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Best RV Air Conditioner (Why do you need an RV Air Conditioner?)

Best RV Air Conditioner. Choosing the best RV air conditioner might take a long time. It is because no single RV air conditioner will fit your needs. On the other hand, you can keep in mind some essential factors when choosing the best RV air conditioner. First, the energy-efficient factor must determine your choice. Energy-saving will keep you comfortable on the journey.

Second, the size of the air conditioner is the matter. As the RV has limited space, you must find the one that fits the available space. Finally, the number of BTUs ( British Thermal Units) can determine how far the air conditioner can cool down the area. Therefore, here, we will provide some best options that could match your RV.

Why do you need an RV Air Conditioner?

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Dealing with convenience in the RV is the most important thing. In the high temperature outside, you need a cool inside RV so that the air conditioner will help you. It might be the start reason why you need the air conditioner in an RV. It is crucial to make your camping or journey a comfortable experience.

Then, as the RV is your home on the road, a feel-like-home must be there. The air conditioner will help your sleep quality on the road as you need energy for travel.

Furthermore, with an air conditioner, you can get clean air inside. It will help to clean dust or allergies. So, you will have better air circulation. It will also impact your health while traveling.

Types of RV Air Conditioner

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Before you go to our air conditioner recommendation, you need to know that the AC has several types. Each air conditioner type has its advantages and disadvantages. By knowing it will help you to choose the best for your RV.

1. The Rooftop RV AC

The first type is a rooftop air conditioner that might be the common one. It is placed on the roof of the RV and saves space inside. The rooftop AC can save more energy because you can control when you need it and control the temperature. Further, you could have a natural cooling for AC as the brisk air outside with this type.

Then, the rooftop AC comes in two types, ducted and non-ducted type. A ducted AC suit for the big RV. can distribute the cool air evenly in the RV. The ducted one will work with the ducting system on the RV. Meanwhile, the non-ducted air conditioner is suited for the small RV. It works by blowing out the cool air in the unit itself. So, it seems to have only one channel for the cool air.

2. The Portable RV AC

As the name is given, the portable RV air conditioner allows you to move it wherever you want. It can take some places on your RV. But, don’t worry; it could come with various designs. The AC can give you efficient energy but need extra care. It would help if you had a hose for the water leakage. Then, the portable suit for the small RV. However, you might need this type as an additional AC in the bigger RV with a rooftop or windows AC.

3. The Windows RV AC

The windows AC has an excellent cooling system and capacity. It seems like the same as the unit used in the house. But, this type can block the view from the window. Then, you need to find the right AC size that matches the window. Furthermore, this type of AC needs less care-handling.

4. Ducted RV AC

The ducted air conditioner is suitable for RV, which has multiple ducts in the ceiling. Because it can separate the cool air and your RV positively, ducted ac can effectively separate the fresh and cool air to the target areas. Ducted ac generally are quieter, more expensive, and steady cooling to all areas on your RV. 

Moreover, a ducted RV air conditioner can integrate into your RV smart automation, like a thermostat. So, it can be automatically on if the temperature hits a certain level. In line with that, the power is air conditioner is big, so you must set the good power sources for it.

5. Non-Ducted RV AC

Have a small recreational vehicle size, use a non-ducted air conditioner can be the best solution for a cooling system because non-ducted RV ac is designed only to blow the unit’s cool air. So, it will not cooler than a ducted RV. That’s why it can distribute air completely to all rooms of your RV. However, this air conditioner is perfect on the budget. The prices of this ac are lower, also didn’t need high power resources.   

Benefits of Having an RV Air Conditioner

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Having an RV air conditioner or RV AC will give you some benefits. Of course, the benefits will affect your journey experience. That’s why having an RV air conditioner is vital in this era. These are some benefits you get from having an RV air conditioner:

1. Having Clean Air on RV

Having AC on your recreational vehicle will make your indoor air more fresh and clean. You will get a better air supply, and it will make your RV feel comfy. Also, the bacteria, dust, or allergies will go, and it will impact good health.

2. Convenient RV Feeling

Having AC will make your adventure comfortable. Also, when the temperature is not breathable, having an air conditioner will change it. Whether you are on the road, the efficiency of having an RV AC is a necessity.

3. Pleasure

A good RV air conditioner makes you have a memorable time on it. You will feel like your home, whether you are on a journey with your family on a recreational vehicle. It makes you enjoy all your time with your family inside the RV.

Things to consider on buying an RV Air Conditioner

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1. The energy consumption of air conditioner

Consumption of energy is important to consider before you buy an RV air conditioner. Make sure it will be suitable for your power resources because some AC consumes a lot of energy.

2. The cooling capacity of the air conditioner

Generally, cooling capacity is based on your RV size. If you have a big RV size, you need a big cooler capacity or BTUs.

3. Easy on installation

You must also consider the installation—some RV air conditioners need an expert or mechanic to install it. Or maybe, you need your own skill to install it.

4. Noise Output

The noise sound from the AC unit will bother your journey experience. It can bother you while you sleep or want to have a relaxing situation on the RV. So make sure you buy the un noise sound of RC ac.

5. Additional Abilities

The additional abilities actually are an addition to the RV air conditioner. It can be added value to the AC, and it can have heat pumps, condensate pumps, or air filtration systems. 

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Best RV Air Conditioner

As we showed some key factors above, it is time for you to choose the best one. Just remember, it is important to stay cool in the summer or stay warm in the winter. So, please take a look at our great lists below.

1. The Dometic Brisk II Rooftop AC 15000 BTU

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What makes it the best is the flexibility that allows it to be installed on a ducted or non-ducted AC system. It has a 15.000 BTU that can cool down the maximum area of 750 square feet. Then, owners will like it because of the quiet sound of operation. The motor, compressor, and evaporator are all together in a bracket that can reduce the vibration while it runs.

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It also has a heat pump that makes you able to cool or heat the RV temperature. Thus, we recommend you install this in the single-zone thermostats. The thermostat is a device that can manage the temperature while it reaches a certain peak. Furthermore, the weight is lighter enough than the previous version. No wonder if it is our first suggestion.

2. The Honeywell MN10CESWW Portable AC 10000 BTU

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Like all types of portable AC, it is easy to install and will not waste your energy. The Honeywell needs to put under the cabinet or on the corner. Then, 10000 BTU is enough to cool down a large area of RV.

Honeywell offers you a good quality product that you can use over the years. Further, the compact model and design allow you to move the AC wherever you want. You will feel comfortable with the AC remote control. However, you must be careful with the leakage. So, it would be best if you had an additional hose to avoid messing up your RV.

3. The Dometic Brisk II 13.500 BTU Rooftop AC

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This type is the lower BTU that Dometic offered. But still, it has a good quality product. You will not hear an uncomfortable noise with this one. You need to install it carefully to make it perfect and match to your RV.

Thus, it also suits the ducted and non-ducted AC system. Many RV owners choose the Dometic Brisk II as their RV air conditioner. So, it is worth having a good RV for convenience.

4. The Coleman Airxcel Mach 3 Plus

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As a rooftop RV air conditioner, you need the durable one because it is placed over your roof. So, Coleman comes with this product that is made from durable material. The copper tubing and gas-flux Braze make sure the good quality and strong material. Furthermore, you can also add a heater to it. Coleman RV air conditioner allows you to have warm air during cool weather outside.

5. The Coleman-Mach 15+ RV Rooftop Air Conditioner

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With a big capacity cooling, 15000 BTU RV air conditioner, it is enough to cool down a big RV. This product is also known as powerful and has durable material. Then, it completes with a ⅓-hp fan that could be the bigger motor nowadays. Also, the same as before, you can add the optional heater for cool weather. You can add a maximum of 5600 heat element capacity.

6. The ASA Electronics ACM135B RV Air Conditioner

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An ASA Electronics ACM 135B is well known as the most affordable AC for RV. Even though it still has good quality material. With this product, you will have a cooling efficiency that is not easy to get. It is because the outside part of the AC has a silicone coating. Yet, you might need some drain line for the air conditioner but still cheap.

7. The Furrion FACR14SA-PS 14,500 BTU RV Air Conditioner

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The Furrion offers you a compact air conditioner. Even though it is written for a non-ducted system, you can still use it for the ducted RV air conditioner. Don’t worry about the UV; the air conditioner has a special cover for UV.

Further, the Furrion has made it with two-fan for a faster and better temperature cooling. You can save 25% energy by having this AC on the RV. Lastly, it has VibrationSmart Technology that can resist vibration.

8. Dometic Penguin II 20 Amp Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

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This RV air conditioner is unique because of the design that brings some advantages. It has a slim design with a height of about less than 10 inches. Then, you can avoid some drags related and make some fuel save for the RV.

Also, the air conditioner suits the ducted or non-ducted system as well. Even it is placed on the ceiling but still gets easy-to-reach controls. It allows you to adjust the air conditioner as you want. Furthermore, it completes with a pre-installed module that helps you to mount on the ceiling.

9. Airxcel 472038876 Mach 8 Plus RV Air Conditioner

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Airxcel comes with a small RV air conditioner but still gets the quality. The Airxcel Mach 8+ has 13.500 BTU that is enough for cooling down an RV in size 675 square feet. Then, this air conditioner has a lightweight feature.

With a fiberglass base pan, it shows the strength of the product. Further, you can set the power supply to about 115 volts. It can be available whether with or without a condensate pump for a humid surrounding.

10. Dometic Cool CAT 10.500 BTU RV Air Conditioner

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The Dometic Cool CAT is one of the compact RV air conditioners that suit heat or cool areas. It is designed to be under a bunk or counter that will not disturb your interior area. This product could be the best for those who don’t want to add the RV height.

Don’t worry about the installation, because it has a simple installation and is easily accessible. Then, you can also wash the micro-weave air filter. Hence, it requires a CT thermostat and has a pre-installed CT control board.

Frequently Ask Questions

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How often should I maintenance of an RV air conditioner?

As many experts said, it will be better to check your air conditioner frequently. It can be every two until three months. But, it is also based on your use of the RV. Maybe the air conditioner has a crack or splits damage, which must b repaired. The rooftop air conditioner will easily get damaged from UV’s, so keep in mind to check it more if you use rooftop AC for your RV.

Am I able to run my RV air conditioner on battery power?

Yes, of course, you can do that. Actually, our RV use power from generators, shore power, or solar panels. It will work the same as battery power. But, it will be clever if you find the expert about it. Then, ask them to install it in a good and safe way.

How long does the life of an RV AC?

Actually, it depends on usage and the temperatures. If you had more traveling and adventure, so you will use your AC more. It will make your AC life shorter. Generally, an RV air conditioner can be used for almost 10 years. Also, it is based on the guarantee from the company.

What is the best size of RV air conditioner?

The easy way to measuring the best size of air conditioner for RV is based on BTU’s (British Thermal Units). Because BTU’s energy consumption will affect the cooling capacity of AC. Here’s a glance at the perfect BTUs based on your RV size. For RV size is 100-300 square, you can use BTUs between 5,000 – 7,000 BTUs. Size 300-550 square use 8,000 to 12,000 BTUs. Last for RV size upper 550 square, and you can use 14,000 BTUs.


As it comes in various shapes and styles, the features that suit your needs are important. For full-time RV owners, you must have an air conditioner as you travel through various climates. Then, for the rest, the air conditioner inside should make you feel comfortable. So, we hope you find the best and useful air conditioner unit for your journey. However, the key factors in choosing an air conditioner must keep in your mind.

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