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Best RV Mattress (Best RV Mattress to Buy)

Best RV Mattress. As RV is like a home, you have to set the vehicle to have features as great as a house. You can start it with a mattress. A home with a great mattress is perfect.  You need to wake up freshly without any sore on the body. That’s why choosing an incredible RV mattress will make you enjoy the journey. Evert RV must provide a mattress but mostly comes with a low-quality one. It can cause you to feel tough while RVing.

With that being the case, you need to search for an upgraded mattress. At the same time, an RV mattress might be different from the standard one. It needs to be lighter and shorter or narrower than the standard one. You should find a flexible mattress, so you easily move it. You don’t worry about the size because it comes in various sizes and designs for the RV. Therefore, we here provide you with some mattress recommendations for a convenient journey.

Types of RV Mattress

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Before you choose the RV mattress, you must know some crucial things about it. The mattress actually comes in various types, sizes, and shapes. Yet, knowing the type first will help you in buying or replacing the mattress. Here are some common categories for RV mattress.

1. The Memory Foam RV Mattress

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The memory foam was just made for the owners’ convenience. This mattress can adjust to your body. It could help you to avoid back pain as well. Then, this memory RV foam mattress can adapt to the surrounding where you are.

If you move a lot while sleeping, it might make you feel a bit hot. But don’t worry, you can get memory foam gel for a bit cooler. The foaming gel can transfer your body heat into somewhere. So, it will make sure you get a good sleep.

2. The Innerspring RV Mattress

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Compared to memory foam, this type is a bit left behind in technology. Entrenched coils to the padding are the center material of the innerspring mattress. Thus, it causes the mattress to be thicker and heavier. This type of mattress might be only suitable for those who like the old-school feeling as the core design. Furthermore, innerspring mattresses make sounds that can be annoying for some people.

3. The Air RV Mattress

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Air mattresses use technology and offer simple storage. It is because the mattress can deflate, and you can fold and store it on the cabinets. This type will not take more space on the RV. You can set the room for another function while not sleeping. In contrast, some owners agree that using an air mattress is less enjoyable. But, you still need this compact design while on the journey.

4. The Polyurethane Foam RV Mattress

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The polyurethane foam mattress is the lowest quality of all the types. It might be the most common mattress that will be replaced with. The mattress is made from a mix of chemicals. Then, the manufacturers can make various poly foam from those chemicals. You almost will not find the advantages. So, you better avoid the type of RV mattress.

5. The Latex Foam RV Mattresses

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The last type is latex foam that is made from natural and organic things. It all is a good aspect but still less convenient in the result. Some of you might get soreness after sleep. It is because the material does not adjust to your body as well as memory foam. Although, latex foam has various natural materials and processes. Some of it might adjust to our body.

Best RV Mattress Size

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The size of the mattress is the same for all purposes. Same as your bedroom, the mattress will be the same size for your RV. It will be a good run if you know the mattress’s size first before you buy it. Some people use a queen, bunk, twin, king, full, short queen mattress as their recreational vehicle.

King Size

Maybe this size looks so bigger for We usually find king-size on 72×75 or 72×80 inches. Some RVers use this mattress on fifth-wheel or campers’ recreational vehicles.

Eastern King Size

This mattress is a common use for an RV bed. Because they are ideals for couples who want to have extra room for their children on one bed. The size of this mattress is 76×80 inches.

Cal Kings Size

Cal King is bigger than others, and we frequently find it at home more than an RV. Which mine this size is proper for the home. The size of this mattress is 76×80 inches, which is too big for a recreational vehicle.

Queen Size

Normally the size of mattress for a recreational vehicle is queen size. If your RV has multiple sleeping areas, queen size is always used in one room. The size of this mattress is 60×80 inches. Which means it will consume more space on your RV.

Short Queen Size

The popular size of mattress for RV in this era is short queen size. This mattress size is really suitable for all kinds of recreational vehicles. Because it’s shorter than a queen size mattress, it makes this size ideal for an RV. A short queen mattress has size 60×75 or 60×74 inches.

Olympic Queen Size

This mattress size is wider than the queen size. The size of this mattress is 66×80 inches. This mattress size is rarely used for an RV bedroom.


Bunks are the common bed for family campers. Which means it has children join the adventures. A bunk bed can be the best solution for it. The size of a bunk bed mattress has many variations, starting from 28”x75”, 30”75”, 30”x80”, 34”x75”, 35”x79”. Choose the best size for your children, and fit for your RV space.


This standard twin mattress size is 38×75 inches or 38×80 inches. Twin mattress size has a lot of variations of size; choose the perfect one for your RV.

Full Mattress

The full mattress actually is double beds. Where the size can be around 53”x75”. This mattress is wider than a regular mattress.

Three Quarter Size

As the name suggests, this bed only has 75% of the width of the standard queen size of the bed. The size can be 48”x75”. Instead, the traditional way can be 60” width or 48”. This bed is often used for narrowing and oddly shaped RV.

Best Mattress for RV

If you have a new mattress in your budget this year, you should look first below. Here, it contains various information about the best mattress. Choose the product that suits the size and your needs. Further, if you don’t want a new one, you can set a new topper here.

1. Zinus Deluxe Memory Foam 8 Inch RV Mattress

Source: amazon.com

The first product recommendation is from Zinus. Zinus offers many high-quality mattresses, including this Delux Short Queen size. It is made from memory foam that can mold perfectly to your shape body.

Source: amazon.com

Then, for great convenience, this product is affordable and also a high-quality one. Furthermore, the Zinus RV mattress offers a 10 years warranty that proves its durable feature.

2. Dynasty RV Mattress 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam

Source: amazon.com

What a great thing here is because it is made from gel material. The component will make your sleep full of comfort. On the journey, having a good sleep is important. Further, the mattress has 10 inches in height with 4 layers. The 4 layers will serve you a strong and nice mattress for years.

Also, the gel helps to reduce the heat coming up to your body. The mattress has a washable cover for a cleaning issue. It will be easy to clean the food spilled on the mattress. Consequently, with all quality, the mattress comes with a high price. It doesn’t matter as long as you get a fantastic RV mattress.

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3. Best Price Green Tea Infusion 6 Inch Memory Foam

Source: amazon.com

Just like the brand, it offers a great and reasonable price for an RV mattress. The mattress divides into 3 construction foam. The base layer is high-density foam, and the middle is a super soft foam layer. Then, the top layer is memory foam that makes you enjoy sleep.

Source: amazon.com

What makes it unique is it has an active charcoal feature. It will absorb the moisture and block the growth of bacteria on the mattress. Therefore, the feature is essential because the RV mattress is exposed more than the common mattress at home.

4. EnerPlex Luxury Queen Air RV Mattress

Source: amazon.com

As an air type, EnerPlex succeeds in producing the best quality stuff. The luxury mattress has a wireless pump to ease while blowing the mattress. You can use the pump six times after fully charging.

Source: amazon.com

Further, the waterproof material also allows you to carry it everywhere, indoor and outdoor. To keep it back storing, you can deflate it easily by using the pump. This product is a really great movement.

5. Live & Sleep RV Short Queen Memory Foam Mattress

Source: amazon.com

Live & Sleep made the mattress with breathable material that allows you to enjoy sleep comfortability. Then, the memory foam will not hurt your back and neck. Many RV owners have proved this feature.

Source: amazon.com

Also, it has a removable cover. It will be easy to remove and wash the cover. So, this product really helps and an effective choice after all.

6. Serenia Sleep 8-Inch Memory Foam RV Mattress

Source: amazon.com

Most RV owners choose the Serenia for their convenient mattress. It Made from an exclusive material that was taken from the US and Canada. Then, it has 8 inches in height with two layers of foam.

Source: amazon.com

The base has strong support, and the top layer has a medium firmness level. Furthermore, the memory surface is cooler, and you can have a good quality of sleep. In the end, the Serenia provides you with various sizes and models for your RV.

7. Dreamfoam Bedding Euro Top RV Mattress

Source: amazon.com

For a bargain buyer, you will not let this Dreamfoam Bedding Doze Eurotop gone. It has all the things that an RV mattress should have. Importantly, the manufacturer serves you with three different size options. Further, the thickness also has three types. You can choose the best size for the RV and the best comforts for yourself.

Although, for some people, this product is not quite firm. It is soft even with three layers. However, affordable RV top mattresses with high quality are the best thing that people always seek for.

8. Memory Foam Solutions Queen Size RV Mattress

Source: amazon.com

If you don’t want a brand new mattress, you must buy the Memory Foam Solutions. It is a gel-infused memory mattress that you can set on top of an existing mattress. The contour of the RV queen mattress topper is just perfect. Then, it has a cool effect that comes from the gels. Further, don’t worry about the RV mattress sizes because you choose among the six options.

9. The Zinus 6 Inch Foam and Spring RV Mattress

Source: amazon.com

 You will find the perfect combinations on this product. A soft and durable mattress comes with an innerspring to make a comfortable move. Then, the innerspring is strong enough for every individual and ideals for stomach sleepers.

Source: amazon.com

Furthermore, you can get a 10 years warranty with an RV full mattress. What a big deal for an inner springs mattress. 

10. Signature Sleep Queen Memory Foam RV Mattress

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The manufacturer realizes that putting customer needs on the mattress is essential. So, they made this user-friendly mattress with various choices. The unique is you can get a great attribute when buying it.

Source: amazon.com

It has a breathable softcover as a gift. Furthermore, it has memory foam that can set your body weight evenly to the mattress. Yet, with the good feature, it is a bit pricey.

Frequently Ask Question

Can you use a regular mattress in an RV?

Of course, you can do that, because the regular mattress will give you more comfort while you sleep. But, make sure your room has enough space for it. Also, don’t forget about the total weight your RV can carry. Moreover, RV’s mattress would be nice if it was flexible and didn’t take a lot of space.

What is the best RV mattress to buy?

For the best RV mattress brands are based on the need. Some RVers buy the mattress with good reviews. Also, others buy a mattress based on the price. But, RV mattresses have some specialty in this era, and the brand gives a warranty on them. It can be the option for you to buy a new mattress for an RV. Some of the popular brands of RV mattress are:

  1. Zinus

It is one of the best mattress brands. Zinus has stood since 2004. They make the comfiest and easy to buy treatment for the mattress they made. The main focus is evolution, ethos, efficiency, and expertise for their masterpiece, especially mattresses.

  1. Live and Sleep

Another company of a good mattress is live and sleep. This company’s commitment is to make a customer try the mattress on their home, and it will make the feeling of the buyer different and special. This company uses 4 concepts: soothing sleep, feeling refreshed, eco-friendly, and helping others.

  1. Enerplex

Enerplex is a good mattress. Especially on air mattresses. Air mattresses will save your storage space. Also, it is really suitable for you who have small recreational vehicles.

  1. Brooklyn Bedding

This is one of the pioneer companies that makes a bed-in-a-box concept. The company was founded in 2008. Brooklyn bedding is masterfully designed, constructed, rolled pack, and ships your mattress. 

  1. Signature Sleep

Last but not least, the best company for mattresses is signature sleep. They confirmed that they could make an excellent quality of the mattress, giving an affordable and durable design on their mattress. Also, this company gives a long warranty for their product.

How to make an RV mattress more comfortable?

To make your RV mattress, you can use such things as Foam Pads, Mattress Toppers, Bedding, etc. Don’t worry about investing more in your RV mattress because good and well sleep is the investment for a long time RVers.

How to choose the right RV mattress?

To choose the perfect mattress isn’t really simple. But, on the other hand, it doesn’t give you a headache. First, you must know before choosing a mattress for your RV is the company. The company gives you a chance to feel or use the mattress. Then, the warranty, maybe you will invest a high value of the mattress. After that, see your RV space, what dimension or size fits your room. Last, the use of the mattress makes you sleep deeper and makes you sleep well. 


From now on, you can start considering the best mattress that suits your needs in the RV. If you don’t want to buy a new one, you can afford a mattress topper with gel-insulated foam. However, the mattress might have a high price, but you must buy a comfortable and complete mattress. Because when you find the right, you will always wake up happily from sleep.

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