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RV Cabinets Ideas & Design (How to build RV Cabinets?

RV Cabinets. As most of us understand, having a journey with your RV requires you to bring many things. And we also understand that driving in a recreational vehicle/motorhome is not always as smooth as expected. Roads could get bumpy, as well as soils can get mushy. All that stuff you give your trip might fall off and get unpleasant if you didn’t keep them in someplace secure, like cabinets.

RV cabinets must additionally meet particular requirements to be able to provide the best travel experiences. It ought to have the ability to utilize the offered space inside the RV effectively without disturbing the living area. With that said in mind, we will assist you in developing your perfect motorhome cabinets and arranging them efficiently via this write-up.

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How to build RV Cabinets?

Knowing just how to develop Recreational Vehicle cabinets will certainly provide you the confidence to start the Do It Yourself task. However, be aware that in this case, precision became most important. Created storage will make it possible for far better performance and also the incident-free solution. When you desire to understand exactly how to construct motorHome cabinets for your vehicle, you don’t have to seek any specialist help. You can find out more regarding it yourself. It will certainly be a simple and clear procedure to build the closet in the recreational vehicle according to your demands. Thus, you will certainly get a lot of help through the following guidelines:

Make appropriate measurements and preparation

Firstly, you should measure and prepare every little thing properly to build the cabinets, which your recreational vehicle/motorhome requires. As you understand, when you start following a camping trip with your family or group, you never want to jeopardize the space in the car. Therefore, you should initially prepare for the camper cabinet’s storage space needs before you start construction. It is also critical to keep the right weight of the cabinet to make sure that it can be effective for the vehicle when you travel.

Things about dimension

When working on exactly how to develop motorhome cabinets, it is called for you to measure the exterior dimensions of the cabinets to be made. The dimension depends upon the offered area as well as your requirements. It would be best if you additionally determined all the closets needed in a solitary unit. In each system, you can conveniently pick a couple of cabinet areas. If you build large cabinets, you will certainly encounter difficulties throughout the installation. Consequently, it will be perfect if you took note of its dimension with proper measurement.

Make the framework for the cabinets

Next, you need to prepare the structure for the cabinet. Using plywood can be the best option. After that, you can combine it with screws or nails. You can also construct squares to make certain that the cabinets are also if you need to add wood adhesive to safeguard if necessary.

Attach the cabinet to RV walls

Afterward, you are required to place the cabinet frame on the recreational vehicle wall using mounting brackets. When you intend to connect the cabinet frame, a level will be required for that. Afterward, you need to select the face wood for your cabinet, then connect the sides with the aid of the finishing nails. 

Installation of the doors

When dealing with building a recreational vehicle, you must repair a rest on the cabinet door. When installing hinges, you need to determine the cabinets as well as doors. After that, all of the parts need to be pierced right into the cabinet’s surface. You need to inspect if the door goes to the proper height and is functioning properly. Handles can be contributed to the doors afterward and have been checked.

Additional tips

The recreational vehicle cabinets are a good storage space service for your camping trip. To prevent making mistakes of any kind, you should focus on these techniques:

  1. You can start the construction of the RV cabinets if you have some carpentry experience. A camper is an expensive car. You don’t wish to damage it utilizing failed tests at developing a recreational vehicle cabinet. In the absence of experience, calling a carpenter or buying a new one is a better choice.
  2. Squares and also degrees need to be utilized in each action of this process to avoid any construction-related mistakes.
  3. When producing a cabinet/cupboard style, you should consider all the things to be stored in the cabinet and choose the ideal size based upon it. Enhancing the dimension is not constantly a good idea because it can ruin things in your recreational vehicle.
  4. Installing security locks on cabinet doors to keep them shut when taking a trip.
  5. If you intend to save hefty objects in the cabinet, it is best to utilize added braces for installation.

RV Cabinets Organization Hack

As we know, maximizing the space we need on our recreational vehicles is important. The shortcut is installing or making a recreational vehicle. These are the best tricks and tips to maximize your cabinets to push them to maximal advantages.

1. Utilize cabinet doors as storage space

Hanging coordinators on cabinet doors can make the best-preferred way to include storage space in your recreational vehicle area. Make sure to measure before you buy it. Storage space caddy can hold on the cabinet door to locate it too huge and prevent the cabinet door from closing. The baskets can be another storage hacks because they can be placed practically anywhere. I’ve seen RV proprietors hang them over shower walls and even from the trim along the top of a slide-out. 

Then, try to add a piece of removable acrylic installing tape to the backs of the hooks on mine to offer extra padding to protect the timber and keep the basket from moving about throughout traveling. Also, utilize a cabinet door for paper towel storage space; it can maximize the space of your little cabinets. 

2. Do not throw away the room on top of a cabinet

By hanging products from inside on top of your cabinet, you can make certain areas that you can use. The way to do that is by hanging a shelf from the ceiling of the cabinets. Or, you might reduce the arms of this sort of under-cupboard organizer as well as hang it, making use of cup hooks or strong sticky hooks. Also, Below a deeper sort of stackable basket, you might attempt using too. You can mount a beam of light of wood across the center of the cabinet’s ceiling as well as mounting U-style device hooks on it.

3. Usage deli containers as food storage

Do you have a cabinet that always appears to be overflowing with plastic food storage space containers? You can minimize the space needed for food storage containers by selecting to use just one kind. Using plastic delicatessens containers can be the solution because they can be found in 3 different sizes, yet all share the same lid. Likewise, you can get them free when buying food wholesale at health food shops or take home leftovers at particular dining establishments.

You can utilize deli containers to arrange dry goods in cabinets. They’re best since they’re stackable and lightweight. You can use blackboard tags as well as a chalk marker to identify them. Also, you can make or find a basket to store your stuff on your cabinet’s doors.

4. Set up a slide-out cupboard shelf

Recreational vehicles or motor homes have a problem accessing items on the back of cabinets. You can use this trick using a Rev-a-Shelf pull-out rack to solve the issue. Removed the cupboard door and attached it to the front of the cable basket utilizing the Rev-a-Shelf door place package.

5. Use tension poles to hold points in position during traveling.

You can also buy wood grain tension rods to match the color of timber cupboards.

6. Shop frying pans, baking sheets, and also plates vertically

Have enough high cabinets will be possible to do this. Using a rack such as this one to store items vertically makes them different throughout travel.

7. Add extra shelving

It is troubling to have a lot of wasted room under the cooking area sink, so added shelves would make it much more efficient. Wire racks like these are a great means to include small organized cabinets.

RV Cabinets Ideas

Once you understand the fundamentals of building the motorHome cabinets and exactly how to arrange them, you need some style suggestions to use. Designing RV cabinets is the thing that differentiates your motorHome and also makes it special. We split our favored Recreational Vehicle cupboard style into five categories listed below to ease the selection process.

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1. RV Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen became the mess place on recreational vehicles, so having a cabinet is the best thing. Also, you must maximize all space and sections in your kitchen. That’s why choosing the best design of cabinets carefully. These are the best kitchen cabinets you can select or make for your RV.

Galley kitchen design

Source IG: chasingthecashes

This design uses the galley concept, which uses one side of the wall on your recreational vehicle. Using this design gives more space to install cabinets in the kitchen so that you can put more food and appliances on there.

Maximize the corner

Source IG: codybluesmith

Another design of cabinets that helps maximize the space is this design. The corner is always the best place to install your kitchen cabinets. Also, the most important thing is that the corner is easier to install cabinets.

Ceiling kitchen cabinets

Source IG: chiefwildcrew

Wall-mounted kitchen cabinets are a wonderful design. Besides that, if you have a short ceiling, it is better to make a ceiling cabinet. U-Style kitchen cabinets are a nice idea to try on your recreational vehicle.

Simple cabinets ideas

Source IG: pearltheeggcamper

The simple design of cabinets combined with white color is the main focus of this kitchen cabinets style. This design is possible for you to make itself. Also, the purpose of the cabinet is covered by this style.

Slider outdoor kitchen

Source IG: coastlinecampers.au

The design of these cabinets is stunning. Use the full space cabinets to make a lovely outdoor kitchen. A tiny motorhome is suitable with this kitchen cabinets design.

2. RV Bathroom Cabinets

Another part of the motorhome is a bathroom. The bathroom is one of the important rooms we need on our recreational vehicle. Furthermore, a bathroom always is the use of us while having a long-distance traveling. Like in-home, a bathroom is an important place we need to consider. Also, the storage for toiletries or stuff, so making a good cabinet on a bathroom must be done. These are some designs for bathroom cabinets for your recreational vehicle.

Spring bathroom design

Source IG: beansandpeasboutique

These are awesome ideas for designing an RV bathroom. This design makes our bathroom look fresh. Also, the main focus of cabinets is approaching. Combine with a natural basket for more space to put your stuff. The design of the cabinets and the look of the bathroom are stunning.

All space is worth

Source IG: afrocentricrvliving

This design of cabinets utilizes all space in the bathroom. It makes you have more space to put stuff and toiletries.

Change the color

Source IG: whereyourbesttakesyou

Time to coloring your cabinets. It will make your bathroom look fresh. This color is suitable for your tiny motorhome. Also, don’t forget to put some accessories on there.

3. RV Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets are the cabinet we can put everything on there. That’s why a storage cabinet is the better solution for a tiny and limited space of a recreational vehicle. However, because of the limited space of the motorhome, we need to consider creating a cabinet only for specific and general purposes like storage.

Bunk bed storage

Source IG: thecruisingcasita

This bunk bed is made to save more space on our motorhome. Also, on the other hand, the bunk bed can be modified as cabinet storage. You can save sleeping stuff on there or maybe some clothes.

Hidden storage

Source IG: thehitchedhabit

Transforming your unused space for other things is a skill for campers. Like this design, change the use of television space for other purposes. Because we didn’t need a television while going traveling. This design can be the best idea for you to try.

Maximum capacity

Source IG: tracksidecamper

Use the maximum potential capacity of your cabinets. This cabinet is designed for entire family clothes. Also, putting some baskets and installing drawers can be the next level of tricks to maximum storage capacity and function.

Ingredient storage

Source IG: niesmannbischoff

These drawers will save your refrigerator space. Also, it will be easy for you to get the ingredients while cooking. Modern design makes this cabinet storage look very nice.

4. RV Overhead Cabinets

Why overhead cabinets always are the main things to have on a recreational vehicle. Because the overhead cabinets can save more space for your motorhome, almost all RVers want to have a free area on their recreational vehicle. That’s why overhead cabinets are one of the tricks to make your room spacious.

Another level overhead cabinet

Source IG: diyrestoreandmore

This design uses all of the potential space to install an overhead cabinet. Because this is a tiny camper, try to maximizing all space to become the storage. You can put everything you need on there.

Modern style

Source IG: niesmannbischoff

White is the best color to make your room feel comfy. The design of overhead cabinets also focuses on safety. Design of the door using modern technique.

Rustic cabinets

Source IG: unreveuneaventure

This camper van design uses a natural concept, uses wood as the main material of design. Absolutely for the cabinets, using a rustic look and simple. It makes this design feel warm.

5. RV Medicine Cabinets

A long period of adventure that goes to an extreme place is the RVers’ routine. That makes us need to have enough med for ourselves. Moreover, if we go with our family, medicine becomes a very important thing to have and prepare well. So, make or having a proper medicine cabinet is essential. These are the best medicine cabinets design.

Drawers can be the best option

Source IG: theprojectneat

Using your low drawers for medicine is a solution trick. Sometimes we didn’t use the least drawers, or maybe we were confused about maximizing it.

Buy it

Source IG: theprojectneat

Another way to maximize your medicine cabinet is using containers. You can make everything super accessible and, of course, aesthetically pleasing.

Well organized

Source IG: kborganizingco

With this design, cabinets make it easy to find the medicine. Don’t forget the name, and maybe our family has special medicine. You will serve your family well.


In summary, closets are inseparable from any Recreational Vehicle. However, to have excellent cupboards in terms of size, style, and function, you are needed to make one from the ground up. We wish that our guides, suggestions, and style recommendations can motivate you to develop your motorhome closets. Most notably, this short article may assist you in obtaining the best traveling experience with your custom Recreational Vehicle cabinets.

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