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RV Shower Curtain Ideas (RV Outdoor Shower Curtain)

RV Shower Curtain. Size doesn’t matter for those who live in RVs, including the size of the bathrooms. Most RVs bathrooms are equipped with showers to minimize the use of space. Moreover, it is known that RV showers tend to be much smaller than the showers available in conventional houses.

This is why you have to consider the size when you want to purchase a shower curtain for your RV. A regular shower curtain is usually bigger than an RV shower. A longer shower curtain for your shower RV can harm you with a tripping hazard when showering. Furthermore, it will drag outside the shower, causing it to become dirty.

However, you can decorate your RV shower as fancy as you want it to be. A shower curtain is the first thing getting your attention. Note that shower curtains easily get old and broken. These curtains do not last forever. It would be best if you replaced them sooner or later. Knowing some ideas for your shower curtain is always helpful.

What is an RV shower curtain track?

Sometimes, little things can annoy your camping trip. Something as simple as an RV shower curtain track can annoy you. The RVs shower curtains are relatively small, so they need small curtain track hardware. A lighter and smaller RVs shower is favorable for its lower profile; it is a desirable attribute in the RV industry. The most likely RV shower curtain track is the one with custom bending of tracks to ensure an exact fit for any RV shower curtain model.

What is an RV shower curtain rod?

RV shower curtain rods, or tension rods, are powerful tools. We can use them in multiple ways, yet they are also cheap, install quickly, and are completely removable. Moreover, they won’t damage the walls of your shower to make your curtain stay in its place. You can choose to have the simple one or decoration stuck to the rods and make your RV curtain rod ideas

Better to keep the shower open or closed?

You might have a curtain surrounding your shower, but leaving the bathroom door open once you finish showering will let you have nice air circulation and evaporate the water. Having the door open after showering also prevents mildew build-up in other areas of the bathroom. When you keep your shower closed, your shower will not be properly ventilated, so it’s better to keep your shower door open to release humidity when not in use. If you do install a vent, turn it on before showering. If you do not, consider having a vent installed to protect your shower glass and bathroom from potentially harmful mildew and mold.

RV Shower Curtain Ideas

We all face one thing when traveling or living in an RV; whether it’s the small as a compact camper trailer or the biggest Class A on the market, it’s how we manage the space. This case is including how we build a shower in your RV. A shower is perfect for a tiny area such as an RV; it’s less consumed space and cost-less. An RV shower is one area where space is tight (especially wet baths), but you need a shower curtain to complete the installation. If you’ve ever spent time in an RV shower, we’re sure these RV shower curtain ideas will help.

1. Tile Blast Old Curtain To New

Source: IG steph_sweeney_

Try the first one from these wonderful shower curtain ideas. If you want to save some money in your pocket, you can keep the shower curtain you already owned. How to make an RV shower curtain? What you need to do to make it new is attaching some embroidered tile at the curtain’s bottom to get a new look. Still, need more sparkling items for your amazing shower curtain? Add some fancy curtain hooks to your cart. They are worth buying, and you will not regret the final result. 

2. DIY Gorgeous Spray Paint Shower

Source: IG mobythebiggreyvan

Never think that the remains of your Spray Paint can make your RV’s old shower curtain new? That is the time to apply your skill on the RV shower curtain. Spray some abstract pictures using the paint on your RV shower curtain. If you are a rookie in painting and afraid to make any mistakes, you can google some simple patterns. It is fantastic to have such a personal painting to a permanent, fixed shower curtain taking up floor space!

3. The Puppy Loves Gray Curtain

Source: IG leeannieblivin

Not only for humans, but dogs will also love to get showered with this RV shower curtain. This shower area will be one of your favorite areas in your RV. The upside gray lace decoration suits well with that bright color shower curtain. You will love to have this one hanging up in your shower.  

4. Unexpectedly Cheap RV Shower Curtain

Source: IG rvnew

If you have free time to look for a new detail for your RV shower curtain, try to look for it in the clearance sale from the nearest store. For example, like the curtain in this picture, you can add lace throughout the curtain’s upfront side. The kind of lace in the picture is usually expensive. It seems to suit someone who has a broad range of money to get accessories for the shower curtain. Otherwise, if you search intensively for shower curtain lace, you will be surprised by how the lace will not make you spend a ton of money on it. It is fancy enough to cheer your RV shower curtain. It blends to the line pattern at the bottom of your RV shower curtain perfectly. 

5. Elegance In Black And White

Source: IG ashley.joyfullygrowing

Bring your little RV shower a new look with this set of a new black and white shower curtain. The RV shower curtain that we bought there dims its elegant look with black and white domination in a rectangular pattern. If you don’t have much money to spend on the rods, you can have a used wire instead of purchasing a new one. 

6. Get Inspiration From Nature

Source: IG rvsandtrees

To get wonderful RV shower curtain ideas, you can get ideas from anywhere, including this one. You will fall in love with this shower curtain! The inspiration for this shower curtain was from the maple leaves. You can adapt the idea to fit the characteristic of the shower. Add a wooden shower mat at the one side of the shower pillar to lift the nature style. The result is simple yet mesmerizing.

7. Never Afraid To RV Shower Curtain

Source: IG randaunderway

Change your old look shower with this one! You may dream of having a glass door for your shower, but in Rv, that kind of door will mess the space. Change your dreamy glass shower to this bright white color curtain, together with the fancy shower rod. Bye-bye, the previous boring shower curtain. 

8. Wrap In Nautical RV Shower Curtain

Source: IG mysweetfamilyhome

Wrap your little shower with this nautical shower curtain. This was a budget-friendly makeover. The white and blue gives a serene atmosphere to the shower area. Big impact for a little spent money is the best! 

9. Bring Out All Elegance

Source: IG rv.renovate

Simple and small don’t always refer to a cheesy look. Try this good look with a fine quality RV shower curtain. Remove all old things to give you a chance to get a now RV shower curtain. With the best quality of fine metal shower rack, it’s good to have something luxurious that will add much more elegance to your shower area. 

10. Pipe Is Useful!

Source: IG utopia_road_life

Sometimes, the RV owner decides to bathe outside because of the limited tiny space and financial reasons. They prefer to bathe in free public toilets, ignoring that they come home in cold slippers afterward. But, have you ever thought about using a pipe as the racks for hanging your RV shower curtain? Of course, it’s way more affordable, and you don’t need to go outside only to pee.

11. What A Quick Fresh Look

Source: IG casitapeaches

Another idea comes from nature. You can give your shower area a quick fresh look with a set of hanging vine! Give it around the curtain rack, hanging down to the shower curtain. What a fresh look. You can get a real vine if it’s possible. If not, buy an imitation one that can be gotten easily at the nearby store. 

12. Infamous But Wonderful Option

Source: IG emturbyfill
Source: IG emturbyfill

A nice showering will be a perfect closure for your sunny day. Although it was an unpopular decision to choose a shower curtain instead of installing a glass door, it makes your shower area more spacious than another option. Try this cute polka dot RV shower curtain as perfection for your shower.

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13. More Little Makes More Interesting

Source: IG non_stop_exploring

If you have a little time to take care of your RV shower installation, you can get some sets of plastic RV showers that are available online. Instead, we hope this idea can give you some inspiration. This time, you can choose any RV shower curtain from any genre, from the cute one or nautical just like this one. Combine the playful curtain with tile walls. 

14. A Little Green For Your Shower

Source: IG rvfixerupper

Bring nature inside your shower with a bit of touch in shower accessories. With a fresh green leaves RV shower curtain, the look freshens the atmosphere around the shower, so you will not stick with the monotonous white—additionally, some extra beautiful, sturdy, affordable shower rods for the corner showers. No time to worry; take your phone and buy them online. You can find them all on Amazon. 

15. Be Playful With The Patterns

Source: IG salazar.38ft.5thwheel

Be playful by having more than one pattern in your shower. This RV shower can be a model for your inspiration. It has three different patterns for its wall, floor, and shower curtain. The line pattern shower curtain is way different from the polka dot floor mat and grayish dot wall. Amazingly, it’s not exaggerating. The patterns complete one another. 

RV Outdoor Shower Curtain Ideas

Some RV owners are lucky enough to have adequate space for an indoor shower. Others are luckier to have both an inside and an outside shower. In reality, some reasons make RV owners choose to use their outdoor shower instead. One of the reasons is related to the limited RV space. Others say that they prefer an outdoor shower in case the moisture easily escapes. More room available outside also becomes the reason. On the other hand, you can use an outdoor shower for washing pets and sports gear. These outdoor shower curtain ideas will make your RV outdoor shower more beautiful and useful.

1. Let The Curtain For Some Privacy

Source: IG rover.camel

Take a look at this DIY outdoor shower. You might feel crumpled with the tiny space inside your RV. Extra space for a shower might stress you out to think where you should build the area. No more worry, try to make a simple outdoor shower like this one. Just hung up the curtain, and voila, you can shower anywhere with privacy. Amazingly, you don’t need a shower rack and rods. Instead, you can stick a rubber stand holder between the two sides of your RV back door to hold the curtain.

2. A Portable Shower Tent Saves The Day

Source: amazon.com

Don’t want to install anything extra to your RV, even though it’s an outdoor shower? Try this portable popup camp shower tent. It’s handy with several multi-function purposes. It provides you an experience of an outdoor shower with privacy and changes to a swimming suit without any hesitation. It also prevents unexpected rain or strong sunshine. The portable shower tent is easily set up and folded back. There are no tools required. You can find this item on any online platform.

3. A Simple Temporary Shower Turn!

Source: IG somedaystartsnow

Are you feeling dizzy to provide a space for your shower? How about trying this temporary shower? First of all, you have to get two pins clipped to your RV’s back doors to install the emergency shower curtain. You can choose a simple shower curtain as long as it’s only for emergencies. It’s simple and allows you to have a quick shower while on the road this summer.

4. Pipe For The RV Outdoor Shower

Source: www.truckcampermagazine.com

Hop to another option of an RV outdoor shower. You might hate it because it’s hard to get privacy when showering outside. To have RV privacy curtains, you can create an inexpensive outside shower curtain and holder – for less than $12. You can start to find an 8-foot 1/2-inch PVC Schedule 40 pipe from the nearest hardware store and install it as the curtain holder. It’s easy and will save you a great amount of money.

5. Be Economical

Source: i.pinimg.com

Imagine the time when you need to set a simple and quick shower. You can install your RV outdoor shower in a form stall built with inexpensive electrical conduit tubing. The tubing holds a shower curtain staying its place with wire rings and adds privacy to the outdoor shower area.


At the end of these Rv shower curtain ideas collections, you might have many things in your mind and force you to make it into reality. It’s time for you to start redecorating your RV with a wonderful selection of curtains. Choose the one you love. You can enjoy the showering time afterward, as many mods as you want, at any time. Good luck!

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