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40+ RV Decorating Ideas 2021: Remodelling Camper Exterior

RV Decorating Ideas. Living on recreational trailers has become a massive trend in this era. Most young people want to have a free lifestyle because they can work remotely. Except the adult wants to get a life like that too, sometimes the adults are bored to the monotonous life like they’re already done. They want to have a new and fresh atmosphere in their life. Mostly they are going to have an RV like camping trailers, motorhomes, etc., to vent it out.

Moreover, living in a recreational vehicle is not bad. If you want to get a prominent space on an RV, you can have a camping trailer or caravan. Except, you don’t need it because you want to get a simple way of life on your vacation. You can choose the motorhome or maybe transform your car into a recreational vehicle. With all those kinds of situations, choosing the perfect RV which matches your lifestyle is essential.

Then, how about the look of your RV? The interior and exterior? What do you want to do? Because camping, vocation, or adventure with your RV, the atmosphere of your vehicle is essential. It will be excellent if you consider your RV view, so decorating it mostly becomes a vital part. On the other hand, rv decorating ideas not only make your RV look prettier. But it will be possible to transform your RV into beneficial.

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RV Decorating Tips

We agreed that decorating our RV is a good idea. We need to change the view and the utility of our RV. So, while decorating an RV, we must know which part or maybe what kind of decoration is good for our RV. So in this part, we will talk about tips on decorating your RV. It is simple and easy tips to transform your RV into the gorgeous RV of the year.

1. Optimizing the lights

Source: IG danielvanhorn

The first thing you need to consider is the lights because lights are crucial parts of our RV. With the small space and limited room, it makes it harder to find some things. But, with the proper light we have, it makes it easier to find it.

Source: IG danielvanhorn

Also, good lights make our RV look comfy for living in there. Make us enjoy having a long time there; we spend more time reading or cooking as an example. So, decorating your RV light is essential for you to do first.

2. Upgrade windows treatment

Source: IG travelin_brickhouse

The next tip is the look of your window. Of course, having curtains for your RV window is important, bringing privacy and an aesthetic look to your RV. Also, the curtains will bring an elegant and casual view. You can change the color of your curtain. Then use modern materials and style it. It will make your RV look fascinating. So upgrading your RV window treatment is a good idea, which can make your room look bigger and add more points to your RV view.

3. Try to open

Source: IG harvesthosts

Optimizing your RV window purposes is one of the best tips on decorating a recreational vehicle. Trying to let natural light from outside is one of the best ideas. You can use a big window to bring an amount of natural light from outside. It can make your RV look bigger, and also, the atmosphere will make you enjoy it.

4. Change the furniture

Source: IG homeonstilts

On decorating your RV, you have a lot of things you can do. Upgrading the furniture is one of those things. Try to upgrade your RV furniture and become the newest. Or maybe, changing your RV furniture will make the RV look or theme will be different too. You can change the furniture based on the theme of the decoration you want to make.

5. Use a wallpaper

Source: IG caffeinated.rv.mom

Changing the wallpaper on decorating an RV is a simple thing you can do. Or maybe you didn’t apply wallpaper on your RV; you can use it as a complement to decorating the RV. Using wallpaper is very simple, then it will cost you cheaply. The benefits of using wallpaper on decorating an RV are easy to install, cheap, easy to remove, bringing a new taste to your RV wall. 

6. Use a thematic decoration

Source: IG marlapao

Using thematic decoration on your recreational vehicle will make it easy to start. Then, it makes you focus on what is the first thing you need to do. Also, you can control the budget you need to decorate your RV. You only need to buy based on the theme you want to apply. In line with that, thematic decoration makes your RV look in tone on each part or side.

7. Transforming the color

Source: IG homeagainhomeagainriggityrig

Another thing you can do while decorating your RV is to change the color. Mostly color is the first part we need to change because if we change our RV’s colorway, it will totally bring a new atmosphere to our RV.

Source: IG homeagainhomeagainriggityrig

A matched colorway will make your RV look new and fresh. Using the favorite color or the theme can be the best option for choosing the color you want.

8. Inject your personality

Source: IG positivelydelighted

On decorating an RV, choosing the best and fitting for your personality is essential. Using your character as the preference for decorating your RV can be the best option to do. It will make you enjoy it; also, you know the limit of it. In line with that, the design will be unique because every person has a special touch on personality.

9. Try a custom or pop-up artwork

Source: IG conny_colorful_designer

Add artwork while decorating your RV is the other tip. By adding a pop-up artwork will make your RV room or space look spacious. Also, artwork can be the solution if you find it hard to decorate your RV’s space. Mostly we put artwork on the wall. Moreover, the artwork is relevant for all sides of your RV, like bedroom, kitchen, or working space.

10. Upgrade backsplash and countertop

Source: IG alittlemorelifeblog

The kitchen is the best place on your Rv to decorate. Backsplash and countertops can be the best part of your RV kitchen to upgrade or change. Because changing the backsplash and countertops makes your RV look better. You can use the modern or maybe traditional way of changing the backsplash and countertop. It is based on your decoration theme and budget you have.

11. Try more accessories

Source: IG thecampingcostas

Last but not least, adding accessories while decorating your RV is possible for you to do. Accessories of RV are based on your need. You can put the accessories in your bedroom or family space, or maybe in your kitchen. The simple or tiny accessories can bring a new look to your RV. Try to mix in it and combine it with your RV decoration theme.

RV Interior Decorating Ideas

The interior of your RV is an essential part to decorate. Because the interior is the part of RV which you always see, so to decorate the interior must use the best ideas and design. The design you really want it to have, and you like it, of course. These RV interior decorating designs might help you.

Boho Style RV Interior

Source: IG wholethompsonlife

Love the clean and fresh style of design in your life. You can try this boho interior design for your RV. This boho style uses natural materials of furniture, and it uses natural color. Moreover, like this design, using most of the rattan as the main material.

Fresh Interior Design

Source: IG oilsandgracetribe

Color is an important thing to consider when you start to makeover your RV. The design will perfectly implement and blend to your RV because the colorway is easy to add. Using white and green color can be the best idea for you. It will make your RV look clean and bigger.

Contemporary RV Interior Design

Source: IG wisco_flip

Using the dominant white color is representative of contemporary design. Then, combine it with another strong-line color. This design, combined with white and black color, gives this RV interior a strong atmosphere.

Source: IG wisco_flip

Moreover, to make it a little bit neutral, using natural material accessories or furniture on your RV can be the best option.

Traditional Interior Travel Trailer RV

Source: IG travelin_brickhouse

The traditional look in this modern era isn’t bad at all. Traditional feeling in your RV can be a mood booster for you. It will make us feel like we are in our grandmother’s home.

Source: IG travelin_brickhouse

Also, more vintage accessories or furniture on your RV will make it traditionally look glamorous. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to combine it with modern stuff, but it must still look old.

Source: IG travelin_brickhouse

Personal Taste

Source: IG thehappytrailerco

Starting with your personal taste will make you happy to do it. Also, it will be an original design by you. It is the same as decorating your recreational vehicle to bring your personal taste to decorating an RV.

Source: IG thehappytrailerco

You are free to explore the furniture and stuff you need to decorate your RV interior. Also, it will allow you to experiment with decor and design on your RV.

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Tropical RV Decorating Style

Source: IG allisongoesplaces

Tropical room design can be one of the best options to decorate your RV living room. This style is using natural tone color. It makes your RV look fresh, and then the open window concept makes natural light from outside easy to come. It will be a very nice design for your RV trailer; this concept is also suitable for a long-time RV campier.

Clean and Simple RV Decorating

Source: IG rv_canadiana

You are a simple person, didn’t like a glamour look, but still want a modern look. This is the best design, and this decoration only uses the main function of the accessories. Also, the good placement of furniture makes this recreational vehicle look roomy.

Unique RV Decorating Ideas

On decorating our RV, RV camper, or RV trailers. Actually, we have a free limit on exploring the design. The design can be based on our personality or may be based on the trend. Also, you can use unique RV decoration for your recreational vehicle. Let’s see the best unique RV decorating ideas, which are possible for you to apply to your RV.

RV Decorating Ideas Using Plants

Source: IG thomasfamilygoestiny

You like to plant or ornament plants in your backyard. With this idea, you can use it in your RV living room. It can be as decoration also as a producer of fresh oxygen. You must concentrate on the watering and the sunlight supply for your plants and make sure it is good enough.

Kitchen Appliances Tricks

Source: IG j.crusade

Using your appliances to decorate your RV kitchen will be a unique decoration. Combined with hooks and ropes, it makes your kitchen look unique. You can explore more and combine it with other designs. To make it look more unique and special.

Rustic Modern Style

Source: IG teamgrvliving

Unique not only about your personal touch but trying to miz the design can make your room look unique. Like this design, combining the rustic main material as decor.

Source: IG teamgrvliving

But the look of this RV living room is still modern. You can choose the material or color to make it perfectly blended for your RV.

Colorful Cubes

Source: IG teamgrvliving

Forget about your RV bedroom? Confusing how to decor it? Try this unique design, this design using a cube as the main material. Coloring the cubes, put them on your RV bedroom wall.

Source: IG teamgrvliving

This design is effortless to make. Choose the best color, which is perfect for the bedroom. Moreover, the plants give natural touches, and it makes your bedroom look fresh.

Source: IG teamgrvliving

Wooden RV Decorating Ideas

Source: IG roosintl

This is a very sensational recreational vehicle design and decoration. Makeover your RV becomes a natural look, like this RV using the wood material. It makes the RV look unique because almost all of the sides on the RV use wood. Trying to make it on your recreational vehicle is the very recommendation.

RV Camper Decorating Ideas

To decorate a recreational vehicle is based on your creativity and skills. Not all RVers have good decor skills, so search tips and ideas to decorate became an important thing to do. With this RV camper decorating ideas will help you. These ideas give the best design and decor for your kitchen, bedroom, or workspace for an RV camper.

White Kitchen RV Decor Ideas

Source: IG naturaltinyliving

This kitchen of recreational vehicles uses a simple and clean design. Using wood as the main material of countertops, combine it with a clean white color. Make this RV kitchen camper look very nice to cook. Also, it gives us have valuable time to spend on that kitchen.

King Size Bed

Source: IG rvingwithlesley

Having a bedroom on a recreational vehicle is the next level of Rvers because some of us didn’t put a bedroom as the main goal of designing recreational vehicles. But, it is still possible to have a bedroom on an RV, sometimes it’s hard to put on an RV because it will consume more space. That’s why we skip having a bedroom on the RV. On the other hand, if you have a big RV, which can have a bedroom or a big bedroom. This design can be the best option for you.

Having RV Workspace

Source: IG ourlivelytribervrenovations

The workspace in the bedroom is not special. But, having a workspace in your RV bedroom is incredible. It will consume big space in your bedroom, also placing of the workspace can be another problem. In this RV workspace design, using a block of simple wood and plank to make a workspace. It makes the bedroom still look cozy; the bright light from outside makes this design very good to make.

Expensive RV Kitchen

Source: IG livin_lassley

This kitchen design is the high class for recreational vehicles. For a long time, RVers were really suitable to use this kitchen design. This RV kitchen design is using a design for home. It will consume more money to make it.

Source: IG livin_lassley

Also, it will fit only on travel trailers. If you have much money to spend on a recreational vehicle, and you like to go outside in an RV for a long time, this design is very recommended.

Galley Design of RV

Source: IG teamgrvliving

One of the best designs of RV campers is this galley design. It is a simple design, the perfect design to make your RV look bigger. This design only uses limited space of RV. Also, the good placement of furniture makes this design look wonderful. Then, another important thing for you to take note of is furniture. It would be best if you chose the perfect and fit furniture for it. Please don’t make it look like a crash on the model or color.

Cozy RV Living

Source: IG born_a_rambling_fam

The cozy atmosphere is essential for your recreational vehicles. Moreover on RV living, because it will affect your mood while going with a recreational vehicle. Creating a cozy design of RV living can be tricky if you didn’t have experience or sources. So, you can use this design idea to decorate your Rv living.

RV Outside Decorating Ideas

RV is not only a vehicle to go on an adventure, but for the real RVers, a recreational vehicle is a home for them. Most people treated RV like their home. Well designed and decorated RV, make the recreational vehicle add more value. So, decorating the RV is important for you. It doesn’t matter inside the RV or the outside of the RV, and you must decorate it.

RV Garden Decoration

Source: IG inspiredrvliving

This RV outdoor design is perfect for those who really like gardening. This RV trailer uses plants as the main point of decoration outside. It will make the RV look green and fresh.

Source: IG inspiredrvliving

Also, changing the color of the trailer makes the fresh feeling pop up. You can try this design. It is effortless to do, but you must be patient to wait for plants to grow.

Cute Mini Camper

Source: IG janethecamper

Only have a tiny RV camper, but you still want to decorate the outside. These ideas will be nice to implement in your tiny RV. The perfect placement of the ornament and accessories make this decor look cute. Then, to support the happy feeling, the perfect choice of furniture and RV color make this design look more pretty. This decor is made for you who have a young spirit.

Bohemian RV Decoration

Source: IG onceuponacaravan

Another tiny camper design, which will be nice to make. This decoration uses a bohemian concept, and it makes your RV outdoor look cozy and calm. It makes you enjoy your night time. Moreover, using the old chair and pouf make this decoration look awesome.

Elegant RV Camper Decor

Source: IG thehappyglamperco

You are a simple person, try this decoration. Just using black and white as the main color, then add simple art. Make this design look elegant but still homey. It will make your RV trailer pop up on other trailers. If you are in your private RV park, you can add more furniture outside.

Full of Lamp and Patio

Source: IG teamgrvliving

This design is suitable for a long time RV camper. To make it, you must prepare well. You must-have material, tools, and time also the skill to make it. But it is still possible to make. Also, you can change it based on your creation. Maybe you need only the patio, or you need only the lamp. Just make what you want and what you need.


That’s all about RV decoration and design ideas, which you can create and apply to your recreational vehicle. These ideas will make it easy to decorate your recreational vehicle. Don’t forget to design based on your needs, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

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