You can simply attach the organizer to the base of the bed using Gorilla Tape, Velcro, screws, or staples. Another, the organizer can be attached to the base using SnapRite snaps.

Under Net For Your Shoes

Source IG: dashboarddrifters

Be easy with your footwear organizer; you can cut an over-the-door net shoe organizer, then mount it around your bed. Cut the shoe organizer into some rows that suit the length of your bed. It will be easier to manage if you cut it into two rows per section. Punch holes through the top of the section to thread twines. The last, fasten screws to your under-bed storage compartment and attach the twine to them. The shoe net hangs just outside of the compartment beneath the mattress.

Hooks For Neat Shoes

Source IG: williamses_wander

Another option, an RV owner can try over-the-door hooks, which is available online or inexpensively at the nearest local store, as shoe hooks along the edge of the bed frame. You can screw the hooks into a strip of wood for hanging flip-flops, sandals, or the lovely sneakers of yours

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Explore Any Empty Space

Source IG: awaywedrove

You will feel surprised if you know how much space you can explore inside your RV. One of them is under the wardrobe. The underneath part of this area is often wasted in RVs, but with a little touch, it can become the perfect shoe hiding spot. You simply turn it around to create access as the shoe storage. You can install a curtain rod along the top of the hidden shoe storage and then some old curtains to cover the opening to hide any clutter. 

Hide Them At The Corner

Source IG: essentiallystreaming

It might have looked like a corner table at a glance, but If you take a deep look forward, you will find another hidden space to hide the clutter from your pile of shoes. Shoe storage like this might be a better way to utilize the space. You can buy this kind of shoe storage for under $30. Or, if you’re creative enough, you can make a beautiful one in your own style using some examples from Google. 

RV Bedroom Storage Ideas

When it comes to re-organizing your RV to get more available space, do you struggle to come up with RV bedroom ideas? Do you want to spice up the bedroom’s decorations by organizing the storage? 

Creating some storage space for your clothes in an RV doesn’t have to be as challenging as you might think. You might often think of ways to decorate and organize your RV bathroom completely hard. There is no further explanation. Let’s come up with these simple RV desk ideas. With a little creativity, you can free up some space yet new decoration of the bedroom. 

Toss Heavy Wardrobe To A Light One

Source IG: southernglamper

There are a few things to consider when storing your clothes. Suppose you are planning a vacation in an RV. In that case, you may be happy to use these hanging closet shelves, so you can save plenty without making any major changes or additions. The shelves can be helpful and perfect as an RV wardrobe. You can toss in your packing clothes, and everything is still neat and organized.

Laundry Totes For Your New Storage Bins

Source IG: lolathecamper

You will love to have these laundry totes as your new storage bins. Don’t worry about the quality; they are durable, collapsible, and also water repellant. These laundry totes work great to store your clothes. You can keep them under the bed and slide them easily to keep things tidy.

Hide Them Behind The Curtain

Source IG: eg159124

Feel afraid to sacrifice the wardrobe in your RV because you still need a place to keep your clothes? Invest your wardrobe by installing a sturdy rod running along with the head of your bed. You can keep accessories or small stuff inside the room. It’s a great space saver and an additional storage room. 

Be Creative With Customizable Wall Organizer

Source IG: radarroadwarriors

Don’t you have any more space available in your RV? It’s time to exploit your wall to it’s fullest. Use this IKEA Skadis Collection as the base of the wall storage. Prepare all the cups, bins, shelves, and others, then mix and match them to the available space. Mix and match the cups, bins, shelves, and more to make them work best for you. You can secure them to their place using bungee cords that come with the package for more security. 

Space Saver By Sleeping Together

Source IG: ourtinywander

It’s common to sleep together in one room in the RV. If you bring kids living or vacationing in the RV, it’s wonderful to have bunk beds in the bedroom. You can build a ladder and install shelves underneath the bed as creative ways to organize and decorate the space. 

RV Kitchen Storage Ideas

If you want to free up some rooms for your RV, the kitchen will join the group. Start from exploring the wall, create a folding dining table, anything can be true to maximize the area of your RV kitchen. Here are some of the best RV kitchen storage organization ideas for efficiently using every bit of storage space in the tiny kitchen of your beautiful RV.

Hammock For The Looking Neat Fruit

Source IG: thebaconfam

Stay healthy, even though you are living in an RV. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables to help you boost your immune system. Did you feel worried about storing these things in your small kitchen? Try these fruit hammocks! Helping you both empty the space and be arranged in neat order. It also helps your fruit ripens evenly and yet last longer by providing gentle ventilation. 

Deluxe Basket For Storing Produce Solution

Source IG: growingdowntheroad

This three floors basket might cost you several sums of money, but if you get a lot of money with you, you can consider this item as one of the best ways to be able in your RV kitchen. They keep your fruit and vegetable not messy on the plastic bag. They can be screwed on the table to secure it on travel days

All The Kitchen Utensils In Fancy Tote

Source IG: lolathecamper

Don’t miss to get this fancy tote in your RV kitchen. The size of this easy-to-carry tote bag is perfect for your tiny RV kitchen. This storage will be your favorite to be in your tiny camper. It is made from oilcloth and makes it water-resistant. All of your kitchen utensils are easy to find in one place 

Fold Them All

Source IG: goelzers.great.adventures

It sounds weird, but if it’s possible, fold all the possible furniture in your RV, including your dining table. Find any foldable furniture. You will find how much the room is feeling more spacious. You can make them yourself as diy rv storage ideas because it’s simple to be made. Then, you can add some storage bins below the folding dining table for extra storage, which can be moved around when the table is folded down.

Home For Your Spice Bottles

Source IG: goelzers.great.adventures

Spice bottles might be small, but if you don’t store them correctly. They can easily fall from the table or get stuck under the table. This spice bottles rack can save your spice neatly. Just install them right under a cabinet. The rv kitchen cabinet organizers spice rack will save tons of RV cabinet and counter space.

RV Living Storage Ideas

Make your RV just like home by making anything a little cozier, a more organized space, and a lot more efficient management with these certifiably brilliant RV storage ideas. Organizing and managing every space will provide a more comfortable trip. Here are a few rv living storage organization ideas!

Live Well, RV

Source IG: simplecatlady

Don’t let your small space RV burden you live enjoyably. When you live in RV, multi-purpose furniture is a must. Consider yourself this tiny table/blanket basket. You will love to have that around. 

Deep Clean And Good Storage Make Good Combination

Source IG: guarddogstoragesanjacinto

Besides well-placed storage in every part of your RV, another thing you must do is deep clean your RV room-by-room. Be selective with what you bring into your RV. Use a checklist of what you really need or just can take the things out. Skip items that are important for daily life and focus on your RV parts that need extra attention.

Is It Bed? But It Can Be A Table

Source IG: campingfern

If you have a goal to create a space where two or four people can sit, this might be the best idea for you. You can build a guest bed that can be used as a bench and table in the morning.

Source IG: campingfern

You can easily eat breakfast or enjoy a dazzling afternoon and sleep at night in the same place every day. The idea comes up in the form of a u-shape bench with a table in the middle. This table can be set down at night to form the surface for the bed.

Hold Your Bottle With Bicycle Bottle Cages

Source IG: veganrvr

Most people have their water bottles that are too tall for an RV cabinet. The bottles juggle from side to side as the RV starts vacationing and clatter around, taking up way more space than they should. Then here comes the idea, bicycle water bottle cages to keep your bottle from being cluttered. They hold your bottle tight, so it stays in place. They’re worth buying and weren’t using that much space for anything anyway. 


At the end of this pile of RV storage ideas, we’ve compiled many hacks to navigate your way through any storage challenges you might face on the road. Hope these ideas give you what you want and live your RV wonderfully. 

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