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RV Renovation (How much does it cost to renovate an RV?)

RV Renovation. Most of us know recreational vehicles in this era. Moreover, in this era, recreational vehicles have become the safest idea to go outside. It’s hard to travel in this era, RV has become the solution for it. We know many kinds of people will categorize RVers. Some people go on holiday with RV, and others go in short time RVers. But now an RV has a long time period. Furthermore, they lived on their recreational vehicle.

So, to remodel or renovate your recreational vehicle, you need to do so. Because your reactionary atmosphere will affect your mood, it will also be possible for you to have a guest on your RV. Recreational vehicles have many types: camper, van, trailer, motor home, fifth wheel, etc. In renovation, each kind of type has a different treatment. Then, the theme or what look you want on your RV is also important.

How much does it cost to renovate an RV?

The cost to renovate your RV will be based on what style or design you want. Then, what components you need to replace on your RV. So the cost will be equal to those things. Normally most parts to renovate on RV are interior, exterior, kitchen appliances, LP system, plumbing, and electrical system.

The components need to upgrade or change on RV Renovation

Before you start to change the components, ensure your budget first. Make sure you know the ceiling of your cost to upgrade your RV. Check first the components or parts you need to renovate, which have big damage or didn’t work properly. Some of component or parts need to renovate:

1. Interior

Interior is the important part you need to renovate. The interior will also cost much of your budget if you want to remake it to a fresh look. You will change or renovate the interior like cabinet doors, countertops, woodwork, cushions, mattress, floors, walls, upholstery, and hinges. Choose the most important parts you want to renovate on your interior.

2. Exterior

Other parts you need to improve is the RV exterior. The RV exterior mostly needs to upgrade like windows, doors, seals, roof, aluminum skins, or covers. The exterior is an essential part of renovating because it will be susceptible to serious damage.

3. Kitchen

Kitchen is beneficial in-home, same as RV, kitchen also essential on RV. But, to upgrade the RV kitchen, you need more budget. In the RV kitchen, you can renovate the oven, stove, range, refrigerator, etc.

4. LP System

Like gas regulators, gas lines, hoses, etc., LP systems are important to renovate and upgrade. You can renovate the place.

5. Plumbing

For plumbing, give the eye to the sink, tub, shower, water and air pumps, toilet, faucet, tank, and sewer hose. Make the priority of which parts need renovation. 

6. Electrical system

In this era, electrical is essential. Renovation your RV lights, internet, signals, battery, air conditioner, etc.

RV Renovation Ideas

On renovating recreational vehicles, you not only need skill and budget. But, you must know how to start it. Also, the design of the renovation must be excellent. So, giving you RV renovation ideas will help you to have inspiration and insights to do it.

Boho Renovation Ideas from (ig:the.melendez.tribe)

Big thanks to the Melendez tribe for bringing this awesome RV decoration and design. This renovation uses a very nice boho design to apply to your RV. Boho design is a good idea for those of you who really like fresh and natural material and color. It will make your travel trailer adventure more spectacular.

This design renovates the entire interior of their recreational vehicle. Start from the kitchen as the main focus room to renovate. Then, the bathroom, bedroom, family room, and the space for work and children play. Moreover, the combination of accessories, furniture, appliances, color, ornament makes this camper makes you feel at home.

We start from the kitchen, transforming the kitchen from the RV kitchen’s old design to a modern RV kitchen. Choosing wood plank as the main material, start from the wall, countertops, shelf, table, etc. The accessories using a natural and fresh look make this design really make the boho style pop up.

Then, the bathroom is also using boho style. Make this RV feel really fresh; the combination on this RV bathroom is perfect. The feeling of cozy and roomy makes a small space of the bathroom disappear. Also, the perfect style of RV shower curtain makes it perfect blending to boho style.

Go to the bedroom and family room, and these rooms use boho style too. But, in this room, the accessories and furniture are the main power. Same as the work and children playing space. It is easy for you to make it, but you must be patient to make it. Also, before you start, make sure your maximal costs on renovating the RV to be like this.

Modern RV Renovation from (ig:rv.family.reno)

RV family reno with this marvelous idea of renovation of recreational vehicles. Thank you to Rachel for this kind of perfect idea of RV renovation. This style of modern design of your home is possible to apply to your RV. Of course, it will cost more than a simple design of an RV. Don’t be afraid, with these ideas you can adjust it based on your renovation cost.

This design will bring you a really nice trick on how to start it and finish the renovation. Almost all RV spaces are renovated with a perfect choice of color, style, furniture, and accessories, and ornament.

For the RV kitchen at RV family reno, which is designed by Rachel, you can see the modern style kitchen. Using the high standard of appliances and stuff, this design is still possible for you to adjust it based on your budget. You can adjust the style of appliances, accessories, light, cabinets, countertops, sink, faucet, etc. Explore your creativity in renovating your recreational vehicle.

Then, the bedroom design ideas, which is a clean and fresh design. The convenience of placing beds makes all parts of the rooms beneficial. The spaces can be as a family room too, and this trick is beneficial for beginner RVers. It will make it easy to renovate and decorate our RV for the next steps. The design of this RV uses galley concepts, which can make us able to use both sides of our RV.

Another part of this RV renovation is the bathroom or toilet. You can copy this design, simple and only need small spaces. The effectiveness of using spaces on this travel trailer is very brave.

Fall Theme RV Renovation Ideas from (ig:caffeinated.rv.mom)

This idea is from full-time RVer Sarah Vancina. Sarah renovated her RV with a flawless design. This design comes from fall weather, and if you really like fall, this design is really suitable for you. Also, this design needs simple accessories and furniture. It will make it easy to make it to your recreational vehicle.

The main point of this design is leaves. The leaves make this design look simple. Also, it makes it easy to make it. Starting from the RV kitchen, ordinary designs of this RV kitchen have a brave combination of color and accessories.

Then, the RV family room or living room is in your home. Using leaves as the main ornament combination with natural material. The furniture, shelves, and floor are also made from natural wood material. It will make the fall atmosphere feel more cozy and homey in your RV. 

The same design on the bedroom and reading space, leaves, and woods are the main material. To maintain the atmosphere in all of the rooms on your RV, you must use the same design tone. Don’t scare to do it on your RV, and you can explore or create the design based on your want.

Airstream RV Trailer Renovation Ideas from (ig:steadystreamincashios)

One of the iconic RV trailers in America is Airstream RV Trailer. This RV renovation idea is from Steady Streamin’ Cashios, with the focus of the design is white and black. Black and white color is the main design of this RV trailer. Steady is bringing a modern look to this RV. Also, the portions of the color toned are very clever.

Using one way or galley design of the kitchen, make it look super tidy. It makes you easy to cook and also makes you have easy traffic. The sink, stove, and cabinets are installed in one way. Then the refrigerator is in front of, and it makes all activity run smoothly. Don’t forget about the colorway and countertops, and it is a really amazing design.


Moving to the bedroom, the bedroom’s limited space makes you think harder about having a proper bed. This design will make you feel at your home. And also, the toilet or bathroom is located next to your kitchen and bedroom. Making this RV design is enjoyable to do.

Last, for the family room space using pop-up green color. It makes this design bring a fresh atmosphere. Also, the feeling is supported from the open window. It makes the outside look clean and has a bright natural light. Moreover, it can be your optional place to have a relaxation and chat time with your family.

Tropical RV Trailer Renovation Ideas from (ig:simplyhannahlee)

Specials thanks to Hannah Lee Shields because bringing this design idea. For you who want to start an RV renovation, this tropical design from Hannah can be your pick. This RV design really makes your RV feel like in a forest. With the fresh green and clean air, you get from the plants. Hannah uses real plants on her RV, so it will make the RV air clean.

We start from the main room on this RV trailer fifth wheel, the renovation using ordinary furniture places. The furniture is put on the should place it put. But the design of the sofa and rugs makes the tropical style really pop-up. Also, the contribution from plants makes this design adorable. Also, don’t forget about the fresh and clean window view from outside.

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The kitchen has the same placement technique, besides the family and workspace on this RV. The yellow color of the cabinets combined with natural wood for the shelves and chimney. It makes this design look fresh and natural. Also, see the backsplash, perfectly matched of backsplash it looks like the modern kitchen.

The next area maybe you can make on your RV is the bedroom and bathroom—the same tone as other rooms, the bed uses the same color of furniture and atmosphere. Also, for the bathroom and toilet, plants are the main actor for this design. Then, don’t be afraid to add more plants to your toilet; you can also use them as accessories or air cleaners.

Fell RV like Homes Renovation Ideas from (ig:oilsandgracetribe)

Brittnee Proha inspires renovation ideas. She is a full-time RVers, and she travels with her husband and all of the family. This design is using a fifth wheel RV from heartland_rv. The size of the RV makes the feeling of home possible to come out. Moreover, this RV’s purpose is for family traveling, so the design must fulfill needs like home.

All parts of this RV are well planned, starting from the kitchen, family room, bedroom, toilet, or bathroom. Also, to renovate the RV, this design will use more budget and time. But, it will be worth it to make because the atmosphere is excellent for full-time RVers. First, the family room has a lot of furniture there. The room has a glamorous sofa and modern home entertainment. Also, the accessories and ornament make this room feel very cosy.

Then, move to the kitchen. The kitchen design makes us really feel at home. Expensive appliances are steadily installed there. The stove, refrigerator, oven, and toaster perfectly blend into the kitchen cabinet and color design. Then, the countertops and faucets are the other best parts of this kitchen.

Last, the bedroom and bathroom renovation look. This RV has two bedrooms space for the bedroom—the master bedroom and children’s bedroom, same as other rooms. The renovation style uses an ordinary home bedroom. The master bedroom uses a king or queen size bed, and for kids uses a bunk bed. Then, for the bathroom using crazy design. Because it has a big space, so you can put everything on there.

Farmhouse RV Renovation Ideas from (ig:matchstickcampers)

Another awesome design for your RV trailer. This stunning farmhouse renovation idea is from Heather Grimm, and he is one the best RVers with good skill as a craftsman. The farmhouse design of this RV is really stunning. The white color makes this farmhouse look simple and calm. Also, the choice of furniture and accessories of farmhouse style is excellent.

The ordinary design of an RV is to maximize the limited space you have. With these renovation ideas, the part or room placement in RV is not the main focus. The main focus of this design is the farmhouse style must pop-up when we see it for the first time. The color choices, the toned of color, also the accessories and ornament. That’s why this design looks simple but has a strong personality.

The kitchen using vintage or rustic appliances, which are the appliances, are really blended with the design and the countertops from wood material. The shelves, cabinets, chairs, table, and sofa make the farmhouse style really arise on the eye.

Moreover, the full white color of the bedroom didn’t break the atmosphere of the farmhouse. On the other hand, it makes the atmosphere of homey and cozy louder. 

RV Renovation Before and After

Have a big question, what looks of the RV before it starts to be renovated. So, in this part, we will see the before and after of recreational vehicle renovation ideas. Don’t forget to look at the main focus of the renovation on each room and space.

RV Renovation Before and After from ig:renovatingrutters

1. Backsplash and Color

This is a simple renovation of a recreational vehicle kitchen. The main point of this renovation is the backsplash and the cabinet color. Change the color to fresh color, generally using white color always be perfect. Then, for the backsplash using the design and pattern, which can blend to your RV’s entire room and the color too.

2. Make it look Modern

On renovating the recreational vehicle, you will pay attention to the budget you have. So, you must think about what kind of furniture you need. Same as appliances in your kitchen, while renovating these parts, you can try to upgrade the appliances in your kitchen.

3. Upgrade it Totally

This is one of the awesome ideas you can do, but the effect is you will spend more money to make it. Totally change the style and look of your RV kitchen. Start upgrading the appliances, furniture, cabinet, color, light, accessories, etc., on your kitchen. If you can make it happen, your RV kitchen will be stunning strongly. 

4. Change the Tone

Change the tone of your RV? Is it hard or easy? Try looking at these ideas; you can change your RV’s tone or atmosphere if you choose the best furniture and color blending. Sofa and rugs are giving a strong look. Then, the transparent chair didn’t disrupt the tone. Moreover, this room’s main color is white, so it makes it easy to put accessories or ornaments there.

5. Lovely RV Bedroom

In other parts of the RV, you need to renovate a bedroom. These ideas of renovating RV bedrooms will help you make a lovely bedroom design. The design of this bedroom is really nice. A good color blending and the accessories make this bedroom a masterpiece. The wall lamp, pillows, and blanket are nicely matched to others.

6. Ordinary RV Bathroom

This design uses an ordinary style of bathroom. Because you only have limited space to have a bathroom in an RV, it makes you need to maximize on renovating it. Using white color makes the bathroom look bigger and fresh. Also, the wall is an important thing to consider.

RV Renovation Before and After from ig:winston_roams

1. Southwestern Kitchen Style

This RV kitchen style brings a sweat design. The design used the perfect color tone and matched it with the personality. Then, the backsplash must give more attention too. You don’t need to be afraid of making it, but make sure you start it.

2. Warm Design

A family room in an RV is important, same as our home. So, renovating your RV family room is needed. You can use this beautiful design. Blending farmhouse, rustic, and southwestern style in one room.

RV Renovation Before and After from ig:tomaz_coast_to_coast

1. The Main Room

This design is incredible, and natural materials really make this RV look beautiful. A very good combination of natural wood and full white color. Make this room feel so fresh and comfy. Also, putting plants on there makes it roomier. Then, adding wall arts is a nice option to do.

2. Transformation of Bunk Bed

Your children’s bedroom can be the worst part of renovating an RV because it will be hard to create a comfy bedroom. But, this design will help you make the best bedroom for children. One of the best beds is bunk bed style, it will save more space and also very suitable for your kids.

RV Renovation Before and After from ig:affinity_rv

1. Simple Chic Bathroom

Sometimes the bathroom is the last part of our RV to renovate. Actually, the bathroom is really important in recreational vehicles. Because not every time we are in an RV park, sometimes we go nowhere. That’s why renovated RV bathrooms must be done.

2. The Wood Accent

Renovating a bedroom becomes the best place to take a rest. You can use this design to decorate your RV bedroom. Use wood as the main decoration, wood accent combined with a wall lamp, then a white color makes this bedroom look and feel cozy.


The renovation of a recreational vehicle needs more effort to do it. Then, you need a bunch of ideas and design. These RV renovation ideas before and after will help you. Moreover, don’t afraid to make new designs or new experiments on decorating and renovating a recreational vehicle. Also, you can try to do it yourself RV renovation. Maybe it can save you a budget and you can make it more effective.

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