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Best RV Sewer Hose | What is the best RV sewer hose?

Best RV Sewer Hose. Every part of the RV plays an important role. It all works together to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable. But, no one gets excited when it comes to the sewer hose. The sanitation part tends to be left behind more than others. The fact that the sewer hose plays a vital role in eliminating the waste from the RV.

Most people would like to go wrong with a sewer hose. If you don’t choose the product carefully, it will take you into problems. Even if it is just only a hose with some fittings, you should make sure everything is going smoothly in the dumpsite. So, let’s take a look here at your center information about the RV sewer hose. RV sewer hose comes in various types and models. You must consider the one that suits your RV tank. Don’t worry; we will also show you some recommendation products.

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What features to look for when buying an RV sewer hose?

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In keeping all things running efficiently, finding one of the RV sewer hoses must be essential. A hose might be a simple item for RV, yet, the function will determine your journey. Let’s see some essential features of the sewer hose that will help you enjoy the trip.

1. The Length and Thickness of the Hose

First, you must take a look at the size of the sewer hose. It usually comes 10, 15, or 20 feet in length. The length will depend on how you would give access to the dumpsite. A long RV sewer hose can give you advantages. You will not stand directly to the dumpsite if having a sewer hose at least 15 feet in length. Further, you can buy an extension to make it longer.

For the thickness, the frequency will determine your choice. If you use the hose often, it is better to pick a higher viscosity. Still, the heavier a sewer hose will be difficult to store but can last longer.

2. Look for A Collapsible One

This part will link to how you store the RV sewer hose. As said before, large houses might be challenging to store. To solve it, you can find the collapsible sewer hose. You can find this type on the market even if it is a bit expensive. It doesn’t matter as long as you can use it in the long term. Besides, it is better to check your RV sewer hose storage before buying.

3. Good Flow and Flexible RV Sewer Hose

The sewer hose with a good flow is the dream of every RV owner. Most people will choose the hose with 4-inch in the opening. The size of the hose opening can determine how it flows. Then, the flexibility comes because no one wants an easy tearing hose. More flexibility is better because you need it in every climate. Furthermore, it is better to check in person how flexible an RV sewer hose could be.

What is the best RV sewer hose?

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The best sewer hose will be rated by yourself. What kind of sewer hose you need. How often you use the sewer hose. How much budget you have to buy an RV sewer hose. Those points will be the focus of choosing the best RV sewer hose. Also, you can check the review of the sewer hose product. Or maybe, how many people suggest it. It will help you to determine the best sewer hose for your recreational vehicle. Below, we will give you guidance on how to choose the best sewer hose. Moreover, we will mention the best ten RV sewer hose in 2021. Let’s jump to it.

Best RV Sewer Hose

1. The Camco 39742 RhinoFLEX RV Sewer Hose

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Camco RhinoFLEX is a top brand RV sewer hose that most RVer use. It is because of the ease that sticks on the product. First, the hose comes in three length choices, 10, 15, and 20 feet. Then, if you buy this one, you can also get lug fitting, translucent elbow piece, swivel fitting, and pre-attached bayonets. All those items make you avoid frustration in attracting and detaching the RV sewer hose.

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Further, it is made from polyolefin, a durable material. You will find that the hose is easy to flow with 23 millimeters thickness. The most important thing is it can fold and ease you to store down.

2. Titan 17853 Premium RV Sewer Hose

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Titan Premium sewer hose is one of the easy-to-use products. You can easily plug and unplug the hose from the wastewater. Don’t worry about its durability because the feature is incredible. It was designed to maintain the shape. Even if it is stuck under, run over by a car, or stepped, the hose will pop up back to shape. Further, the hose also has temperature resistant and is strong enough for punctures.

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Also, you can safely store the hose without dripping or mess because of two end caps. The product comes in two options length, 15 and 20 feet. But, if it is still too short, you can buy an additional RV sewer hose extension for about 10 feet.

3. Lippert Waste Master 20-inch RV Sewer Hose

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The Lippert Waste master provides you a brand new design. It solves the leaking problems that are commonly found in the traditional RV sewer hose. So, the company uses a CAM lock system that has a better sealing method. You can also easily connect and disconnect the hose from the tank.

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Also, it is a durable product. It will not get flattened while run over by a car. Besides, it is resistant to abrasion and punctures. We need to know that Lippert Waste master has a one-time installation that means it will be permanent to the RV drain pipe.

4. Valterra Viper 20-Foot RV Universal Sewer Hose

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The Valterra viper is known as the best sewer hose among all traditional hoses. A traditional style hose is a sewer hose that has bayonet-style fitting. It might be the standard fitting on the RV. with 15 and 20 feet length, the sewer hose thick enough, and has abrasion and tearing resistance.

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Further, the end fitting will be permanently mounted to avoid leakage. You will also get a 90-degree adapter when buying it. It is to fit the sewer connector to the dump station easily.

5. Camco 39666 Deluxe RV Sewer Hose Kit with Swivel Fittings

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If your RV has two containers, the Camco Deluxe can be the best choice for you. With a Y connector, it allows you to attach two hoses while emptying the containers. Then, it has a 360-degree swivel connector, so, you will quickly move the hoses around.

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You need to know that it is made from thick vinyl, making it durable and heavy to use. On the other hand, you cannot extend the hose that much; it can cause the hose off the tank. So, it is better to choose the most extended hose offered. Also, it has a bayonet fitting and lugs for securing the fitting.

6. Valterra Dominator RV Sewer Hose Kit

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If you are a recreational vehicle casual user, you can choose the Valterra Sewer Hose

Dominator as your great equipment. It is affordable and budget-friendly. This sewer hose can collapse down to 57 inches to save your storage.
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The durability is also good, even though it is a simple RV sewer hose. It has UV stabilizing technology to maintain durability. Then, In the package, you will get a fitting that can spin 360-degree and not get leaks. On the other hand, we don’t recommend this one if you are a full-time RV user. This sewer hose might be durable, but not for a long time.

7. Camco 39667 Revolution 20-inch RV Sewer Hose Kit

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You can easily plug and unplug the sewer hose from the tank with pre-attached fittings. The RV sewer hose fittings can rotate 360 degrees. With a wye connector in the package, it can ease you to connect it to the dumpsite.

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Further, the unique feature is UV resistance in the 20-inch sewer hose. It shows that the company gives you all the durability it can.  It is essential when it comes to storing. The RV sewer hose is so comprehensive because it can store in 4-inch square storage. Furthermore, it has storage caps for clean storage. Camco Revolution is worth money for the right choice.

8. Camco RhinoEXTREME 20-foot RV Sewer Hose Kit

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The Camco RhinoEXTREME has been made from a durable material, polypropylene exoskeleton. It makes sure that the hose will not get crushed and abrasion-resistance. Then, the protection is far more to fight against potholes and leaks. The product comes in separated 10 feet each. You can connect it for 20 feet or use one part.

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Then, the pre-attached bayonets are simple to connect and can swing 360-degree. In the package, you will get six storage of caps and locking that can be reusable. It will help you on your trip. However, if you don’t follow the manual instruction, there will be some leaks on connectors. Make sure you don’t miss anything.

9. Camco 39658 Deluxe 20-inch RV Sewer Hose Kit with Swivel Fittings

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An easy-to-use sewer hose is an ideal product for everyone. Camco 39658 Deluxe offers ease connected with a heavy, strong HTS vinyl material for long time use. You will get all the easy, for example, in the elbow adapter. It is a clear type that can show you all run well and nothing leaves behind.

For storing, you can store it in the 4 inches square bumper box. But, you need to separate the bayonet and lug storage. Don’t worry; the company provides storage caps for those items. Furthermore, it is important to check all the packages before use, because there might be some quality control issues. Although, it is still worth it to buy for a comfortable and easy Rv trip.

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10. Valterra D04-0675 Silverback RV Sewer Hose

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Valterra Silverback is a great product that can resist in the desert or snow. It can hold until 150-degree Fahrenheit and -4 degrees Fahrenheit climate. It is because the material is polypropylene that is known for its durability. Further, the complete rotative fittings in the package set the hose to avoid kinks and drain effectively.

This affordable RV sewer hose is solid and can stand in hot climates. Another sewer hose might crack if they get a hot temperature. You could agree that this product is a great choice rather than a standard, even if you should pay more.

Things to look at before buying an RV Sewer Hose

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The price of a sewer hose will be based on your budget. All of us will have a limited budget to buy a sewer hose for our RV. So, to be your consideration is how long you use the sewer hose, if you are a full-time Rvers it will be worth it if you buy a good one, automatically it will be expensive. But, if you only have a short time Rvers, it will be okay to buy an average RV sewer hose grade.


The typical length of an RV sewer hose is 10, 15, 20 feet. To buy the best RV sewer hose, you must consider how long you need because the length of a sewer hose can be affected by your experience while having a journey. The most aim for is 15-20 feet length, some product versions separate the length by 10 feet. 


Besides the length, the thickness of an RV sewer hose is also essential. Because, the higher thickness makes you more comfortable and safe. Most RVers use 20-23 millimeters of thickness for their RV sewer hose.


Why is storage necessary on recreational vehicles? Because most RVs didn’t have a lot of space. So, thinking smart about how to put your sewer hose must be the vital thing to consider. Some sewer hose products have features that can save on bumper storage or collapsible sewer hose. Make sure how long, how big, what the main focus of your sewer hose is because it will consume your storage.


Another essential thing to consider when buying an RV sewer hose is flexibility. It will be a terrible problem if the hose is hard to move, hard fit to ring’s curves, or rigid. So, having a flexible hose makes you more comfortable to handle, also easy to reach the dumpsite from your RV.


Flow is important for the sewer hose because the hose’s broader size makes the water flow. A good flow will prevent undesirable blockages. The common size of a good flow hose is 4×4 inches. Also, you can use the hose support to make you have a better flow.

Hose supports

Like mentioned below, good how support can help the hose to have better flow also can help the life spend of the hose. Mostly, hose support is sold separately. So, buying good hose support is essential too.


Fitting is separated into three kinds of the fitting:

  1. Slip fittings, which are simplest to lock.
  2. Bayonet hook fitting; is a common locking mechanism of a water hose.
  3. CAM-lock connector fitting, the best and expensive type of fitting.

If you have enough budget, you can consider buying this type.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How often I should dumb my RV?

The general rule on emptying your RV tank is making sure your RV tank is full in two-thirds before emptying them. Also, scheduling on dumb your tank is relative. It’s based on how many people on your RV.

Are RV sewer hoses universal?

Most of the sewer hoses had the same standard. Mostly the company builds a sewer hose with 3-inch diameter sewer hoses. So, don’t worry about the standard regulation of RV sewer hose.

Do I need an RV sewer hose support?

Mostly you needed that support, because it can maintain your sewer hose to live longer. RV sewer supports are made to make sure your sewer hose didn’t touch the ground. Also, it will help you to arrange the sewer and make the sewer longer.

Best RV Sewer Hose Support

1. Camco 20 Ft Sidewinder Sewer Hose Support

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The Camco Sidewinder offers several features that should appeal to RVers. Its sturdy architecture will be a clear example of these features. This feature guarantees that the product can hold the sewer hose off the ground without problems.

On ensuring long-term use, this rugged design also protects against rust. In reality, the longevity of this product will ensure that it remains functional for years to come. You should take note of the capacity of this hose support to curve around barriers as well.

It’s a skill that can ensure that punctures and holes do not become a concern by preventing hazards. These threats include items such as sticks or rocks that can do real harm to both the support of your hoses and the sewer hose.

When it comes to stability, this product even excels. You see, this support for the hose will collapse into a compact device that should fit within your RV without any problem. To render getting it around a breeze, it also comes with an orange custom fit storage handle.

It doesn’t hurt that this object is also made of plastic. This feature would mean that there is not much time or effort needed for the cleaning process. A fast rinse with a garden hose should do the job.

2. Camco Adjustable Sewer Hose Support

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Another Camco sewer hose support, but this one is very different from the previous Sidewinder. The support for this Camco RV sewer hose is rigid, and each piece is not attached to the other. Each trough is put on the ground, and by using the stakes, the height of each is changed. There is a locking mechanism on each end of the trough, locking the stakes in at the desired height.

3. Camco Aluminum Sewer Hose Support

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The first aluminum RV sewer hose support on our list happens from one of my favorite brands, Camco. This product does nothing but further show why I have such confidence in this brand with its great features.

A great example of these features will be its lightweight aluminum construction. This function allows moving the product from place to place with an easy process. The use of aluminum material also makes this product robust because it protects against rust and corrosion issues.

This Camco sewer hose supports protection against rust and corrosion comes from solid brass rivets. These rivets provide a sense of longevity that any RV owner can see as useful. If you end up buying this hose support, I have no doubt it will work for years provided features like this one.

This method’s fast using process was another standout trait. In reality, setting this product up should only take a few seconds. Most people were a little shocked about the simplicity of the setup process.

You should find its ability to compact for fast storage appealing, as well. It can compress itself down to 11.5 inches. Due to this, the product can easily fit inside any storage area without a problem.


There are various types of RV sewer hose that you could pick one. Looking for a cheap or budget-friendly sewer hose might be useful, but it is better to cost more for excellent quality. Besides, considering how often you use RV is a good thought. A standard sewer hose will not run well for full-time RV users. However, the easy-to-use item, durable, and no-leak features will help you more on the road.

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