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Types of an RV Toilet and Best RV Toilet Review

Best RV Toilet. Sometimes we didn’t take care of the RV toilet during our leisure time. Besides that, it would be a big problem if we didn’t use the best RV toilet for our camper, especially for the long trip and time traveler. Have the best RV toilet it must, because it can take down the issue of clogging while on your vacation.

So, in this mind ensuring and choosing high-quality toilets becomes an essential part of RVing. Some RV toilets have good features and also some negatives. This article will help you to choose and help you to understand the quality of your next RV toilet. So, please keep reading and let us find the perfect match RV toilets for you.

What is an RV Toilet?

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Before we go through, we must know the meaning or term of the RV toilet. Because toilets made for regular use and made for recreational vehicles are different. Toilets for reactionary vehicles have a special design. It uses less water, and the absence of a flush tank will prevent water from spilling while we are on the road. So, using a regular toilet for your RV is not recommended because they have different features and purposes.

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Types of an RV Toilet

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Same as regular toilets, RV toilets have several types. The differences of each type create some advantages and disadvantages for your vehicle. Knowing the difference between them will allow you to choose the best toilet for your recreational vehicle. This review of RV toilet types will help you to choose the suits to your needs while traveling. 

Portable RV Toilets

This type of RV toilet is one of the best toilets for travelers. As it is named, portable RV is small and lightweight enough. It makes it easy to dump the toilet into a residential toilet or public restroom. Another feature of this portable RV is very good for personal restrooms because it can be used anywhere, although it will be less comfortable. 

Gravity Flush RV Toilet

Gravity flush RV toilets are one of the most common uses of recreational vehicle toilets. As the name suggests, using gravity to pull waste down into your black water tank. The operation of this toilet is very simple, the same as a residential home toilet. Moreover, the design and troubleshooting of this toilet are simple. 

Macerating Flush RV Toilet

This type of toilet is using motor-powered blades to break down the waste. It breaks the waste into small particles, which will make it easy to waste into the black water tank.

Composting RV Toilet

The perfect RV toilet in this era is a composting RV toilet. Why? Because this toilet works for a green solution. The environmental benefits of this toilet make it easy to deal with the human body while traveling. You will didn’t care about the bad smell if you use this toilet.

Moreover, the self-contained toilet doesn’t use water, and it is excellent for nearby trips from the water supply or restrooms. How does this toilet work? The work of this toilet is separated from the liquids and solids. The latter is converted into humus which can be deposited into the soil. 

The Best RV Toilet Review

Traveling with your RV is the best way to combine the great outdoors world without giving up the comforts of home. Because of those things, most people want to have one recreational vehicle. On the other hand, having a perfect feeling of home is one of the important factors. Because everywhere we go traveling we must take a poop. So, choosing the best toilets for your recreational vehicle became essential things. If you are in the market for the ideal bathroom option for your RV, here are our top picks for the best RV toilet to help you choose the right one for you.

1. Dometic 320 Series Standard Height RV Toilet

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This is the elongated bowl toilet. This RV toilet is a suitable and most common toilet for campers. The Dometic 320 toilet offers some features, which you can choose the appropriate and fit for your vehicle. Moreover, this RV toilet will ensure all get flushed down into the black tank. Then, this little toilet only utilizes one pint of water per flush. Also, it is easy to replace the flush ball seal because the seal on the toilet flush is really important.

Next, the look of this RV toilet is residential-style porcelain—the wooden toilet seat, also available in full size and low-profile height. Then, use the foot pedal to flush your bits aways. This is something maybe most of us like about this toilet: 1. Having a hand spray makes it easier to keep the toilet clean. 2. Wooden seat. 3. It only uses one-pint water flush water; it makes it more efficient on using water. 3. Rim design to be elevated to prevent spills. 4. Have a warranty of 2 years on the toilet and ten years on the porcelain toilet bowl.

2. Alpcour Portable Toilet – Compact Indoor & Outdoor Commode

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Want to have multiple purposes for your RV? Using this toilet can be the option, this toilet is possible to use indoors and outdoors, so it is possible to use it if you want to camp outside your vehicle. Also, this toilet is suitable for camper vans that might not have onboard toilet installation because it doesn’t need to be permanently mounted. Then, this portable toilet has a 5,3 gallons capacity waste tank. Also, the capacity of the freshwater tank is 3,2 gallons that are enough supplies for a flusher and hand sprayer.

The toilet size is 16,3 inches deep, 14,4 inches wide, and the tall is 16,5 inches. Then, the weight of this RV toilet is only 11 pounds. Those dimensions make it easy to pack up and bring it to the next location of camping. Although, the special feature of this design you might like is a rotation of an open valve on the back, which makes it easy to pour waste. Also, have a waste level indicator, so you know exactly when you need to empty it. This toilet has several pros and cons. Some pros like portable, so it is travel friendly, has waste tank capacity, has hand sprayer, built-in flusher, so you don’t need extra external hookups. Then the cons of this RV toilet is you will need to empty it by hand every time it’s full.

3. Dometic White 310 Series Standard Toilet

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Another superior RV toilet from Dometic offers an easy-to-clean bowl, full circumference water coverage during flushing, and creates good build quality. To install this toilet, you need at least 10 inches of space from the center of the floor flange to the wall. The water needs to deliver around the rim during flushing on this toilet, but the pattern must be flawed. 

This toilet seat is made out of dead closing wood with comfortable materials. It makes there are no issues on henges wearing down and long-lasting time well. Then, this toilet has a swirl-jet cleaning action, so it cleans itself. Some features and specs of this Dometic 310 are foot pedal flushing, an option to purchase with a hand sprayer, and giving two years warranty of toilet and ten years on the porcelain bowl. 

4. Porta Potti 92306 White Thetford Corp

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Other portable toilets can fit on any space of your camper. Also, this toilet doesn’t need plumbing in. Next, the other best feature of this toilet has a battery-powered flush and also has a toilet paper holder for extra comfy. Then, it has a carrying handle for easy and possible transportation. The design of this toilet is odorless and splash-proof. Moreover, the toilet also uses a modern design to make your camper look flair and elegant.

This portable toilet is great for a van or large vehicle. Also, it can use during your car camping or tent adventures. On the other hand, you can use this toilet not only for camping, and you can use this toilet in your garage or spare toilet when your house toilet is undergoing repairs. More features may be us like this toilet are easy to dispose of waste, having freshwater dan tank indicator, giving one year warranty. Although, you must consider the electric pump may fail and require batteries to flush.

5. Camco Portable Travel Toilet-Designed for Camping, RV, Boating and Other Recreational Activities

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This is another flexible toilet for your RV. The toilet has some features which can help you while camping. This toilet has 2,5 gallons of flushing tank capacity, and the capacity of the waste tank has almost 5,3 gallons. The holding tank is locked away inside by the sealing slide valve. It will perfectly trap the odors inside and protect against leakage. The weight of this toilet is 10,8lbs when empty and around 32lbs when full.

This compact RV toilet has some shortcomings. This toilet is not comfortable to sit in because the size is small. You need to buy a hand-sprayer for more effective flushing after use. Then, emptying the waste tank can be unpleasant because you need to be careful when bringing it. After all, the waste can be splashed everywhere. So, having this toilet is an ideal option for you when looking for a budget-friendly and versatile toilet. Then, this toilet gives a perfect combination of quality and price.

6. Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

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This traditional RV toilet is designed for sailors on onboard boats. But, it also perfectly can be used for other situations. One of the situations is a recreational vehicle. This composting toilet separates the urine and solids. The urine is emptied every three days, and the solids become compost. If the solids already become compost, it will be easy to dispose of hygienically and use as fertilizer.

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Theoretically, the solids are emptied every 80 uses or so. Moreover, this toilet is designed for a long time because it is used in harsh marine environments. Also, the material is stainless steel. The toilet includes a vent hose and a fan, and it makes the toilet easy to disassemble for emptying or washing. 

However, this toilet has some issues. One of the issues is it is quite heavy when we empty the solids. Then, the price of this toilet is higher than other RV toilets. Also, it can be a hygienical and practical solution for dealing with human waste while traveling on the road or the sea.

7. Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush

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This is an option for taller people like you because it will be hard for taller people to find a proper RV toilet. Moreover, the privileges of this toilet are not only suitable for tall people, but the material of this RV toilet, the texture of the scuff-resistant lid will make you feel more proud. The weight of this toilet is under 10 pounds, and the height is 18,5 inches, with 15,1 inches wide and 17,8 inches deep.

Another feature of this toilet is the flush, and it includes a flush system on this toilet package. But, on the other hand, you didn’t get the hand sprayer on it. But, it will be possible for you to install a hand sprayer by yourself. Some underlined things you may like are the tall, the design; also, this one is affordable. But, you may consider the difficulty of keeping the bowl clean.

8. DOMETIC Portable Toilet with Stainless Steel Hold-Down Brackets

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A Portable RV toilet must have high efficiency and is easy to use and easy to clean, and you will find all those things on this toilet. This Dometic portable RV toilet has a modern feature like a touch button flush mechanism with a battery as the main power. Then, the pump system is a breeze to use. It makes you don’t find any odor problems. Also, this portable toilet will help you in worse conditions. If you have a trip and are stuck in the middle of nowhere and want to use the toilet badly, this toilet will save you.

Furthermore, you must take care of some of the disadvantages of this toilet. Because it looks modern, some people will find it hard to operate it because it seems complicated. Then, this toilet is quite low for adults, but it will be nice and suitable for your children. The pump is quite noisy. With those pros and cons, it will be easy for you to choose which RV toilet is suitable for you or not.

9. Aqua-Magic Bravura RV Toilet with Hand Sprayer

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Want to have an easy-to-install toilet on your RV? Using this product will be perfect. You can install it by yourself and don’t need much time for it. Also, this toilet fits all kinds of floor flange, then the toilet is removable and has a cover pod. It makes it extremely easy to clean the entire toilet surface. So, you don’t need to be afraid of dirt, scum, and bacteria. The toilet has 17,9 inches in height and 15,6 inches in width; also, the weight of this toilet is only 19,4 pounds. 

Moreover, this RV toilet gives a pulsating flush and is free to install a hand sprayer. Installing a hand sprayer is unnecessary, but if you want to clean your toilet with one hand, a sprayer will help you remove the waste easily. The futuristic and comfortable for adults make this RV toilet perfect to choose from.

10. SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet with Carry Bag

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Our final product is another portable RV toilet. It is a SerenaLife toilet, which comes with many features and is affordable for you, and also brings a nice touch in design. One of the best features of this toilet is the splash muzzle, and it can help you remove waste easier. Then, this toilet has a level indicator, which can tell you whether the toilet is ready to use or not because the convenience of the design and features make this toilet a good review on the market.

Moreover, this toilet is lightweight to carry on. Also, it comes with a carrying case to make carrying it easier. The carrying case is easy to move and lightweight too. Then, the capacity of this toilet is almost 5,3 gallons of waste tank and 3,2 gallons of a freshwater tank. This toilet dimension is only 16,5 x 14,6 x 16,9 inches, and for the weight only 11,25 pounds.

Benefits of having a Toilet on RV

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There are several benefits of having an RV toilet. It will open your mind and ideas, why having a toilet on a recreational vehicle is essential. So, it will disappear your hesitation about having an RV toilet while traveling. 


Having a lot of travel in this era is the most common activity. Most travelers are going with their families. Having your toilet in your vehicle is needed today. So, you don’t need to stop at a rest area or stationed campground. Also, it makes it easier to manage the time you have because you aren’t disturbed. 

Privacy and Comfortness

Some of us have privacy while using a toilet and don’t like using public restrooms because of the security and hygienist. Having a private toilet in an RV will solve those problems. Or, maybe, on the other hand, having health issues makes you need quick and easy access to the toilet. This kind of RV toilet is an essential thing to have.


Most RV toilets in this era have flexibility in using it and using porcelain on an RV toilet similar to your home. Then, having full-sized, large, and very comfortable seats to use.

Good for Earth

This means that at this time, a composting Rv toilet is common to use. With those kinds of features that make this toilet eco-friendly, it transforms the waste into fertilizer. So, it will only have a small impact on our beloved earth. 

Things to consider before buying an RV Toilet

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You must understand a certain factor of each RV toilet product. Determine the features which can make it easy to find the best toilet for your situation while camping. Also, keep in mind some factors will help you easily and match your recreational vehicle.


Finding the best quality toilet material must be the first consideration. Because you don’t want to use your RV toilet only for a short period, you want to buy a last for a long time. The easiest and smarter way to check the product’s durability is to read some people’s reviews and customer reviews. The issue with the construction will be seen in the review. Because, sometimes the description of products only tell about the best quality of it, but not the lack of those products. 

Installing Process

Some of us will focus on features and material. But, sometimes, we forget about how easy it is to install that toilet because most product reviews forget to mention how to install it. Why is this important? We already understand that it is much easier to install the toilet, which makes it much easier to change and use the toilet. One of the issues is the size, whether it can match in our RV bathroom or not.


Comfortability is always a problem while choosing the RV toilet. Because most RV toilets didn’t give comfortable seats and were also not the best material, you must stress this option while choosing an RV toilet. Try to find the best seat, more likely a normal home toilet seat. Also, the toilet material will be the other focus because the material will support the comfort feeling.


Another factor you must consider is the features of an RV toilet. Find the best features, which can match your needs and also match your vehicle. Most products give many features on their RV toilet. But, not all features are feet to you and essential for you. Choosing the best features of an RV toilet will drastically affect your travel experience.


Last is the sanitation features. We put this factor last because it is the most important thing to consider when buying an RV toilet. How to know it? Which product is good sanitation or not? You can read the customer review and research it before buying it. The RV toilet must be flush adequately, free of bacteria, and free from smell, etc. It can be your satiation consideration of buying an RV toilet.


Since you have a lot of information about RV toilets, choosing the best one is easy and not complicated as you imagined before. The main point of issues you will face is why you need an RV toilet? Make sure the toilet will make your adventures much simpler and less stressful. More high-quality RV toilets will help you to have better trips experiences.

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