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20+ RV Interior Paint Ideas | The Best Interior Paint Ideas

RV Interior Paint Ideas. Most ordinary RVs didn’t have a good style on the interior. Some recreational vehicles use the standard color scheme, detail, and also finishing. It will be boring to travel with that kind of RV. Also, the RV look is not fashionable enough on the interior. So, how to change the interior of a recreational vehicle itself?

Even most of us didn’t plan to live full time on our recreational vehicle. But, it is possible to change a little bit to make our adventure experience better. Moreover, we can change and update some furniture, appliances, and our RV color. For example, we can change the dinette room to suit our family time while traveling. Or maybe transferring the space on our RV became more valuable storage.

Although, in this article, we will focus on the look of an RV interior. What is that? We will talk about the interior paint ideas for our recreational vehicle because the most valuable thing we can do to decorate our recreational vehicle is the color scheme. The color of the recreational vehicle will make the situation warmer for the family, more fresh for new travelers, and look more special for full-time RV’ers.  

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Can you paint the interior of an RV?

Photo by IG purposeblog

Yes, of course, you can, it will be the same as your house. Painting the RV interior is one of the important things while starting decoration ideas. Same as painting your home, painting the RV interior is possible to do. But, it will need some compliance because not all of the interior on your recreational vehicle is the same as your home. On an RV, you need to remove some silicone caulk used for the wall and counter edge. Then, some other preparation you need before starting painting your RV, like checking the uneven spots, peeling wallpaper, or wonky screws. So, painting your RV interior is possible, but you need some adjustments to make it easy and smooth.

What kind of paint do you use on an RV interior?

Photo by IG big_little_life_

Outside have some best paint used for houses too. The best and common use of paint for painting RV interior is latex paint. But, before you start to paint your RV interior, don’t forget to sand it first. Then, you can start to primer the walls, and it will make the result and the color of the paint become better. After that, latex paint has several fishing-like eggshell finishes, semi gloss-finish, or flat finishes. Pick which you like and suitable for your RV interior.

The best RV interior paint ideas

Painting the interior is tricky because it would be hard if we didn’t prepare it first. So, in this section, we will talk about the ideas of painting your RV interior. It can help you to prepare before starting to paint the interior. 

Vintage paint interior RV style ideas

Photo by IG purposeblog

The awesome idea of painting the RV interior with the vintage style is coming true. This idea is very good for copying; also it’s possible for you to make it by yourself. Or maybe you want to use the expert service. The color of the cabinets and furniture is stunning. Then combined with clear walls with a gold accent to make it a bold vintage feel. Also, the backsplash of the kitchen makes this interior paint look amazing.

Fresh interior RV bathroom paint ideas

Photo by IG purposeblog

Green is always the best color to spread the fresh and natural feeling. The color of this RV bathroom interior matches. The simple changing of the bathroom wall color makes it look fresh. It will support our mood while in the RV bathroom. Because most RV bathrooms have small space, this color will reduce those wicked feelings.

Teal painting of RV cabinet interior ideas

Photo by IG purposeblog

Using teal color for your RV interior will be nice. The feeling of teal color makes your RV look fresh, and it is easy to match with other colors. Also, most teal colors are suitable for cabinets and walls. Making these painting ideas can be one of the options for painting your RV interior.

Painting the RV with happy color

Photo by IG purposeblog

Changing your RV color interior with a cheerful color is a nice idea. It can change the feeling of an entire family becoming charmed. Like this pink color for the bedroom, it will make your children happy. Then, the watercolor with airflow pattern makes this painting look roomy. 

Unique Color for RV

Photo by IG thedekkertrekkers

Painting your RV with a unique color will be a nice idea, like this RV cabinet using Cadwell Green as the main color. It makes this recreational vehicle look fresh and perfect combined with the white color of the wall and other accessories. This color can be the best solution for you because it will be suitable for any circumstance. The combination of clear white color with the green paint of the cabinet makes this RV look amazing.

Be brave in choosing the paint

Photo by IG gumper_the_glamper

Choosing the best color for painting the recreational vehicle is hard. Using the pop-up color for your RV is possible, like this idea of painting. Bright blue color paint is the main focus and theme for the RV. It makes this RV have a strong personality of color. I will guideline you to choose other parts for the recreational vehicle to paint with blue paint, like the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.

Simple van camper color

Photo by IG voyage_on

Small RVs make it harder to choose the perfect color. Because you need to make sure the color can make the space look bigger and wide. The combination of white and black can be the best solution. But, you need to choose the right part to paint. You can use the idea, using white tile as the main color of the wall, then change the color of cabinets and some accessories with black paint. It makes this small van look bigger, and also simple and elegant feelings pop up perfectly.

Identical color paint interior ideas for RV

Photo by IG woodlandcreatur

Having a new color option like brown on your recreational vehicle is amazing. Like this brown color scheme for the whole part and room of the RV. Brown color like a plank of wood will bring a new feeling. It will support the atmosphere while you are traveling with your family. Also, the brown color always matches the kind of room and space you have on the recreational vehicle. You can add brown color to your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or any other space on your RV.

Pink is a possible color for RV

Photo by IG allisonthomasphotography

Having a cute pink color paint on a recreational vehicle will be a stunning idea. Moreover, the fresh pink will be nice if you have a beautiful daughter. It will make her more likely to spend it on the RV. Ten, the idea of giving a special touch painting on the wall makes this RV nice. Then, combining a black patterned painting of the backsplash and the sofa makes these RV painting ideas worth trying.

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Cheerful painting for the RV

Photo by IG allisonthomasphotography

Changing the ordinary color of RV to a fresh and colorful painting is perfect. It can change the feeling of traveling. Combining all the pop colors like this recreational vehicle can be one of the best ideas. Choosing the perfect color and the perfect place to apply the paint can be hard. But, with this idea, you can imitate it. Because this design is nice when applying the color. It makes this RV perfectly blend all colors.

Vintage painting RV

Photo by IG allisonthomasphotography

Try this vintage painting idea by using a glossy white color. The combination of pastel color and white color is perfect. You can add some accessories or accents to make it look nice. The collaboration of the color is nice, and it makes the recreational vehicle look bigger and clean. It makes us want to spend more time there. That feeling will support our traveling experience. 

Stunning RV bedroom painting

Photo by IG stairsuphandlein

Bedrooms are always the part to be loved on recreational vehicles. Because getting a proper bed in an RV is hard to do. You must think about the space you have, the budget you can spend, also the design of the bed itself. So, this idea will make your beloved bedroom more spacious. The color and the paint make this bedroom awesome.

Blue camper van RV

Photo by IG wandering.wheels.campervans

The perfect combination of blue and white color on this van is adorable. It makes this RV easy to remember; this color has a strong position. Then, applying the blue color on the perfect part of this van, combined with the simple wood ceiling, makes it look elegant. This painting idea is nice to try on your recreational vehicle.

Rustic RV paint design

Photo by IG _lamardevan_

Painting isn’t about full color, and you can use wood color or finishing like this RV. This RV uses a simple wood finishing for all parts inside the RV. It makes this recreational vehicle look rustic and old-style with the wood finishing. All parts of this Rv interior use wood as the main material, so the concept of this RV is to bring the natural color inside.

Green and Wood color

Photo by IG projectyonder_

The combination of this RV painting is stunning. It makes this RV look glamorous but still brings a natural feeling to it. The combination of green paint and the natural wood color make it look perfect. It will support a fresh atmosphere while traveling. Also, the perfect place to apply the color is gorgeous.

Elegant RV interior paint ideas

Photo by IG i.built.a.glampervan

Trying black color painting on your recreational vehicle can be the best idea. This camper van uses solid black color as the main view of the interior. Moreover, black paint is used in several parts of this camper van. Then, add some accent of gold color and pattern on the backsplash. It makes this recreational vehicle look elegant and expensive. 

Glamorous RV painting ideas

Photo by IG camperhacker

The combination of black and green paint on the RV is possible. Suppose you can put it in the right composition. Like this RV painting idea, the perfect combination of black and green paint makes it look glamorous. Also, adding a little accent of wood and stone on the backsplash and furniture makes a really good finish. This RV will make you enjoy traveling with your family.

Smokey natural blue painting RV

Photo by IG ourwaytoroam

Blue painting for some people is too bright, but you can apply this smokey blue. The paint of smokey blue will suit all kinds of people because the color is soft and makes us feel peaceful. You can apply the color on all parts of your RV, but you can add only on the furniture or only on the wall. Don’t forget to combine with other colors to make your RV look nice.

Modern blue RV interior paint ideas

Photo by IG three_vanlifers

Using this modern blue color for painting your RV will be nice. This painting idea will give you preferences for changing your RV color. Like other painting ideas, this modern blue color is nice in all conditions. Also, the color is easy to combine with other colors. So, it will be easy for you to change to another color in the future.

Elegant black and white color

Photo by IG southsidecamper

The standard color of an RV or trailer is white, which can be combined with other colors. One of the best colors is black. The combination of black and white color on an RV or trailer is perfect. Those combinations bring the elegant and modern style of the RV. Then, applying the perfect parts of your RV or trailer can boost the characteristic.

Painting for Halloween

Photo by IG mckean_family

Pastel blue color and white color are always the best paint combination. One of the best of this paint idea is, it can combine with every event you get. Like this Halloween design, it is perfectly matched to the RV color. The color is perfectly blended with the accessories and ornaments of the Halloween theme. 

The traditional look of RV

Photo by IG daveandkisha

This painting idea of an RV uses the traditional look or pedestrian theme. The color is not stunning out on the entire RV. Then, the curtains and furniture are really simple. It makes this RV look very simple and welcoming to other people. This painting design is very nice, and it makes your family and friends happy to relax in it. 

Glamorous and Expensive RV

Photo by IG wisco_flip

The design of this 5th wheel RV trailer is fascinating. The color grading of all furniture, walls, and cabinets makes this RV the perfect place to relax while traveling. This design using all space looks bigger and fresh. Also, using good paint became one of the important reasons to make this RV trailer look like this.

White and palette RV paint

Photo by IG slowcarfasthome

Using a clean white for the entire RV interior is good, but giving a simple touch will make it more beautiful. Like this paint of this Airstream RV, applying all-white paint for all space they have. But, on the other hand, using a simple mural palette color to create an identical spotlight on the bedroom wall.


Having a nice and beautiful RV interior paint is important. It can support our feelings of traveling and adventure. So, painting the interior of the RV should be done perfectly. Then, the most important thing is that the paint must match your personality. With those ideas of the painting above, you will get new insight on choosing the perfect color for your RV. Start to paint your RV interior, plan your budget and the perfect color, and be brave to do it.

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