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Best RV Surge Protector (30 amp and 50 amp Surge Protector Reviews)

Best RV Surge Protector. It is essential to protect all your electronics appliances in the RV because a power fault can damage it. Once it happens, you might lose much investment in comfortable appliances such as air conditioners, TV, microwave, and many more. That’s why you need a surge protector.

If you are as yet unconscious of what an RV surge protector does, at that point, know that its principle work is to give over-burden protection in those cases wherein there are power surges and different issues.

Further, it can provide security from circuit overuse inside your RV. In any case, with many alternatives available, you may think it is hard to find the best surge protector for your vehicle. Hence, we come with an idea of guidance to select the top quality RV surge protectors.

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Types of RV Surge Protector

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Before buying an RV surge protector, you have to know the type of it. There are certain types available on the shop, but in common, you will know two types: a portable and hardwired surge protector. Let’s discuss the types below.

1. Portable Surge Protector

We begin with the portable type. Most RV owners like this type because it allows you to install from one vehicle to another. You will not see many difficulties while installing this type. The plug and play models are the reason why this one is easy to use. Before plugging this surge protector to your RV, all you need to do is hook it to the pedestal directly. Further, the portable surge protector needs the correct amp rating; it is 30 or 50 that is usually already on the vehicle. If your surge protector is broken, you can easily replace it with the new one without any doubt.

2. Hardwired Surge Protector

This opposite type of portable is usually already installed on the vehicle. You can find this surge protector near the power wheel. This type is recommended for you that need a safe surge protector. It is safe because it is made from durable material. Further, you will not think anymore about hooking this to the vehicle even to use it is still quicker than the portable one. With this RV hardwired surge protector, you will not feel worried about the wet condition because it is already in a safe area.

Things to consider before buying RV Surge Protectors

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After knowing the type of RV surge protector, it is still difficult to narrow down to the wanted surge protector. We help you with some considered factors in choosing the best RV surge protector. Below might be not the specific one, but at least you know the primary consideration.

1. UL Certified

Buying the stuff that has authority certified is essential. UL stands for Underwriter’s Laboratory that checks surge protector before it commercializes. With the measurement from UL, the customers can buy a safe and high-quality product that protects your vehicles last longer. Further, this certification also makes you sure that the surge protector will prevent excessive voltage issues.

2. Power Rating

This factor is essential because your RV power needs the right surge protector. Different vehicles will need different power to make it work functionally. If it is not, the device will get risk, and you won’t feel comfortable in the camping. So, you must pick the surge protector that has higher energy consumption that your RV needs. With that choice, your safety will be assured along the ride.

3. Providing Safety Detector

A first safety detector might be an additional feature, yet this is still important. With this feature, you can prevent a more significant risk and don’t get extensive damage. The other feature you should consider is like indicator alarms, LED lights, automatic problem detectors, and auto shut-off switches. Those features will put your comfortable and safe ride in the first place.

4. Easy Installation

Having an easy to install surge protector will support your fun time during the camping. It is a must to find the easy one, and the complicated surge protector might lead to another power problem. This easiness starts from the manual that has illustrations and clear guidance. Then, plug and play design is the recommendation to pick.

5. Indicator Light

Indicator light became essential for surge protectors, and it will make us know whether our surge protector still functions or not. Almost all models of RV surge protectors, even the best surge protector will burn after repeated power surges. So, the indicator light will help you to know your protector is functioning correctly.

6. Weather Proofing

Weather always be part of our friend while taking an adventure with RV. We will face worse or maybe extreme weather. So, to disappear those anxious feelings buy an RV surge protector with weatherproofing features. You didn’t have to worry about the worst weather like ruined or extreme weather conditions.

7. The Ports

Determining how many ports you need in your RV is based on how many appliances or electronics things you need. Sometimes we have few electronics things in our RV, so having more surge protectors became essential. Except, you didn’t have a lot of appliances that needed surge protectors. So, ports became crucial things to consider when you buy an RV surge protector if you need multiple protectors.

8. Joules Rating

Joules rating became essential to consider when buying an RV surge protector because the protector must be able to disperse heat during the power spikes. You RV has few electronic appliances which have a variation on the level of the surge. So, when buying a new RV surge protector, it is must capable of protecting you from dangers that might happen because of overheating. Higher joules rating means more safety for your recreational vehicle.

9. LED Display

Displays make it easier to know the cautions and indicators of your surge. Some surge protectors need to track the metric like the voltage and frequency. Having a functional and bright LED display on the surge protector becomes essential; it will help you to read and comprehend the metric.

10. Cost

Last, the cost is always our final consideration. It would be best if you bought the surge protector, which fits on your budget, and it is cost-effective. Don’t buy the cheapest one, but you need to sacrifice the quality. Search the product of surge protectors, which offers a balance between quality, safety, and the price.

Best RV Surge Protector

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It is the time to choose the best surge protector for your RV. Among plenty of products, we have gathered some highly recommended. The list below will save your time to think, and you can easily find the best protector for the vehicle.

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1. Progressive Industries 313.1168 SSP30X Smart Surge Protector

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If you are looking for a 30 amp surge protector, this product will come first. The product is named smart because you can rely on the feature and performance to make your RV work properly and protect your appliances. Progressive Industries completes the surge protector with an indicator that will show the current condition. From the design, this is a portable and compact product. The design is an excellent feature because people will search the surge protector that is easy to use and carry. Furthermore, it is great for the open ground and has reverse polarity detection of surges. So, you can easily detect the power problem directly after you plug it in.

2. Progressive Industries SSP-50XL Surge Protector

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Another great product from Progressive Industries is made for 50 amp RV surge protectors. The company always produces high quality and durable products that ensure safety on the top chart. As for 30 amp, this SSP-50XL is well designed and made it easy to use and carry. It also has a quick problem detector that will be useful in open ground and open neutral. With that feature, your RV appliances will get protection from power damage. Then, the light indicator also can warn us if we get the wrong wiring. In conclusion, this product offers an excessive peace and full protection for RV and appliances.

3. Surge Guard 34830 Portable Model Surge Protector

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Surge Guard 34830 is another reliable product that can keep your RV and appliances safe from getting damage caused by power problems. With an LCD, you will easily know the power information, even if the light is not durable. Further, the compact design allows it to have easy to use features. You will not face any difficulties also if it is your first time using it. Overall, this surge protector is a valuable investment. Then, you can have significant peace in which your vehicle won’t be harmed because of broken park power, which is a typical issue across RV parks and campsites.

4. Portable EMS-PT30X RV Surge Protector

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You will not find any minor thing from this Progressive Industries surge protector product except the high cost. Yet, it doesn’t matter because the quality and useful features offered are valuable. You can have genuine feelings of peace that your RV appliances and equipment that need power will not get harm because of fault on the pedestal. As another product, the design allows you to use it easily. The key feature of this surge protector is it has a weather shield. So, no matter the weather that you face, rain, snow, windy or sunny, you will always feel safe about your electricity. In the end, you will see a locked-bracket that keeps it in place. The pull handle is durable yet still easy to maneuver.

5. Surge Guard 44260 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector

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This product from TRC is one of the best RV surge protectors 30 amp that you can get. This product will impress you with the performance in protecting your vehicle. You can easily install it because of the portable form that only needs plugging to the source power. Further, your camping will not be bothered with power obstacles because of the early detection feature that it has. This surge protector can identify the fault in a park. Then, once you plug this in, it can analyze circuits to identify whether good or not. With the indicator lights, you can see power status. At last, this type is water-resistance that will work best in windy or wet conditions.

6. TRS Surge Guard 44270 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector

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Another TRS product that is undoubtedly easy to use and install. Even if you are for the first time, you will not find any complicated installation. Different from before, this type is RV surge protector 50 amp. The surge protector does the function proficiently, particularly in detecting directly whether the power source in the campsite is flawed. It can assure that you have peace of mind since realizing that you generally associate with a protected and secure power source. Another great reality about the surge protector is that it can deal with all conceivable climate conditions. Besides, it gives crucial assurance and security in open neutral and open ground cases.

7. Hughes Autoformer BX4370 30 AMP Surge Protector

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Hughes Autoformer completed the product with a rare technology that is usually used in the surge protector. It can connect easily to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology. Unlike most surge protectors, they often have various ways of warning or shutting the power when there is a problem. But this type will send an alert to your phone, and you can determine what to do next. This feature helps you even if you are staying away. The simple design is helpful for beginner users. Overall, you will not worry about the price because it is budget-friendly.

8. Southwire 34930 Surge Guard 30A – Full Protection

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A lightweight surge protector that will not make you feel difficult to install at every campsite. With an LCD, you can read the current power condition, such as voltage and amp draws. Further, the feature on this surge protector can detect and protect your vehicle against various problems such as open grounds, high and low voltages, reverse polarity, and the presence of a miswired pedestal. If you drive your RV in the humid climates, this surge protector suits in protecting the air conditioner compressor from power damage.

9. Camco 55301 30 Amp RV Surge Protector

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As known that Camco is the leading company for producing RV essential items. This high-quality surge protector is easy to install without wasting a lot of time. The Camco surge protector has an auto disconnect feature from power if there is a problem. It will reset automatically when the problem already disappears. In assisting you in being aware of everything, there are many LED light indicators on the front board of the unit to show you with diagnosing electrical issues. While it must be introduced accurately to be satisfactorily ensured, this unit is intended to oppose antagonistic climate conditions while proceeding to work viably.

10. Surge Guard 44280 Portable Surge Protector

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This surge protector is a lightweight and budget-friendly item yet has excellent quality. You will not worry about the quality that is durable and has UL certified for sure. You might face various weather in the ride, but with this surge protector, you won’t be bothered because it is weather-resistance. Then, with a cover that ensures all are safe. Light indicators will tell you to open ground, reverse polarity, reverse ground, and open neutral. Your power supply will have a constant check for identifying power damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an RV surge protector?

The surge protector is used to protect your RV electronic system. Such as electronic components on your RV to make it safe from any damage due to voltage fluctuation. The surge protector will protect your recreational vehicle from low and high voltage, electrical system, stemming problems, and detecting reverse polarity. Like insurance for your electronics appliances, this device regulates the safe voltage supply and requires the consistent voltage to your electronic devices.

How does an RV surge protector work?

The surge protector passes the electric current from the outlet to electronic devices, plugged into the power strip. Extra electricity from campground power will divert to grounding wire, and it makes your electrical component from power surge issues and errors. It can also inform any potential issue that can be a problem for your RV, and then it can shut down or cut the power if necessary. Moreover, the surge protector can guard on fluctuation power like AC, refrigerator, or television.

Do you need a surge protector for your RV?

Yes, of course, if you use recreational vehicles often day by day or have an adventure for a long time. Having a surge protector is essential for your RV. A surge protector can save several electronics and wires from weak and lousy power while you are on the road. It will be first-line defense while parked on the campground, hook into the pedestal, and then use the power to your RV.

When should I replace my surge protector?

It’s practically hard to know precisely when your surge protector needs to replace. Some surge protectors have a built-in lights feature, that is designed to alert you about the problem and to inform you when the surge protector needs to be replaced. But, mostly it’s hard to use that, sometimes it’s not a foolproof system. However, you can use the warranty of the surge protector or how long you buy it, to determine when you need to change the protector.

What is surge protector warranty?

Good brands always offer a comprehensive warranty. Most surge protectors provide 2-5 years warranty. Excellent and trustworthy brands or products can provide a lifetime warranty. It can cover the parts, materials, internal electronics, etc. So, it will help you in choosing the best surge protector for your recreational vehicle.

What are good RV surge protector brands?

There are many good brands of RV surge protector, some of them are Progressive Industries, Southwire, Camco, Hughes Autoformer, and Technology Research. They are some of the most trusted brands on the market; also, they have good reviews, function, and features. These brands are committed to offering quality and durability surge protectors. They made it with weatherproof materials, which can deal with worse condition weather like snow, wind, sun, rain. Also, they made an LED indicator display that can inform about the details you need before any issues arise. Last but not least, the surge protector of those brands provide a compact and stable design that can make it easy to install it on your recreational vehicle.

How many joules is a good surge protector?

Mostly the surge protector has at least 1000 joules. It makes you safe using your electronic appliances. The brands which are provided between 1000 to 2000 joules will be able to give enough protection for your RV electricity. So, the good surge protector is based on your electricity needs. But, the minimum joules must be provided on surge protectors is 1000, it can protect your device from surges of 1000 joules or less.


You already have the guide for buying an RV surge protector as you realize that surge protector is an essential investment for RV to get a safe ride. With this information, you get a fortune with the critical features and factors considering that we have highlighted. In the end, you can start choosing and comparing various products to find your protector today. Hopefully, it’s given you a quick look at all the things to search for in getting your RV surge protector. We trust this list encourages you to pick the best RV surge protector so you can focus on your ride and not on power surges.

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