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RV Floor Plans Ideas (How to choose the best RV Floor Plans)

RV Floor Plans. When you are buying a new RV, then a lot of interesting RV layouts will come out. It won’t be very clear because you need to find the best layout for your needs. The layout or floor plan is the picture of the arrangement of the RV, such as the rooms and features. It will be different based on the class of the RV.

In the camping mode, the planning before is the core. It will determine whether you enjoy it or not on the journey. So, the floor plan will help you measure furniture, appliances, and access to the RV. So, when you choose the RV floor plan carelessly, you will regret and feel uneasy while camping.

How to choose the best RV Floor Plans?

In a limited space like RV, the floor plan is important. It could be best if you did not regret the choice of RV because you have spent much cost on it. Here are some floor plan considerations when choosing your best RV.

You can start to consider the entry door location and traffic flow. When you have the right entry door, it will help you reduce the RV traffic jam. The door close to the kitchen is a good idea but keeps it away from the living room. When you plan to eat outside, it will be faster to bring food out when near the door. Further, your kitchen area will not be distracted by the traffic flow. For the living room, it is better to have a non-interruption living area from the traffic flow.

The next is the place of the bedroom. It will be better to have a drop-down bed. It can save space because you can keep it over the cab seats if it is not used. Then, in the kitchen area, with a pop-up countertop will be the top recommendations floor plan. Furthermore, to have additional seats on the RV, swiveling cab seats are a great choice. It allows the seats to easily swing for you to have a conversation in the living area.

Finally, it can be better to choose a floor plan with a distinguished room. Ideally, you can select the floor plan that separates the living area and the bedroom, even with sliding doors or curtains. The RV will mostly be like an open space, but still, you need a private place. Further, you might need to separate the bathroom with a sliding door or screen. It will work for taking a bath, or you can use it as a dressing area.

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Most popular RV Floor Plans layout

Along with this modern era, the RV manufacturer keeps producing various designs or even floor plans. With these variations, it won’t be easy to categorize it into the conventional floor plans. But, don’t worry, we will show you some of the most popular RV floor plans that can help you choose that suit your style.

1. The Front Bed Area Layout

You will find that this type of layout is the common thing in the RV. The design will be based on the 50/50 division space. The 50-space in the front is for the bedroom, and the rest will be for the kitchen, dining area, or even the entertainment space. Further, there might be an additional bed on the sofa. It all will depend on the size of the RV.

2. A Rear Bed Area Layout

Back bedroom designs are more uncommon than front bedroom ones. However, they keep a few similarities. For example, the bedroom will always close the bathroom.  Generally, with this layout, the front area will be a place for countertops and cabinets for the kitchen. Or even, more than likely, a mounted TV encompassed by seats and couches.

3. A Unique Bunkhouse Layout

A bunkhouse is popular for the layout that gives a separate space for a bunch of bunk beds. If you have a large family number, this layout will suit the condition and be loved by the family members. Despite this, this design still has a master bedroom as well. The master bedroom usually has space on the front side. Furthermore, this layout usually comes with comfortable furniture and appliances to host many people.

4. The Opposite Slide-out Layout

The layout is usually used for those who want to maximize the RV space. As the name, this RV has a set of slide-outs that stand on the opposite side. One of them can be longer or shorter, but the core ideas are still the same. Further, this slide-out layout can have weighty furniture. For example, it can be dinettes, refrigerators, theater seats, or even a large kitchen set.

5. A Rear Kitchen RV Design

This layout is seldom found because most kitchens will be on the wall near the living area. Further, the layout will be like the bedroom sitting in the front area of the RV. Then, the living area or entertainment space will be between them. This layout might give you a safe spot to cook because it is far away from the traffic flow.

6. An Entertainment Area on the Back

This layout is usually available in the large size of the RV. It can host many people. The layout still gives the main area like kitchen and bed in the other space of RV. Like the name, the rear area will have a TV, sound system, tether seats, and many more entertainment appliances. This type of design is to host many people who like to sit, watch movies, and chat.

7. A Storage on the Rear Area

Rear storage will be like a shapeless idea since it can resemble a variety of things. Many storage or cabinets usually fill the rear area, such as overhead cabinets, pantries, folding furniture, or large cabinets. All the furniture will depend on what you need.

Class A RV Floor Plans Ideas

Class A RVs are the biggest type right now. It feels like you bring home on the road. You can have a lot of space there, yet a luxury thing as well. So, here are some floor plan recommendations for Class A RV owners.

1. 2021 Thor RV Motor Coach A.C.E. 27.2 RV Floor Plan

Source: www.giantrv.com
Source: www.giantrv.com

With this giant RV, you will feel comfortable to have an adventure. The main bedroom is located in the rear. A bathroom is also placed on the back. It means that the front side will be for the living area. Further, it has a middle kitchen with special appliances such as a stove with three oven burners and a refrigerator. With the size, you can have 3 TVs and other complete appliances for a convenient journey.

2. 2020 Winnebago Adventurer 30T RV

Source: www.giantrv.com
Source: www.giantrv.com

An RV with slide-outs is always interesting because it adds the space of convenience. This Winnebago Adventurer has a central kitchen with all the supportive furniture. It has seats, a stove, a mid-size refrigerator, 3 TVs and other entertainment things. For the bedroom, it will be on the rear side of the RV. Then, the bathroom is in the center. All the layout allows you to have a nice flow in the RV. It is such a view of 2020 RV floor plans


3. 2021 Fleetwood Southwind Class A RV Floor Plan

Source: www.giantrv.com
Source: www.giantrv.com

The design of this RV is unique enough. It has a front kitchen with seats and a living area nearby. The RV has easy-living appliances such as a trove with two burners, a full-size refrigerator, TVs, and many more. Over the driving seat, there is a nice bed area. The main bedroom is located in the center of the RV. And the bathroom on the back. It might not be easy to host guests of this type because the bathroom must pass the bed area. It is better for a couple or small family.

4. 2021 Thor Motor Coach Tellaro RV Storage

Source: www.giantrv.com
Source: www.giantrv.com

When entering the inside RV, you will see a dinette with a comfortable sofa and swivel driver seats. It also completes the TV and center kitchen. All the bedrooms are in the rear area that has a fold-up bed and much storage under it. The bathroom area is placed in the center in front of the kitchen.

Class B RV Floor Plans Ideas

Class B RV is the type that has a much smaller size than Class A. Most people name this type as a van camper. The RV includes camping, just like a bed, storage, and extra space like a bathroom or dining area. However, this mid-size RV has benefits such as will fit in parking areas, fuel economy, and easy to drive. Let’s see how small RV floor plans look like.

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1. 2021 Coachmen Beyond 22RB RV Adventure

Source: www.giantrv.com
Source: www.giantrv.com

When entering the entry door, you will see the mini kitchen with a stove and sink in the center. Nearby, it provides two bunk beds that as well can be used as a living area. Even though it has a smaller space, this RV still provides daily camper needs such as a bathroom, refrigerator, and other entertainment features.

2. 2020 Plateau TS RV Floor Plan

Source: www.giantrv.com
Source: www.giantrv.com

You will be comfortable with this Class B RV. The living area on the back gives a spacious look. Then, a convenient bathroom in the center provides easy access.  The kitchen offers a stove with two burners, a mid-size refrigerator, and a pedestal table. So, you still can cook and eat tasty foods while camping. For sleeping, the sofa provides space for two.

3. 2021 Winnebago Solis 59PX RV Floor Plan

Source: www.giantrv.com
Source: www.giantrv.com

Even if this is a class B RV, you will feel rested easily with four sleeping areas. It provides everything for everyone in the camping area. The kitchen is in the center with a pedestal table. Then, the living room on the front, while the bathroom in the center area. So, this might be one of the smallest RVs with a shower and toilet. With all these features and a floor plan, it will enhance your traveling experience. Furthermore, it has a stove with two burners, a compact refrigerator, and much more entertainment stuff.

4. New Class B 2021 Thor Motor Coach Tellaro 20AT

Source: www.giantrv.com
Source: www.giantrv.com

You will see the dinette area or living area with a TV with a center entryway on the first step. Nearby, there is a stove with two burners and a fridge. In the rear area, it will have a fold-up bed with storage under it. The rear bed will make you enjoy nature while first waking up in the morning. Further, with all the features, it will please you to have a memorable journey.

Class C RV Floor Plans Ideas

Weighing about 10.000 to 13.000 pounds, the class C RV is not small as Class B yet not as big as Class A RV. Most bed areas will be over the cab. This type also can have separate bathrooms that might not be found in Class B RV. It sounds interesting. Let’s see some of our recommended Class C RV floor plans here.

1. Thor Motor Coach A.C.E. 32.3 RV Floor Plan

Source: www.giantrv.com
Source: www.giantrv.com

With a slide-out, this RV will serve enough area to enjoy the camping. Front living areas with TV will comfort you in taking a rest. Then, the separated bathroom and bedroom will give a space of privacy. Further, a rear bedroom will let you fall asleep easily.

2. The Floor Plan of 2021 Thor Motor Coach Aria 3901

Source: www.giantrv.com
Source: www.giantrv.com

Most people will be satisfied with this floor plan because it will give you more convenient and private space at the same time. The front living area and dinette will be perfect with the center kitchen. With a two-burner stove and refrigerator, you will be able to cook delicious meals. Then, the read bedroom adds convenience.

3. 2021 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 31k RV Floor Plan

Source: www.giantrv.com
Source: www.giantrv.com

With the name Class C RV, this type is close to Class A. you can have complete features as much as class A. When entering the RV, you will have a sofa, dinette, kitchen, and other entertainment stuff in the center. There are two-bed areas, on the rear and overhead bed. For the first-timer, you can consider this as one of the best class C RV floor plans.

4. 2021 Winnebago View 24D RV Floor Plan

Source: www.giantrv.com
Source: www.giantrv.com

With this Winnebago Class C RV, you will feel another level of comfort that is served. You will have a U-shaped dinette, a living room, a stove with two burners, TVs, and a full-size refrigerator in the center area. With all the features, it seems you have the same with Class A RV. further, for the bed area, there is one queen bed and sofa bed. Then, the bathroom was placed on the rear side.

RV Travel Trailers Floor Plans Ideas

A travel trailer is everyone’s favorite. It is because RV travel trailers will be available in various sizes, from small to big. With this trailer, you need to connect it to a trailer hitch on the car. For information, the travel trailers can fit with travelers that want to store the camper when not in use.

1. Imagine XLS 21BHE RV Travel Trailer

Source: www.granddesignrv.com
Source: www.granddesignrv.com

This trailer offers you a complete feature and will fit in every family. A nice sofa bed will stay in the front area. Then, a nice kitchen with a comfortable dinette can make you enjoy the meals. On the rear, you will have a double-over-double bunks bedroom. Just big enough for children. Furthermore, it provides an outside kitchen that can help you to have a barbeque.

2. Transcend Xplor 221RB Trailer Floor Plan

Source: www.granddesignrv.com
Source: www.granddesignrv.com

Simple and comfortable are the core of the Transcend Xplor travel trailer. In the center, you have a sofa lounge that will make you like in the theater. The entertainment set comforts you in the journey. Then, on the front, there is a queen bed to make you feel sleepy easily. The rear bathroom completes the features.

3. Transcend Xplor 240ML RV Travel Trailer

Source: www.granddesignrv.com
Source: www.granddesignrv.com

A nice bedroom in the front with storage makes the rest area untouchable. Then, the theater seating will face-to-face with a comfortable dinette for a delicious meal. On the rear, you will have a nice bathroom area. You even have a shower part in it.

4. Imagine XLS 24MPR Travel Trailer Floor Plan

Source: www.granddesignrv.com
Source: www.granddesignrv.com

It has two entry doors with different access rooms. The first will take you to the front and center area with a living area, kitchen, and a big enough bathroom. The sofa in the living area can transform into a bed. Then, another door will set you to the bedroom area. Big enough bedroom to store some other camping stuff.

Fifth-wheel Trailers Floor Plans Ideas

A fifth-wheel trailer provides you space, comfort, and features that are available in Class A. Yet, this type needs a pick-up car to drag it all the journey. Further, the fifth wheel trailer is the largest travel trailer you can have. It suits travelers that want Class A but want to store it while not on a journey.

1. Reflection 150 Series 280RS Fifth Wheel RV Floor Plan

Source: www.granddesignrv.com
Source: www.granddesignrv.com

All in specifications with nice design just offered in this trailer. A nice living area, theater seating, and dinette just placed on the slide-out site. On the other side of the RV, you will have a kitchen, and a TV installed. The front room will be set with a bedroom, wardrobe, and large enough bathroom space.

2. Reflection 311BHS Fifth Wheel RV Trailer

Source: www.granddesignrv.com
Source: www.granddesignrv.com

With a weight of about 13.995 lbs, the trailer has four slide-out spaces for a comfortable RV. The front area fills with a bedroom area, a nice bathroom, a wardrobe, and some storage. You will have a complete kitchen set with an island and a comfortable entertainment area in the center. Further, a big family will travel with this trailer since it has a bunk bed on the rear.

3. Solitude 373FB RV Fifth Wheel Trailer

Source: www.granddesignrv.com
Source: www.granddesignrv.com

With this trailer, you will like bringing home your travels. Solitude 373 FB can make you have a king-size bed. You will have a nice big kitchen, a kitchen island, theater seating, and a big enough dinette from the center to the rear. Just like the name, fifth wheel just for comfort.

4. Solitude 390RK RV Fifth Wheel Trailer

Source: www.granddesignrv.com
Source: www.granddesignrv.com

This trailer will be set into three parts with different functions. The rear part just for the kitchen. You will enjoy preparing meals there. Next, the center is for the living area and entertainment set. The last, the front, is your area with king bed size, bathroom, big enough closet, and wardrobe.


And there you are; we have prepared some best options for the floor plan in every RV class. Selecting a floor plan is important, especially for those who want to buy. Those who have a big number of families must choose the bigger RV size and choose the complete features on it. However, for the first-timer, searching, and learning more about your preferences is our recommendation.

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